TikTok Playlists Feature for Themed Video Collections


TikTok is introducing a new Playlists feature to group videos into themed collections.

What’s the TikTok Playlists Feature?

With the introduction of Playlists, you may officially say goodbye to scrolling via a creator’s page to discover a particular piece of content.

As shared by social media consultant Matt Navarra, TikTok’s Playlists groups choose TikTok videos into themed collections.

This makes videos simpler to binge-watch in one sitting, with each clip carrying over to the following.

And given the fact that TikTok videos are usually most of the 60-seconds in length, the ability to group videos collectively is a game-changer for longer-form storytelling on the platform.

TikTok Playlists Feature

For manufacturers and creators, Playlists affords the chance to submit part-two videos, tutorials, explainers, and product launches in completely curated collections.

Jera Foster-Fell’s “Wanna Grow?” playlist brings collectively a curated assortment of videos about progress technique ideas.

Once created, TikTok Playlists are available right beneath a user’s TikTok bio, making them tremendous simple to seek out — good for driving traffic and boosting engagement.

NOTE: Right now, only some chosen creators have access to TikTok Playlists. Nonetheless, based on Social Media Today, Playlists might be rolled out to more customers in the future.

The way to Use the TikTok Playlists Feature?

Right here’s the way to create your first TikTok Playlist:

Step #1: Ensure you have a Business or Creator TikTok account.

Then, faucet the “Me” icon on the main navigation menu and head to your profile.

Step #2: Faucet the “Sort videos into playlists” immediately under your videos tab (if available).

Besides, add a title for your playlist (up to 15 characters long).

Step #3: Choose which videos to add to your curated playlist assortment.

NOTE: Solely people add public videos to a playlist, and might solely live in one playlist at a time. In case you set a video to personal it will be removed from your playlist.

Step #4: When you’ve picked what videos will reside in your playlist, decide on the order your videos will seem.

And that’s it!

TikTok Playlists are an effective way to curate your TikTok videos for an extra user-friendly viewing experience — which might help strengthen your niche and enhance your video views.

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