If you’re a gamer who’s trying to build a solid social media following online, Facebook Gaming is the place to be. It’s one of the most famous streaming platforms online after YouTube and Twitch for game players. If you’re trying to grow your reach and showcase your gaming skills, this platform is a great place to start. One of the reasons that make it a great place to start is that it’s not yet as competitive as other platforms. While it may still be a new platform (with about a 3% market share), you can get the advantage of a head start on it because it’s growing quickly. Now, let’s check out this complete guide about Facebook Gaming.

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Instagram video is available in five different types: Reels, Live, IGTV, Stories, and in-feed video posts.

The explosion of video throughout the platform is a lot to juggle. However, it’s also created new methods for marketers to tell stories and reach their audience.

Which Instagram video type is right for your brand? There could also be a place in your social media strategy for all of them. Or maybe you’ll decide just to give attention to a couple. Read our guide to learn about the features, specifications, and best practices for every kind.

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A while ago an article about a website promising a free money scheme popped into my inbox.

The point of the scheme was to get an AI to make an album with royalty-free samples that you could upload to Spotify in your name.

The website pointed out that you may distribute your album to Spotify and play it in the background 24/7 to collect streaming payments.

Sounds great, right?

Questionable makes use of Spotify like this take away from the already small pool of money available to artists that distribute their music on Spotify.

Now, using an AI to write an album for you with royalty-free samples so you’ll be able to distribute it and personally stream it to earn money is definitely a grey area—and it’s pretty silly.

But similar schemes that promise to improve your stream counts on Spotify are much more dangerous—and they hurt developing artists more than you might think.

To keep your tracks safe on Spotify and other streaming websites, here’s how you can protect yourself from fake streams.

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Daily life moved online like never before in 2020 and it continues to 2021.

If you spent most of last year on video calls, you’ve probably wondered about using videoconferencing software for music.

Music collaboration is important for inspiration and working together face-to-face is more difficult right now.

However, using regular video apps for music can be a challenge. Configuring audio, setting up mics, and sharing your DAW screen can grind a fun session to a halt.

Even so, there are many effective options out there for musicians who need to work together from afar.

In this article, I’m showing you the top 10 Zoom alternatives for musicians so you can collaborate on music remotely.

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Free plugins are one of the greatest things about being a music producer in 2021. High-quality music production tools have never been more accessible for the average musician. However, with more freeware plugins showing up on the scene daily, understanding which ones work for your music production isn’t easy. That’s why we’re introducing you to the most useful and creative free music plugins in this article.

Creative developers will never stop releasing amazing tools for music production.

Plugins like EQcompressionreverb, and synths have been around forever, however, there’s always a fresh new take on the core concepts to discover.

This month we take a look at some extraordinary approaches to plugin design that you’ll need to download right away.

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