What’s Happening With Your Instagram Account?

what's happening with Instagram account

Last month, we published posts on how the Instagram algorithm works and how Search works. Today, we will show you the two new Instagram features that give people more information about Instagram outages and your account status on the app. Keep reading to understand what’s happening with your Instagram account.

Instagram Notices You When Something Goes Wrong on Instagram

After conversions between Instagram and their community and doing some research, Instagram finally realized how confusing it can be when temporary issues happen on this platform. When they influence your engagement or distribution, it can lead you to think that the problems are unique for you, based on the content you post on Instagram. That lack of clarity can make you frustrated. So, it would be easier for you to know all these issues directly from Instagram.

Instagram is testing a new feature that will send you a notification in your Activity Feed when there is an outage or technical issue on this platform. They will also notify you when it is resolved. Instagram won’t send a notification every single time when an outage happens. However, when many people are confused and asking for answers, Instagram will determine if this notification could help make things clearer. Instagram is running the test in the US and going on for the next few months. They said that they want to start small and learn first. And if it makes sense to, they will expand this feature to more people.

what's happening with Instagram account - Instagram outages

Understand What’s Happening with Your Instagram Account with Account Status

Support Requests from Instagram give people more information about anything they reported on Instagram in the past (about posts, comments, and profiles). And it will let people know if anything they posted went against Instagram Community Guidelines.

Instagram is making changes to make it easier for users to know what’s going on with their accounts. They do it with a new feature called “Account Status”. Account Status will be the top destination to see what’s happening with your Instagram account and content distribution.

Instagram will start by let people know whether their account is at risk and being disabled. And in the next months, Instagram plans to include more information to this feature. Then it will give people a better sense of how their content is being distributed and recommended across different parts of Instagram.

what's happening with your Instagram account - Instagram status

If you think that there is a mistakes here, you can appeal to Instagram. Just hit “Request a Review” directly from Account Status in the app. Then Instagram support team will review this issue and fix it soon.

what's happening with your Instagram account - active status

This is an overview of these two new features from Instagram. We will update more information about them as soon as possible. Keep reading Buildmyplays blog for hot Instagram updates!

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