How to Use Customized Instagram Fonts – 5 Bonus Tools

customized Instagram fonts

Ever considered including customized Instagram fonts in your posts?

Including customized Instagram fonts can level up your account’s creativity and make your content stand out from the crowd.

Within the following post, we explain the way to add customized Instagram fonts to your Instagram captions, bio, IGTV descriptions,… Moreover, we’re sharing the most effective free Instagram fonts generators out there right now.

5 Free Instagram Fonts Generators

Font generators are one of the quickest and best methods so as to add customized fonts to your Instagram content material — all it’s essential to do is enter your textual content, choose a customized font, copy your converted text, and paste it into your Instagram caption, bio, IGTV description, and even Instagram Stories.

Here are 5 free Instagram fonts generators that will help you get started:

  3. LingoJam
  4. Sprezz Keyboard – also available on iOS
  5. Cool Fonts App – used for iOS and Android

Understanding Accessibility and Customized Fonts

Before you add a customized font to your post, it’s essential to note that it could cause accessibility issues for some customers, as screen readers can’t always interpret them.

So in case you select to add a customized Unicode font to your post (including emojis), think about including some of these elements to ensure your post is totally accessible to all while keeping your style and aesthetic consistent.

  • Include alt text on your photos
  • Include closed captioning (CC) to your Instagram Stories with one of Instagram’s in-app fonts to help users to relay information on the screen
  • If you’re only using Unicode fonts in your caption, you should have an extra caption in plain font below, or add it to your first comment

Keep this in mind when planning your posts and attempt to be as inclusive as possible. You can explore more about how to make your Instagram account more accessible here.

How to Add Customized Instagram Fonts to Your Bio, Captions, Comments & IGTV Descriptions

Including customized fonts in your Instagram strategy might be an awesome way to strengthen your brand’s personality and capture your viewers’ attention.

They may also be used to highlight essential details or to place emphasis on certain words.

TIP: Including Unicode fonts may cause accessibility issues for some customers, as screen readers can’t always interpret them. Always remember it when planning your posts and try to be as inclusive as possible.

Step #1: Find a Font with an Instagram Fonts Generator

There are many free and easy Instagram fonts generator tools to include a pop of personality to your profile — just browse through the list above to find the one that is suitable for your brand.

Step #2: Paste the Font on Wherever You Want on Instagram

When you find a font that works for your brand, simply copy the text, open the Instagram app, and paste it wherever you want.

To add this font to your Instagram name or bio, copy the caption with your favorite font. Then tap the Edit Profile button on your profile page and paste the customized font.

customized Instagram fonts

To add a customized font to an Instagram caption, simply paste the customized font text into the caption editor before publishing.

4 Greatest Practices for Using Customized Instagram Fonts

Customized Instagram fonts might be an effective way to add a point of difference to your content, but they will also do more harm than good if they aren’t used mindfully.

Here are 4 tips that could keep your customized fonts on the right track:

  • Keep Your Aesthetic in Mind: Choose your fonts carefully. Even the most basic font typically has a connotation, so always think about what feels most appropriate for your brand and aesthetic. For instance, minimalist fonts can be indicative of modern simplicity, while italicized script fonts can be depicted as romantic or feminine.
  • Use Sparingly: There can be too much of a great thing. Overuse of customized fonts can look spammy and will decrease the impact.
  • Think about Legibility: Some customized fonts are actually hard to read. Ensure you can easily read any text you share on both desktop and mobile.
  • Be Consistent: When you’ve found an efficient customized font that aligns with your brand, keep it up. Being consistent can strengthen your branding and will build a sense of familiarity with your followers.
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