What Is The Difference Between Likes And Followers?

Likes and Followers

You might wonder what is the difference between Likes and Followers and which is more important for your development. In this post, we will figure it out.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that recently has over 2.8 billion monthly active users. With this statistic, anyone who runs a business on social media needs to pay special attention to Facebook.

From the beginning of 2021, Facebook introduced the New Page experience that makes it easier for public figures and creators to grow a community and reach their business objectives.

The big change when you move to this feature is that your page will show Followers count instead of only Likes as before. Many users are still not sure about these two factors.

Before answering your questions, let’s find out about the New Page experience.

What’s New about the New Page experience

When you switch to the New Page, all the things of your old page will be automatically kept and show on your new page such as content, followers, blue verification tick,…

Besides, you can experience many new things like:

  • The New Page is redesigned to be cleaner and more intuitive
  • Simpler to switch from an individual profile to a public-facing Page and contrast. You can separately manage your profile and page.
  • Seamlessly engage with other brands, and people through access to Feed: Follow your partners such as public figures, brands to make a Feed with topics that matter to you. Stay up to date and connect with people and content on your new Page Feed. Your new Page Feed now is separate from your profile. You could follow different Pages and profiles to curate a unique experience for your Feed on the new Page. Anybody who has full control will see the Feed.
  • Get more relevant notifications and useful insight
  • Update Page management tools: You could give others Facebook access or task access to manage the Page.

What is the difference between followers and likes?


The follower count reflects the number of people whose feed will receive your Page’s updates and posts. When users like your Page, they also automatically “follow” you, which lets them see your posts in their Feed. That basically means your content will appear when they scroll down the feed. People who liked your Page can also decide to unfollow and not see your posts in their Feed. They still demonstrate their support. You will not get a notification when someone liked the page but unfollow.

When people follow a Page that means they may get updates about the Page in their News Feed.

With a stronger indicator of the number of users who would like to see your Page’s content in their feed, consider followers count is a better signal.


When people like your Page, they’re showing support for your Page and that they wish to see content from you. The content of your page will be appeared as being like in the About section of that person’s profile, not their new feed.

Keep in mind that:
  • Users who like your Page will automatically follow it.
  • Even if users liked your Page, they can still decide to unfollow, which means they can stop receiving content or updates about your Page.
  • Users can follow your Page, even if they have not liked it.
  • The name or the profile picture of the person who likes the Page may be shown on the Page or in ads on the Page.

Likes and Followers, Which is More Important?

We suppose that you can now distinguish between Likes and Followers. You might wonder what factor is more important, right?

Actually, Likes is more about the people showing their appreciation for a page entirely. When you follow a page that is like a thing that doesn’t be shown in the ‘about’ section of a user’s profile but Like does.

However, the key factor you need to build your community or develop the fanbase is loyal followers. And, Followers works for that not Likes. The people who follow your page have a higher chance to see your content that the people who only like your page.

Although people who like your page will automatically follow your page. But they can unfollow you whenever they find your content is not interesting enough.

For those reasons, followers are going to actively participate and keep your Facebook page alive and moving.

Final thoughts

Honestly, the more followers you have, the easier chance to grow your community on Facebook then make a living. Facebook is a great place for both brands and individuals looking to build and grow their brand identity. This top-rated platform brings a high chance of conversion from billions of Facebook accounts.

If your page likes increase abundantly, the follower count doesn’t rise then you have to seriously recheck your work, your content. In that case, people just support you, they are not interested in your post.

Above all, your content is the key to improving your followers. Hence, try your best to make a creative and engaging caption, photos and videos.

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