What is TikTok For Business (2/2)

What is TikTok For Business (2/2)

Continue to discover what is TikTok for business and should you use it in your marketing…

Should you use TikTok For Business in your marketing technique?

TikTok For Business comes at a time when it’s evident that companies have had success with promoting on TikTok.

Take Dunkin’, for instance. Dunkin’, also known as Dunkin’ Donuts, is an American coffee firm. They’ve capitalized on the promoting abilities of TikTok and partnered with a popular influencer, Charli D’amelio, who typically drinks their coffee in her videos.

At solely 16-years-old, D’amelio has over 7 million followers on TikTok. Whereas her platform is primarily centered around dancing videos, she introduced her partnership with Dunkin’ in a TikTok video that has been considered over 59 million times in less than two months. Dunkin’ reported that they noticed a 45% sales boost the day after the announcement.

Finally, the choice to make use of TikTok For Business in your marketing technique depends on your total business targets and desired campaign outcomes. To make the choice easier, we’ve compiled a professional and cons list for marketers to make use of when making this decision.

TikTok For Business Pros and Cons



TikTok Adverts Supervisor will allow you to expose your content material to new audiences. 

The ‘comparable audiences’ function helps you choose lookalike audiences that might be similar to your goal ones.

TikTok has over 600 million active monthly users and is obtainable in 155 different nations. In case your model is smaller or less well-known, this might bring important awareness to new audiences.

32.5% of TikTok’s consumer base is between 10 and 19, and 29.5% are between 20 and 29. In case your goal audiences are of various age groups, you may achieve publicity for a new kind of buyer.

TikTok’s largest consumer base isn’t representative of all demographic groups. 

Since its main consumer base is very young, the audiences that businesses market to on the platform may be considerably younger than supposed goal audiences.

Promoting on the app might require you to faucet into a consumer base that will not perceive the need in your services or products.

TikTok thrives off of informal, ‘behind-the-scenes’ content. 

Authenticity matters to Generation Z, they usually tend to shy away from the ‘ sales-to-drive ’ leads marketing adverts.

In case your model or business sometimes creates sales-driven formal content, using the platform may also help you diversify your content varieties and show a new, artistic facet of your business.

TikTok requires niche content. 

The kind of content that TikTok requires might not be in line with your model mission.

In the event you’re a more serious, sales-focused business, learning to adapt to the enjoyable and exciting content required for TikTok versus simply driving sales conversions could also be a difficult ability to learn.

44.81% of the world’s inhabitants own a smartphone

Because the variety of mobile customers worldwide continues to develop, having a mobile-first marketing technique is worth considering.

You need to use TikTok for Business to create ads on your phone and primarily run a portion of your marketing technique from your pocket.

It’s not simple to link your website to your TikTok videos. 

In case your website is your main method of changing leads, you’ll have to get artistic and develop further methods to drive leads.

TikTok has increased engagement charges than Instagram and Twitter. 

In 2019, TikTok’s average engagement charge at all follower levels was increased than both Instagram and Twitter. Small accounts with just 1,000 had an average engagement charge of 9.38%.

Even in case you’re a smaller model just beginning on TikTok, you’re assured to have engaging viewers.

TikTok For Business reporting tools can’t be integrated with different platforms

All marketers know that data is essential to understanding the success of marketing campaigns. In the meanwhile, it doesn’t appear as though the platform can integrate with your preferred insights tool.

Whereas the Adverts Supervisor is convenient, it would require an additional step for gathering data that you need to use to understand your campaign engagement and ROI.

TikTok For Business could be a helpful tool.

Should you select to incorporate TikTok’s new service into your marketing technique, it may be a helpful tool for growth. Whereas the app does call for niche kinds of content, manufacturers and businesses can diversify their techniques and promote to new viewers.

No matter what your last decision is, TikTok For Business is available to those that need to harness the app’s promoting potential.

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