How to Get YouTube Verification Badge (1/2)

Last Updated on September 1st, 2020 at 10:29 am

How to Get YouTube Verification (1/2)

Getting a YouTube verification badge is massively essential for anybody who needs to make money from this video sharing platform.

However, it’s not simple to get that little gray checkmark (and keep it). Perhaps you’ve already tried to get your YouTube channel verified, and also you were rejected. Possibly you earned it, and not long after, you lost it without realizing why. Or maybe you simply don’t know where to begin.

It would take some time, however, it’s definitely attainable. And it’s worth it. This post will present to you exactly what you should do to become verified on YouTube.

First, let’s discuss some basics.

What’s YouTube verification?

A YouTube verification badge is a gray checkmark or a gray music note shown next to the channel identify of a YouTube creator or a YouTube artist, respectively.

Youtube verification post CNN and Katy Perry

Now, check out your YouTube channel. In case you don’t see either of those checkmarks, your channel isn’t verified.

This verification badge indicates credibility. It tells the world that your YouTube channel is run by a real human being, an established creator, or an authenticated brand/organization.

Two issues to remember:

  • No exclusive features. Being verified on YouTube doesn’t imply you’ll get access to any exclusive features or perks or awards. As said earlier, it just offers you or your brand legitimacy. In other words, YouTube viewers will likely trust your channel the first time they see your video on the feed.
  • Prevents stolen traffic. Being verified on YouTube prevents copycats or impersonators from stealing any traffic that ought to go to your channel.

Note: In September 2019, YouTube introduced a new design for channel verification. It stated a gray background would replace the present gray checkmark. Nevertheless, until now, the new badge hasn’t been rolled out. We’ll hold you up to date when the change is made.

A YouTube verification badge and YouTube account verification: Are they the same?

The answer is a loud No! They’re two different things.

YouTube account verification

Like other social media platforms, YouTube asks you to verify your account by adding a phone number the first time you create an account. This lets YouTube know you’re a real human, not a bot trying to spam the site.

By verifying your account, you’ll be given a facility to add videos over 15 minutes lengthy, add custom thumbnails, live stream, and attraction content material ID claims.

Youtube verification confirmation

That’s an important step to create a valid channel. Anybody who needs to monetize their YouTube channel ought to verify their account.

YouTube verification badge

In the case of getting a YouTube verification badge, it’s a bit different. And that is what we’re referring to from the start to the end of this post. It’s a badge of authenticity, as YouTube stated:

If a channel is verified, it’s the official channel of a creator, artist, company, or public figure. Verified channels assist distinguish official channels from other channels with similar names on YouTube.

With a phone number, you may verify your YouTube account in a second. But it surely takes effort and time to get a verification badge because you should obtain all the set benchmarks. Keep reading to search out out what the benchmarks are.

Why get verified on YouTube?

On nearly all social media platforms, verification offers a profile of an additional benefit. It confirms two issues; first, the one that owns that account is who they claim to be. Second, and two, the person is serious about sharing social content material. You’re considerate towards what you’ll say and the way you appear on the network.

Any inauthentic ways to grow views or subscribers will backfire ultimately. It’s as a result of YouTube no longer verifies a channel solely based on a variety of followers.

In addition, getting a verification badge helps protect your channel from being confused with other “fake” channels on YouTube. Their channels have identical as yours, however, because your channel is verified by YouTube, your followers can discover you, and potential audiences can identify you as a trusted model.

Understand YouTube verification requirements

Previously, in case your channel gained over 100,000 subscribers, you can quickly get a verification badge. Nevertheless, many individuals consider a YouTube verification badge as a manner of a content material endorsement, not identity. That’s why the platform up to date for their verification policy.

Since October 2019, to get a YouTube verification badge, your channel must meet the next criteria:

Youtube verification channel criteria

Source: Google

  • Have at least 100,000 subscribers.
  • Be authentic, which means your channel should represent the real creator, brand, or entity you’re claiming to be.
  • Be complete, meaning your channel must be public and have a description, channel icon, and content material, and be active on YouTube.

Is there any shortcut to getting YouTube verification?

Spammers or quick-money-makers always try to let you know shortcuts—usually “break-the-rules” tricks—that promise immediate wins. You may see these offers everywhere!

Be careful with them. Like most simple issues, they’re too good to be true.

After all, you should adjust to all the requirements YouTube has established to get your channel verified.

The best way to quickly get a YouTube verification badge is following proven techniques to grow views for your channel and increase your subscribers. Think about these tips:

  • Be honest and transparent about what you’re sharing. Creating unimaginable video content material is good to attract viewers, however, ensure it’s relevant and real. Don’t exaggerate the advantages of your product/service. Instead, go behind the scenes, for instance, in case you’re promoting a product, tell a story about where you get the materials, and how you actually make it.
  • Respond to any comment you’ve on your videos. It’s an effective way to show you’re real, and you value folks’ opinions/feedback. It additionally helps you begin a conversation with new audiences and encourages them to subscribe to your channel.
  • Share videos usually and constantly. Obviously, you don’t need to post a video every hour or every couple of hours. However, it’s recommended that you upload at least one video per week, particularly in case you’re just beginning out or trying to construct an audience. You need to use tools like Hootsuite to schedule videos, so you may focus on creating constantly high-quality content instead. The video below explains how Hootsuite may help you handle your YouTube presence:
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