9 Pro Tips to Go Viral on TikTok (1/2)

Anyone can go viral on TikTok, no matter follower count. Discover ways to put your content within the spotlight.

How does content go viral on TikTok?

Like several social media algorithms, TikTok curates content for its customers by recommending videos similar to those they’ve already engaged with.

The platform’s advice system seems to be on the videos customers have watched, preferred, shared, and commented on, and breaks down attributes like video content, text used within the video, and background music. It then goes on to serve them related content from TikTok customers they might not already observe. This goes down on the FYP (or For You page) feed.

Consider it as good old-fashioned channel surfing, solely you have a distinct cable package every time you activate the TV.

One factor the TikTok algorithm doesn’t consider is a TikTok profile’s follower count or prior engagement numbers. You’re as likely to see a post with a couple of million views as you’re a video from a model new person.

Moreover, every single video on TikTok will get the chance to go viral through the For You page. While you post a video, the app surfaces it on a small curated group of customers’ FYP. Relying on its efficiency there, it might then get boosted to bigger viewers.

Not every video goes to land this manner, however, this performance of the TikTok algorithm offers every upload the chance to make an influence.

Tips to go viral on TikTok: 9 ideas

Regardless of being a typically democratic system, there are still methods to create content primed to go viral on TikTok. In fact, one of the best methods to make a post blow up on the app usually simply contain engaging with the TikTok community in an authentic way.

1. Understand trends

It’s straightforward to see why TikTok first took off with youthful viewers. It’s aggressively trend-driven, pushing memes and video formats into the spotlight. The following big thing might take over just some days later, however, every meme has its moment.

You don’t need to look far to discover a trend to jump on. In fact, there’s in all probability one on your For You page as we speak.

Typically TikTok trends function type of like Mad Libs. There might be a bit of trending audio, a dance, a text-based format that customers apply their own spin to. They’ll stick around for months, however, typically it’s more like days. They arrive and go quickly, however, once they’re widespread, they’re an effective way to get your content in front of extra customers.

Due to the nature of the algorithm, the more customers engage with a trend, the more the app promotes videos that play into it. As such, step one to going viral on TikTok? You guessed it: keep an eye on these trends. The extra up-to-date you keep on day-to-day content trends on TikTok, the easier it will be to create related and timely content.

Sponge producer Scrub Daddy, for instance, wouldn’t have the ability to go viral with their timely spin on the lovely bones/no bones day trend in case they didn’t watch for new trends very. closely.

2. Use humor

Comedy is a giant part of any social media network, nevertheless, it’s the primary currency of TikTok. From lifestyle vlogging to gym inspiration videos, humor unites all of them.

Every TikTok community provides individuals an excuse to indicate their sense of humor, even the extra serious ones (see the instance below from Turbotax). Your videos shouldn’t be any different.

Humor keeps customers engaged and more likely to watch a video all the way through. In case they discover that you have the same sense of humor as theirs, they could even sustain with your videos long-term.

You mustn’t be the following breakout SNL star to make individuals laugh on TikTok. As corny as it might sound, they’re going to respond greatest to you being yourself.

3. Hashtags are your buddy

Hashtags are one of the TikTok algorithm’s ranking signals. This means together with hashtags in your video description makes it straightforward for the algorithm to put it in front of the viewers that may respond to it.

Exhibiting off a new makeup haul? Throw #makeup and #MUA in there. Creating content associated with a trending present? Throw in a topical hashtag (like #SquidGame) to assist TikTok to suggest your videos to followers.

Hashtag page for #SquidGame on TikTok

Keep away from solely utilizing generic hashtags like #FYP. Doing so means you won’t have to compete with the millions of different videos catering to the identical hashtag.

As far as quantity goes, anywhere from three to 5 hashtags per post is often more than enough to get the advice system on the right track. Utilizing too many is likely to lead to the algorithm not knowing who to indicate your content to.

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