10 TikTok Tricks You Need to Know (1/2)

10 TikTok Tricks You Need to Know

Ready to tap into present trends on TikTok and stand out on the #fyp (TikTok’s “For You” page)? Grasp these 10 TikTok tricks you need to know and you’ll be able to create the content material of your dreams.

1. The way to make a slideshow on TikTok

An image may be worth a thousand words, however, typically even that’s not enough. In case you want a number of photos to completely tell a story, pull them together into a fast slideshow on TikTok.

  1. Hit the plus sign on the home screen to create a new video
  2. Faucet Upload on the bottom right.
  3. Choose as many pictures or videos as you’d like to incorporate
  4. Add sound clips, textual content, or stickers, or hit Effects to regulate the transitions and timing
  5. Click on Next to proceed to the post screen.

select photos from camera roll
man on beach with dog

2. How you can do voice effects on TikTok

Think your video could be greatest narrated by a chipmunk or a robot? Join the club. TikTok’s voice effects will remodel your chatter into comedy gold.

1. Hit the plus sign on the principle feed to create a new video.
2. Press the record button to make your video.
3. Within the record screen, hit the checkmark to maneuver to the modifying screen.
4. On the right-hand facet, faucet Voice effects.
5. Select the effect you’d like to use on your original audio.

robot voice effect

3. Easy methods to use the greenscreen impact on TikTok

The green screen is the chef’s knife of the TikTok world: indispensable. With this tool, you may immediately remodel your backdrop — no fancy video studio required.

  1. Hit the plus sign on the primary feed to create a new video.
  2. Faucet Effects on the bottom left-hand aspect to view the effects menu.
  3. You’ve acquired two choices with the green screen:
    • To make use of a photo as your background, select the green icon with a photo and a downward arrow.
    • To make use of video as your background, select the green icon with a video and upward arrow.

green screen effect potted plant

  1. Select the picture or video you’d like to make use of, then hit the record button to record yourself overlaid on this background.

woman overlaid on street background

  1. To add extra clips with new backgrounds, merely repeat the process — apply the effect and record. TikTok will stitch these together.
  2. Once you’re done filming, hit the checkmark to move to the modifying screen.
  3. Apply any extra filters, voice effects, or voiceovers right here and hit Next to go to the posting screen.
  4. Fun video idea: You may “clone” yourself utilizing the greenscreen effect! Record yourself after which use that because the background and “interact” with video-you

4. Tips on how to do fun transitions on TikTok

TikTok has built-in transitions you should utilize within the modifying stage to visually connect one clip or scene to another.

However, TikTok is also full of people that have to provide you with creative visual tricks to mix video together: the “snap,” the “cover the camera,” and so forth. It’s simpler than it looks!


One of the 10 Tiktok tricks you need to know is to record clips that start where the other one left off.

  1. Record the primary part of your video, ending with that “transition moment” — the snap, or the palm covering the camera, for example.
  2. Keep in mind where you ended your video: you’ll need to begin your next clip right here.
  3. Make whatever change you’d like… a fresh location or new outfit, maybe?
  4. Record one other clip, beginning from the identical position where you left off: hands poised in a snap, or palm covering the lens.
  5. Hit the checkmark to move to the modifying screen.
  6. Right here, you may trim your clips to further line up if it’s essential.

Professional tip: You might also need to use the timer and a tripod or ring light, so you may record hands-free.

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