12 Tips & Tricks To Succeed On Both Facebook And Instagram Reels

Tips & Tricks To Succeed On Reels
12 Tips & tricks to succeed on Reels: Reels can provide creators with increased opportunities for creativity, discoverability, audience development, and monetization.

The 12 best practices listed below can help you get discovered by new audiences and spark your next big idea.

12 Tips & Tricks To Succeed On Reels

1. Relate to your target audience

Make content that people want to read. You’re on the right track if they watch your reel and think, “That’s literally me.” Showcase scenarios in which people can see themselves. And look through the lens! Make first-person, approachable content with your selfie camera.

2. Share your distinct point of view

Display your personality, contagious energy, and attitude. Share your interests, teach people something new, or share something unique to you.

3. Make a plot

Storytelling is the foundation of great reels. Some of the most popular have a distinct beginning, middle, and end, or they have a strong hook or payoff, such as a major reveal, punchline, or plot twist.

4. Be present in the moment

Share your thoughts on current conversations. People want to hear your take on whatever is going on right now. Make sure your unique spin on the trending topic is relevant to your niche and audience.

Use one or two hashtags that are trending and/or relevant to the themes of your content to help broaden your reach. (Hashtags such as #Explorepage or #Reels will not help you get featured.)

5. Begin a trend

Inspire and start a trend that others can easily follow or remix. Connect with your community by following the lead of our Cultural Moments Calendar. Remember that reels are intended to elicit participation and creative collaboration as well as to entertain.

6. Let go of your anxieties

Keep in mind that there is no “correct” way to make a reel. Your method is correct. If you’re having a good time, chances are your audience will as well.

7. Make use of the tools

Make use of creative tools such as text, filters, and effects. Even something as minor as an interesting transition may entice viewers to return for a second viewing. And find good lighting: natural light is best, avoid direct sunlight (you’ll squint and cast shadows), and avoid light directly above or directly behind you as “backlighting” can hide your face.

8. Music library FTW

Set the tone with music and audio tools in Reels. Use the music library‘s browser to find music for your reel. Search by artist, album, or song, or browse music by genre, mood, and theme. Alternatively, you can voiceover your video or use original audio from other creators.

9. Consider going vertical.

Vertical content (9:16) contributes to the immersiveness of your reels. Horizontal videos can be clumsy and difficult to replicate.

10. Spaghetti on the wall

We value experimentation. Experiment with new, interesting, and unique approaches to see what works best for you and what your community responds to. Is it a joke? Affirmations? Skits? How-to’s? The sky is the limit!

11. Share!

Don’t forget to share your reel to your Stories once you’ve posted it. For maximum exposure, you should also share from Instagram to Facebook. (Instagram creators can reach new audiences across Meta by recommending their reels on Facebook without having to create an account.)

Pro tip: Before you share on Instagram, consider adding a cover photo.

12. Avoid using low-quality content

Reels that are clearly recycled from other apps should not be posted (avoid 3rd-party fonts and watermarks).

Blurry video (due to low resolution) and content that violates our community guidelines are also common no-nos. Similarly, avoid interruptive, exaggerated, misleading, or baiting posts, as people on Facebook and Instagram have told us that they dislike spammy posts.

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