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Why Should I Buy MixCloud Plays?

Every small and big business owner can enhance their product sales if they Buy Plays on MixCloud . When you launch your account, it’s rather difficult to get it popular. Buying plays is a good way to trigger your account successfully.

In addition, if you have more MixCloud Plays then you can easily create your brand awareness and get strong social proof so that you could reach more people. More Plays can increase your credibility among your competitors. So, what are you waiting for?


Why Do 100,000+ Customers Buy MixCloud Plays From Us?

High Quality Plays

The Plays you’ll receive from us are as real and active as you can imagine. Full profiles, post often, and have Plays their own.

Fast Delivery

All your order will be started within 12 hours and completed in maximum several days. You even can customize the delivery time.

100% Free-Risk

We only use promotion techniques that are MixCloud approved so your account is never at risk of getting suspended

Retention Guarantee

We offer a 90 days Retention Guarantee on all packages of MixCloud Plays to make sure you will feel 100% satisfied with our services.

How it works?



Just choose your cart, place an order then check out easily through Paypal



Receive an order confirmation email. We will identify your information and start to delivery



Your account will be promoted through our media partners. New users will follow & interact with your contents



With 90-days retention guarantee, we will check & assure the result to make sure you will feel 100% satisfied

Build My Plays Compared

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   No Password Required

   Real and Active Plays

   Safe Marketing Methods

   90 Days Retention Guarantee

   Fast and Customizable Delivery

   24/7 Customer Support


   No Password Required

   Bot and Inactive Plays

   Your Account will be Suspended

   No Guarantee – Plays Disappear

   Unreliable Delivery

   Bad Customer Support


See how we are compared to our competitors and why we’re better



Real and Active Plays

No Password Required

90 Days Retention Guarantee

Fast and Customizable Delivery

24/7 Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy MixCloud Plays?

Mixcloud is an online music streaming service that allows for the listening and distribution of radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts, which are crowdsourced by its registered users. If you are a musician, an artist or just a music fan, it is the best place for you to bring your tracks in front of listeners, reach more fans, and earn revenue from this platform. With a buzzing community of artists and musicians constantly uploading new music, you may get struggle when try to start your music career on MixCloud. Don’t worry, we are at Build My Plays can help you with buying MixCloud Plays service.

Having many MixCloud Plays shows the popularity that you want to your music. Listeners judge audio content through the number of plays. It is the reason why when your tracks get a high plays count, they can attract users to hear your music. It allows you to gain more new fans, get attention of music labels and have opportunites to work with them to promote your tracks. Then you can make money and become more successful with your music.

The more MixCloud Plays you get, the more engagement you will generate. Fans will explore your page and fall in love with your music.
Stop struggle to get attention. Buy MixCloud Plays from Build My Plays . And stand out of the crowd today,

Are Plays from real and active people?

You may consider buying MixCloud Plays can get real and active users or not. Our answer is that these plays are absolutely active!

At Build My Plays, quality is always our first priority. We are sure that all MixCloud Plays you receive from us are high-quality. Whether you order 100 or 1000 plays, we will deliver all the active ones.

Talking about high-quality MixCloud Plays, we mean they are other users on MixCloud. They have their own online activities on this platform. They will keep following and engaging with your account as long as your audio content is interesting enough to attract them.

How can Build My Plays do that?
We own a wide community including people all around the world. We promote your profile by putting your tracks in front of these media partners and attract them. This is how you get MixCloud Plays. It’s no doubt that we can offer wide exposure you desire on MixCloud. What are you waiting for? Join us at Build My Plays and start boosting your tracks accounts by buying MixCloud Plays.

How long does it take to deliver the order?

We understand that your time is valuable and Build My Plays always proud of our quick delivery. Everything that you need to do is to decide on your track and the number of plays you want, then come to our website, choose the package, and complete the ordering process in just a few minutes. Then, we help you to start boosting your MixCloud Plays.

Most orders are processed within 12 hours after your payment confirmation and you will start to see the results. With small packages, they are completed within 2-3 days. And it takes a bit much time to complete bigger ones. You could contact our customer support to know exactly deliver time of your desired packages. Besides, we offer “Delivery Spreading” option if you want to get followers through several days or weeks.

We also have guarantee time that we will take care your order carefully. If there is anything wrong with your order, we will recheck and fullfil automatically. Last but not least, don’t forget to create great content on your account, then you will attract more plays than you think. Believe us!

Is buying MixCloud Plays safe?

Our number one goal is to help you boost your account while keeping it safe.

We at Build My Plays understand MixCloud algorithm and policy. We only use marketing methods that are approved by MixCloud to promote your tracks and deliver plays from real users, so your account is never at risk of getting suspended or penalized. We are updating social media and MixCloud terms day by day, so you can trust whatever we do. Believe us, let us help you and wait for great results.

Please keep in mind that you are always safe here, at Build My Plays!

Will my Plays be permanent?

Actually, the number of Plays fluctuates in the next few days. Hence, we always have a retention guarantee to protect your benefits. We offer 90-day Retention Guarantee for Instagram follower services which indicates the period of time the paid services will be monitored and refilled. Under our good caring, your play count will recover back to your target and be permanent.

We only bring high-quality service so you won’t lose the plays. However, they are real and active who have their own activities on MixCloud. If your content is attractive enough, they will stay long-lasting with you. In contrast, you next track may not get as many plays as you want.

We will try our best to encourage other users to interact for as long as possible. However, to make results perfect as it would be, don’t forget to create great audio content and be active on MixCloud.

Why should I choose Buildmyplays?

Build My Plays has always been #1 rated Social media marketing company that provides services related to MixCloud and other platforms with more than 100.000 customers using our service and over 14.000.000 followers were delivered. By buying MixCloud Plays, you can gain your engagement 80% faster.

We at Build My Plays try our best to give you the most effective service and make sure you get the results that you desire. Quality is always our first priority, so we always deliver plays from real accounts. Your time is gold, this is the reason why we have optimized all the process to help you get results as soon as possible. You just need to decide the number of plays you want and spend a few minutes to confirm order, then we will start processing. Imagine that you got many plays for a track but after some days, these plays that you have received all gone, it means nothing at all. With our Guarantee time and automated refilling service, you don’t have to worry anymore. And if you are not satisfied with results, our support team will be there to help you whenever you need.

Now, start boosting your MixCloud tracks with Build My Plays!

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