9 Important TikTok Stats About Selling on the Platform

tiktok stats

TikTok recently undertook a global research study in order to better understand TikTok’s function in the retail consumer experience.

This covers the platform’s influence on product discovery, deliberation, and purchase.

What is the primary takeaway? TikTok is revolutionizing the way we shop.

We’ve compiled the most important TikTok statistics from the study. What they signify for businesses and brands in 2022 as well.

How TikTok Impacts the Path to Purchase: Study Findings 

TikTok’s popularity has soared in recent years, particularly for driving sales and generating leads.

In contrast to typical marketing funnels, TikTok’s research discovered that its retail purchase process is a “infinite loop” with no beginning or end point.

According to TikTok, this endless loop provides greater flexibility and matches new consumer habits: “Today’s consumers seldom go from the top to the bottom of the traditional funnel to make a purchase.” They often enter, depart, and re-enter the purchasing journey at various phases based on their requirements and desires.”

In other words, selling on TikTok necessitates firms experimenting with how they communicate with potential consumers – the previous playbook is no longer applicable.

9 Major TikTok Stats About Making Sales on the Platform

Here are the top TikTok data from the survey that every seller on the app should be aware of:

  1. 84 percent of TikTok users feel it’s a good place to find or learn new things.
  2. Users on TikTok are 1.5 times more likely to buy anything they discovered on the platform right away.
  3. TikTok is 1.7x more likely than other platforms to be utilized as a product discovery tool.
  4. Users on TikTok are 1.4 times more likely than other platform users to explore items and businesses discovered on the app, as well as purchasing products found on the app.
  5. TikTok users are 1.5 times more likely than other platform users to persuade a friend or family member to purchase a product viewed on the app.
  6. After purchasing a product, TikTok users are 2.4 times more likely than other platform users to produce a post and tag a brand.
  7. TikTok users are more than twice as likely as other platforms to remark or DM a company after making a purchase.
  8. When it comes to purchasing a product, 39 percent of TikTok users feel “raising spirits” is an important consideration.
  9. TikTok users are 1.3 times more likely than other platform users to be delighted after making a purchase.

What Do These TikTok Stats Mean for Businesses and Brands? 

tiktok stats

Product discovery is a two-word phrase.

According to TikTok’s research, 49 percent of users use the app to find new things. Besides, there’s 35 percent who use it to learn new things.

In other words, TikTok is an excellent platform for exposing your goods to new prospective buyers.

TikTok users are more inclined to buy whatever they see on the app right away. For that reason, it only takes one video to appear on their For You Page to create sales.

But first, you must create a community, publish often, and offer informative or inspirational material about your product.

“I constantly provide our audience a lot of value,” Jenna Labiak, CEO of The Silk Labs, explains. For example, rather than simply’selling’ our hair products, I’ll utilize them in a hair tutorial.”

There’s no denying that TikTok has changed the way businesses interact with their consumers as well as the way we purchase.

And, with these TikTok stats and additional e-commerce solutions on the way, we believe the sky is the limit. Keep an eye on this.

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