YouTube Hacks: 21 Tricks You Didn’t Know About (1/3)

YouTube Hacks: 21 Tricks and Features You Probably Didn’t Know About (1/3)

Suitable YouTube hacks, tricks could be the difference between spending all afternoon or 15 minutes to finish a task.

However, these tips optimize more than just your time—they optimize your YouTube marketing efforts, too. From subscriber-boosting options to video-making tools, these YouTube hacks, tricks are engineered that can assist you to get the most out of the platform.

21 YouTube hacks, tricks, and features

1. Navigate YouTube with keyboard shortcuts

Memorize these keyboard shortcuts to maneuver YouTube with ease and impress your coworkers.

SpacebarPlay or pause a video
kPlay or pause a video in the player
mMute or unmute a video
Left and right arrowJump backward or forward 5 seconds
jJump backward 10 seconds
lJump forward 10 seconds
,When a video is paused, skip to the next frame
Up and down arrowEnhance and reduce the volume
>Speed up video playback rate.
<Slow down the video playback rate.
1—9Jump to 10% to 90% of the video mark.
0Go to the start of the video
/Go to the search box
fActivate fullscreen
cActivate closed captions

2. Create links that begin at specific times

There are events when it’s essential to skip an intro, preamble, or simply jump to a relevant clip. While you’d prefer to share a link to a video that begins at a selected time, try this YouTube hack.

Find out how to do it:

  1. Click on Share.
  2. Check the Start at the box.
  3. Adjust the time.
  4. Copy the link.

YouTube Hacks: 21 Tricks and Features You Probably Didn’t Know About (1/3)

Tip: In case you can put the time a second or two before the actual begin time. That method folks won’t miss a thing.

3. Download the thumbnail picture of the video

Want the thumbnail of a YouTube video for a newsletter or social post? Don’t take a low-res display screen capture. This workaround permits you to save the thumbnail in high-res.

Find out how to do it:

  1. Copy the Video ID. It’s the 11 characters that follow:
  2. Paste the VideoID right here:[VideoID]/maxresdefault.jpg
  3. Put the full link into your browser. Save the picture.

Right here’s the way to add a customized video thumbnail to your videos:

4. Create a GIF from a YouTube video

Do one better than a picture with a GIF. GIFs get a variety of actions on social media. You should utilize them to promote your YouTube channel or to deliver on-brand replies.

Find out how to create a GIF from a YouTube video:

  1. Open the video.
  2. Add the word “gif” before YouTube within the URL. It should read:[VideoID]
  3. Customize your GIF.

How to create a GIF from a YouTube video

5. See the transcript of a video

YouTube automatically creates transcripts for each video created on its platform. Not only does this feature make videos more accessible, but it additionally makes pulling quotes and copies lots easier.

Find out how to see the transcript of a YouTube video:

  1. From the video, click on the three-dot ellipsis beside Save.
  2. Choose Open transcript.

YouTube video transcript

In case you don’t see it, the creator likely decided to hide the transcript. Remember that many video creators don’t edit their transcripts so it may not be excellent.

6. Create a Branded YouTube URL

Ditch the unmemorable string of letters and numbers and add polish a branded URL to your YouTube channel.

There are a couple of prerequisites. To have the ability to create a customized slug, your channel needs to have at least 100 subscribers, a channel icon, and channel art. It additionally needs to be more than 30 days old.

When you’ve ticked these boxes, right here’s the way to do it:

  1. Click on your profile image within the top right. Choose Settings.
  2. Under Your YouTube Channel, click on View advanced settings.
  3. Under Channel settings, choose the link beside You’re eligible for a custom URL.
  4. The Get a custom URL box will list the customized URLs you’ve been permitted for. You can’t change what appears within the gray box, and you might need to add letters or numbers to make it unique.
  5. Comply with the Custom URL Terms of Use and click on Change URL.

Hootsuite's YouTube URL

7. Share an auto-subscribe link

Do you have YouTube buttons or subscribe call-to-action on your channels? In case you do, chances are they link to your YouTube channel. That’s nice, however, you are able to do one better.

Observe these steps to create a link that opens with an automatic subscribe prompt:

  1. Discover your channel ID or Custom URL. From your channel page, you’ll discover it right here:[ChannelID]. For instance, Hootsuite is Hootsuite.
  2. Paste your ID right here:[ChannelID]?sub_confirmation=1.
  3. Use this link on your subscription CTAs.

Right here’s what it seems to be like when somebody clicks on the hyperlink:

Confirm channel subscription button on YouTube

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