Instagram DMs (2/2): 8 Best Tips For Using DMs

tips for using Instagram dms

Keep reading for many tips for using Instagram DMs to engage with your customers.

The way to delete Instagram DMs

Depending on your brand’s social media policy, you may need to delete Instagram DMs.

Follow these steps to delete Instagram DMs from your computer:

1. Navigate to Instagram Direct

Choose the paper airplane icon in the top navigation bar on the screen.

2. Click on the communication you need to delete

Then tap the information icon by the user’s profile picture.

3. Click Delete Chat

That will bring up this screen:

Delete Chat screen

Then, you’ll be able to select Delete Chat. It will only help to delete the conversation for yourself. It will still be seen for the others included in the conversation.

Additionally, under the “Details” section, there is also the choice to Block, Report, or Mute Messages. Muting simply means that you won’t get any notifications for new incoming DMs for this conversation.

To delete Instagram DMs using the Instagram app on your phone:

1. Navigate to Instagram Direct

Tap on the paper airplane icon in the navigation bar.

2. Swipe or hold the conversation thread you need to delete

If you’re using iOS, swipe left on the message you need to delete. If you’re using Android systems, press and hold the thread you need to delete.

This brings up two choices. Mute the message to stop getting new notifications for this conversation. Or delete the message.

Mute or delete Instagram message from mobile app

3. Click on Delete

This motion will only delete the dialog for you.

8 best tips for using Instagram DMs

Engaging with your customers and responding to Instagram DMs is just one way to successfully use Instagram for business and gain more Instagram followers.

Here are some essential ideas to remember.

Set up notifications for Instagram DMs

Be sure that your brand gets all the new, incoming Instagram DMs that it receives.

On both desktop and mobile, navigate to Settings. Select Notifications (or Push Notifications if you’re on a desktop).

Then under Direct Messages, ensure that the From Everyone (if you’re working on desktop) options are chosen.

Set up notifications for Instagram DMs

And be sure that all the On (if you’re working on mobile) options are chosen. It will ensure your brand sees all the new incoming DMs.

Set up notifications for Instagram DMs mobile

Use Instagram Quick Replies

The opportunities are, your brand is going to get many similar questions over Instagram Direct. Instead of typing out the same reply, save time by taking advantage of the Instagram Quick Replies feature.

Arrange a Creator Account with Instagram. Not only will this allow the Quick Replies feature, but it will also provide more options for organizing and managing your Instagram DMs, just like the two-tab inbox.

Find Quick Replies as an option under Settings. To create a Quick Reply:

  • Choose the “+” button in the top right-hand corner.
  • Type out a reply to a frequently asked question.
  • Select a one-word keyboard shortcut for that conversation.

When replying to an Instagram DM, type the one word that you’ve chosen into Instagram Direct. Click the blue “Insert a quick reply” button” and the complete response you’ve saved will autofill.

Know when people receive a new message from you

That way, even if your team isn’t able to reply to the direct message instantly, your customer isn’t met with silence.

You might:

  • Thank the customer for getting in touch.
  • Allow them to know their message has been received.
  • Set an expectation for how long it will take the team to get to their question.

This helps build a strong relationship between the user and your brand. It additionally boosts customer service, setting expectations for when that customer can expect a conversation with your brand.

Then follow up promptly

Don’t leave your customers hanging!

And the quicker your brand can answer, the better. Based on the analysis and advisory firm Convince & Convert, 42% of customers who complain to an organization over social media expect a response within 60 minutes.

Waiting too long to answer to a customer may lead to them losing trust in your brand.

Write in your brand voice

No matter your brand’s tone, make sure to use that same voice in your Instagram DMs.

Keep in mind to:

  • Be authentic and personable. Show your customer they’re interacting with an actual person who cares about their experience with your brand.
  • Don’t use jargon. Avoid using these words and phrases.
  • Ensure communication is easy to know. Irony, sarcasm, and jokes might be misinterpreted by the reader or cause offense. Leave no room for misinterpretation.

Be sure there are no spelling mistakes

Make sure that your writing reflects your brand in such a professional method.

Check for typos, spelling mistakes, and grammar errors. Read over your DM for flow. And in case your company manages multiple brands and has multiple Instagram accounts, ensure you’re working with the best account.

Keep your writing brief and sweet

If someone is reaching out to your brand immediately, they want an answer quickly. So keep away from the chit-chat. Get right to it.

Address your customers’ DM instantly. The way you write needs to be easy to understand. Write short sentences.

And don’t fear short paragraphs.

Doing all this makes it easier for customers to search out the answer to their questions.

Don’t forget to sign off

Finally, deliver closure to the conversation by:

  • Asking the customer if there’s anything else they want you to support.
  • Appreciate them for their business or loyalty to your brand.
  • Wishing them an excellent day.

Closing off is a personable way to communicate but also ensures your customer doesn’t feel snubbed or shut down before the conversation is over.

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