Top Instagram Trending Reels To Try In 2022 (1/2)

Instagram Trending Reels

Every week, we update this resource with the top Instagram trending Reels. What they are, and how you can incorporate them into your strategy – Let’s figure them out!

What Are The Top Instagram Trending Reels? — Roundup for June 2022

Discover this month’s hottest Instagram Reels trends.

Trend: At First, I Was Like… 

Trend Recap: This trend is all about confronting your fears.

Use this audio clip from the TV show Friends to describe an experience that scared you at first but worked out in the end.

Audio: Original Audio – briannaraefitness

Trend: Dancing In The Moonlight 

Trend Recap: Darcy Stokes‘ dreamy cover of Toploader’s. “Dancing in the Moonlight” is pure magic.

Sync a few video clips to this audio and your life will look like a movie!

Audio: Original Audio – laurencim

Trend: Roses 

Trend Recap: This slowed-down version of The Chainsmokers’ hit song “Roses” is the ideal backdrop for your most memorable moments.

The audio is popular among travel bloggers, but it can also be used for photo dumps, product features, and other purposes.

Audio: Original Audio – allisonkelleyy

What Are The Top Instagram Trending Reels?Roundup for May 2022

Trend: Talented, Brilliant, Incredible

Trend Recap: This soundbite from an interview with Lady Gaga and The Hollywood Reporter has been a popular meme for years — and it’s now trending on Reels.

It’s the ideal audio for showcasing your abilities, products, or business.

Audio: Lady Gaga x The Hollywood Reporter Interview

Trend: Lizzo X Black Eyed Peas Mashup

Trend Recap:

In this popular mashup, Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” is combined with The Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get It Started.”

Use the song in tutorials, vlogs about your day, or to promote your latest campaign.

Audio: Original Audio — @altego_music

Trend: Baby Girl 

Trend Recap: This track is ideal for photo and video montages, throwbacks, recipes, and product highlights.

It’s the ideal time to experiment with the new “Use Template” feature.

Audio: BABY GIRL – @discolines

Trend: To Be Real Remix 

Trend Recap: This Got To Be Real remix is a banger.

Use it as a background track for products, recipes, or behind-the-scenes clips, or bring out your best dance moves.

Audio: To Be Real – Austin Millz

Trend: Dear Diary 

Trend Recap: This fashion movement is all about living your best life. Show off your highlight reel by compiling clips from your most recent vacation, morning routine, or hobby.

Audio: Original Audio – nikkiclark

Trend: I’m Just Getting Started

Trend Recap: Embrace your inner JLO and use this original audio to highlight your most proud accomplishments, from a finished home renovation to a business milestone.

Audio: Original Audio – jlo

Trend: Malibu

Trend Recap: Reels is making Miley Cyrus’ 2017 pop hit a comeback.

Use the track to demonstrate a tutorial, a day in your life, or anything else your heart desires.

Audio: Malibu — Miley Cyrus

Trend: I Can’t Help But Feel

Trend Recap:

This upbeat track perfectly captures the summer vibes.

It’s ideal for photo and video montages, throwbacks, recipes, or product showcases.

Audio: I Can’t Help But Feel – Surfaces

What Are The Top Instagram Trending Reels?Roundup for April 2022 

Discover this month’s hottest Instagram Reels trends.

Trend: As It Was

Trend Recap: Harry Styles’ latest hit is trending on Reels and TikTok.

You can either share random clips to the beat or be nostalgic and share older clips set to the lyrics “as it was” on loop for this trend.

Audio: As It Was – Harry Styles

Trend: Heaven Is a Place on Earth

Trend Recap: The Mayries‘ cover of this classic song is all about displaying something beautiful.

It’s slowly gaining traction on Reels, so you’ll want to get in on this as soon as possible!

Audio: Heaven Is a Place on Earth — The Mayries

Trend: Butterflies 

Trend Recap: This upbeat remix has been taking over our timelines, usually accompanying a video montage.

Audio: I SHOULD BE OVER ALL THE BUTTERFLIES !!! — @discolines (Still Into You – Paramore)

Trend: The Real Slim Shady

Trend Recap: Talk about a sound from the past!

This is the audio to use if you want to show off some behind-the-scenes content, a weekend trip, or a tutorial.

Audio: Nirajvaishnav_— ™️ (Eminem — The Real Slim Shady)

Trend: Always Be My Baby

Trend Recap: Always Be My Baby, Mariah Carey’s smash hit, is returning from the vault with a smooth remix.

Use this certified bop to express your love for someone special, a brand, or your favorite product of the month!

Audio: Austin Millz – Always Be (Mariah Carey — Always Be My Baby)

Trend: Biggest Achievement 

Trend Recap: This trend is all about showing some love to yourself, your business, and acknowledging how far you’ve come, as voiced by Zoe Saldana.

Use the text tool so that viewers can read her words as they watch.

Audio: Intro feat. Zoe Saldana — Rene

Trend: Pyramid 

Trend Recap:

This is the track to use if you want to stitch your video clips to.

ALYSS’ Pyramid’s electronic beats are a great backdrop for a day in your life, a how-to, or even a round-up of your favorite outfits/brunch spots/fonts.

The vibes are flawless.

Audio: Pyramid — alyss_hz

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