11 TikTok Trends You Need to Know in 2021 (2/2)

11 TikTok Trends You Need to Know in 2021 (2/2)

Continue to find out 11 TikTok trends you need to know in 2021…

6. Hashtag TikTok #memes trends Will Enhance in 2021

Memes have gotten more and more popular throughout all social media, particularly with Millennials and Generation Z. Although video makes a much less obvious medium for memes than still photos, they’re nonetheless common on TikTok. TikTok filmmakers create short videos highlighting their favorite memes, and the more individuals who share these videos on TikTok, the more folks become impressed to make related videos themselves.

7. Manufacturers and Influencers Will Create More Episodic Content material

Videos on TikTok are short, at most sixty seconds. Certainly, the most typical video length on the platform is still the unique length of 15 seconds, and much of the music on TikTok is limited to that brief timeframe. Nevertheless, each manufacturer and influencer have found they’ll hook their viewers by producing episodic content material, i.e., a series of videos that follow on from each other.

In case you handle to hook viewers with the first video in your sequence, folks want to see what follows. That is how some folks tend to share in-depth videos on the platform – they merely split them into small chunks.

You possibly can’t just break up a long video without thought, nonetheless. You could create a cliffhanger on the finish of each episode to provide the viewer a reason to carry onto the following video.

8. Branded Hashtag Challenge trends Will Become Even More Popular on TikTok in 2021

Hashtag challenges have been popular on TikTok since Jimmy Fallon set the #TumbleWeedChallenge throughout an episode of his present. In that case, the challenge was for folks to roll on the ground like a tumbleweed whereas music from an old western performs in the background.

Manufacturers are taking more discover of the popularity of hashtag challenges and creating ones that may appeal to their audience. With a branded hashtag challenge, a company creates a hashtag and asks its followers to create videos associated with that hashtag and presumably their product. TikTok has encouraged this and made it simple, though relatively costly, for manufacturers to promote their hashtag challenges.

The essential factor is that you make your branded hashtag challenge fun for your followers. You don’t need it to look too clearly like an instance of marketing.

9. User-Generated Content Will Become More and more Necessary to Marketers

User-generated content (UGC) is becoming useful for a lot of manufacturers throughout most social network sites. It may be difficult for manufacturers to make fresh content material continually, and if they’ll benefit from content created by others, then that makes their posting easier.

User-generated content is any sort of content material that followers or clients create for a brand – videos within the case of TikTok. Manufacturers can use UGC to show prospects and supporters into brand advocates. Manufacturers are now encouraging their clients to make and share videos on TikTok of them utilizing their products, ideally utilizing a branded hashtag.

10. Manufacturers Will Use Duets More to Interact With Their Followers

One of the more popular options of TikTok is Duets. Duets permit someone to make a video and then encourage others to create a video to play alongside their original. It gives a method for TikTok followers to interact with different individuals or manufacturers’ videos. You may make a duet with any TikTok video from a brand, influencer, pal, or even yourself, as long as the original video’s creator permits it.

Manufacturers may also use Duets as a challenge. They’re a clear instance of user-generated content material, potentially leading to huge engagement by your potential clients. In case you’re working with influencers, you might have the potential for considerable viewership of your video, as your video might be visible to the followers of anyone who makes a Duet containing it.

11. Social Commerce Will Become More Common on TikTok

We’ve previously written about how we expect social commerce to develop in 2021. Notably, the earliest advances in social commerce have been in China, the home of TikTok. Additionally, it’s the younger customers who’re probably to interact in social commerce –the identical demographic that TikTok targets.

TikTok’s Hashtag Challenge Plus lets manufacturers set a sponsored hashtag challenge. TikTok users post videos of themselves utilizing a specified product or doing something else related to a marketing campaign. The distinction between this and a regular hashtag challenge is that the Hashtag Challenge Plus provides a shoppable component to the hashtag. The app features a tab where the person can buy the product from within TikTok.

TikTok has additionally introduced a partnership with Shopify, and this could make it easier for Shopify’s merchants to reach TikTok’s young viewers. Shopify manufacturers can create, run and optimize their TikTok marketing campaigns immediately from their Shopify dashboard after putting in the new TikTok channel app. Retailers can create native, shareable content material, turning their products into In-Feed video advertisements.

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