YouTube Analytics: How to Use Data to Grow Your Channel Faster (1/2)


Tracking YouTube analytics is a vital part of any YouTube marketing technique. Learn how to use your data to grow your channel.

How to use YouTube analytics

Before you can begin utilizing YouTube Analytics to refine your channel technique, it is advisable to work out where to seek out the data in the first place. Right here’s where to get all the numbers you want.

How to see analytics on YouTube

1. Log in to your YouTube account.

2. Click on your profile icon within the upper proper corner, then choose YouTube Studio.

YouTube Studio

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3. You’ll see some abstract metrics proper on the Channel Dashboard. To go extra in-depth, click on Go To Channel Analytics, or choose Analytics from the left-hand menu.

channel analytics overview

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4. Toggle between Overview, Reach, Engagement, Audience, and Revenue (if relevant) relying on the data you’re on the lookout for. We’ll go into extra detail on all the metrics you will discover in every tab within the subsequent part of this post.

5. Choose Advanced Mode within the upper proper corner for an extra detailed breakdown of your channel analytics, in addition to metrics for particular person videos.

advanced mode

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6. To download a report, select the parameters you need to track in Advanced Mode. Then, click on the downward-pointing arrow within the upper proper corner. Select Google Sheets or .csv file to generate your report.

YouTube analytics: download report in Google Sheets or .csv file

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From Advanced Mode, you may also click on Compare To within the upper proper corner. This lets you compare year-over-year channel progress, first 24-hour video efficiency, and the way particular person videos perform towards your general channel stats.

YouTube analytics: select compare to for year-over-year channel growth

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How to see YouTube analytics on mobile

To make use of YouTube analytics in your mobile system, you’ll have to download the YouTube Studio app. In case you don’t already have it on your phone, download the suitable model for iPhone or Android.

1. Open YouTube Studio and register to your account.

2. You’ll see a number of summary metrics on the primary dashboard. For extra details, faucet View More.


Supply: YouTube Studio

3. Toggle between Overview, Reach, Engagement, and Audience, relying on the data you’re looking for. We’ll go into extra detail on all the metrics you will discover in every tab within the subsequent part of this post.

overview reach engagement and audience

Supply: YouTube Studio

YouTube metrics explained

YouTube channel analytics

These metrics are all discovered on the Overview tab. Use them to chart your general channel efficiency, determine average trends, and get a snapshot of what works greatest.


The number of people that have subscribed to your YouTube channel (over a certain interval).

Tip: Hover over the quantity to see how this determines compares to your typical subscriber progress. If there’s a major change from the average, dig for the cause. Did you post extra videos than regular? Fewer? Did one video, particularly, do significantly properly or poorly?

Realtime views

The variety of views your videos acquired previously 48 hours, offered in a bar chart with estimated hourly views updated in real-time.

Tip: It is a good approach to get an early impression of how newly uploaded videos carry out instantly after the launch.

Top videos

A snapshot of your top-performing videos primarily based on views, over a given period.

Tip: By adjusting the timeframe to Lifetime, you may determine your all-time best-performing videos.

Channel views

The variety of views your complete channel amassed over the chosen time period.

Tip: In case you use a 28-day timeframe, you’ll additionally see a determination indicating how this quantity compares to the average quantity of views your channel receives.

Channel watch time

The full period of time, in hours, folks have spent watching all of the videos in your channel over a given period.

Tip: As with views, when you select a 28-day timeframe, you’ll see how this determines compares to your average watch time.

YouTube attain metrics

Find out how persons are discovering your videos, on and off YouTube, and modify your technique accordingly.


The variety of occasions thumbnails in your videos had been shown to YouTube viewers.

This doesn’t embrace external traffic sources like website embeds or social shares.

Impressions click-through rate (CTR)

The proportion of people that clicked on a thumbnail on YouTube to view your videos.

An excessive CTR is an efficient indication your thumbnails and keywords are generally efficient. However, again, this solely contains views that got here from thumbnails shown on YouTube itself. It doesn’t embrace views or clicks from exterior sources.

Tip: Look for similarities between videos that have excessive or low click-through charges. Over time, this may assist you to perceive what strategy works greatest to influence your particular viewers to click on.

Traffic sources

Where and how persons are discovering your videos.

YouTube traffic sources include search, browse options, playlists, and advised videos—all of that is powered to various levels by the YouTube algorithm. These views characterize individuals who were already on YouTube once they discovered your video.

Exterior sources characterize individuals who discovered your video via a search engine, social media, or a different website.

Tip: Traffic sources might help you notice potential collaboration alternatives in a number of methods. First, have a look at Suggested Videos to see which different channels are driving traffic to yours. Then, use the More dropdown menu in Superior Mode to test Playback Locations. It will present you with websites that are driving embedded views.

Top YouTube search terms

The top search terms that led folks to your videos from YouTube search.

This could offer you a great indication of whether your YouTube keyword technique is efficient or needs to be tweaked in some areas.

Tip: If a video is usually reached via search, think about adding it to a playlist to assist folks to discover your associated content.

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