7 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Stories Polls (2/2)

use Instagram Stories polls

Keep reading to know more creative ways to use Instagram Stories Polls.

4. Ask Your Followers What They Want

Understanding your customers’ needs and mindsets is important to the success of any marketing technique. While conducting research is important, sometimes it’s best to ask your followers directly what they need. It could allow you to make smarter decisions related to product development and marketing.

For example, you could ask your followers if they would rather see a brand new line of beachwear or evening gowns. Or maybe you could ask them to choose between two flavors for your next chocolate. It could be anything.

You may also gain insights into your audience’s preferences through email surveys. However, they are time-consuming and can seem off-putting. Polls can be made in handy here because they require little time. You can also seamlessly plug add an Instagram Poll in with other of your Stories. That way, your followers will organically see it while they are scrolling on Instagram.

Benefits Cosmetics makes use of this strategy in an unconventional way to keep their followers hooked on their live Stories. Look at the screenshot below, they have created an Instagram Poll to ask what Lauren, the makeup artist, should do next.

use Instagram Stories polls

Image via Instagram

It makes their followers really feel like they have a say and that their opinions matter to the brand. Plus, it makes them more focus on watching the videos, eventually driving engagement.

5. Promote Your Website Content

In 2017, Instagram launched a new feature that allows users to add links to their Instagram Stories. This made it easy for brands and influencers to send redirect traffic from Instagram to their blogs or websites.

Once you see a “swipe up” option in any Instagram Story, that’s an indicator that you will be redirected to a blog or website link. This function can be combined with a Poll to drive more engagement.

Take a leaf from Who What Wear’s Instagram strategy. Below is a screenshot, it shows that they created a quiz question.

use Instagram Stories polls

Image via Later

To find out the answer, users have to go to the blog post. Not only does it gain more engagement, but it also rouses their curiosity.

This is a great method to drive traffic back to your blog or website.

6. Ask For Feedback

If you want to improve, it’s essential to listen to honest feedback intently. Instagram Polls make it easy for you to find out what your audience really thinks about your products or what they want.

The Australia-based chocolate company, Perfection Chocolates, conducts Polls to get some quick feedback. It’s an easy method to gauge the viewers’ reactions.

You could ask for feedback on different products, your delivery service, or even event ideas.  You will get as creative as you want. However, you may not always get the expected results. However, in the long run, it can allow you to understand your audience in a better way.

To make this strategy more effective, you should also share another post where you ask for their opinion. Encourage your audience to be honest so that you can better their customer experience.

use Instagram Stories polls

Image via Instagram

7. Ask Relatable and Entertaining Questions

Not all Polls need to ask serious questions. You may also use Polls to give your audience a great laugh. Or you could let them see the funny side of a mundane situation. If you’re looking to drive engagement, humor is the best way to go.

The Knot, an American wedding planning company, asks entertaining questions that are also relatable. And they use emoji sliders to offer their audience more options to choose from.

use Instagram Stories polls

Image via Iconosquare

Final Thoughts

Move over boring Instagram Stories. It’s time to jazz them up by including an element of fun to them. Polls can bring your Instagram Stories to a higher level.

They are easy to create, interactive, and you don’t need much thought or time to make it. That’s why they are an effective way to engage your audience on Instagram. Using Polls in Instagram Stories, you may showcase your new products and even ask your audience for genuine feedback.

Moreover, you can also create fun quizzes to boost your brand awareness, visibility, and overall engagement. If you’re not using Polls in Instagram Stories yet, it’s time to jump into this powerful marketing tool.

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