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How to get more followers on Instagram is a big challenge in today’s highly competitive business environment. Just a few seconds to search, Google will give you thousands of results on the topic “how to gain followers.” I will give you some of the ways that you are recommended the most.

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Connect with other platforms

Connecting your Instagram account with facebook will help you get more followers on Instagram, as nearly 20% of your Facebook friends are probably Instagram users. This technique will help your friends “discover” you as an Instagram user and immediately start to follow you. Obviously, this is the first thing you should do when you sign up, but you can also do that later

Use hashtag

Instagram allows users to search by the hashtag what they want. That means your posts will probably pop up when they search for the right hashtag on your post. Each post can have up to 30 hashtags. So your article will reach more people when you use them.

Follow and unfollow

There is no harm in following random people and waiting for them to follow back. By following others, you stimulate curiosity in other users and lead them to your own profile. If this user likes the content they see on your Instagram, they are more likely to follow you back.

Let’s take a look. The above methods definitely bring in new followers. However, the number will increase very slowly and you do not know how long to reach the desired number. At, Build My Plays, we bring you some of the best deals that will help you gain traffic online while boosting your online presence extensively worldwide.

To get more followers on Instagram, all you need to do is register with us, and we would help you in planning the traffic for your fading web portal or brand. The best part of hiring our services is that you don’t have to work out ways to gain traffic to your entrance. Pay for a desirable number of followers and get sorted with your concerns on increasing traffic.

Once you get more followers on Instagram, chances for your followers and online presence to increase becomes better in a short span of time. We believe, in this era where everyone is running a rat race, there is a need for a conditioned business environment that is here to stay and does not fade away. Thus, whether buying followers for Instagram or Facebook will only help in boosting the popularity of your business that was otherwise hard to attain.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Are the followers real and active?

All followers from Build My Plays are guaranteed to be 100% real and active; meaning they have full profiles, posts often and have followers their own.


How does it work?

Your account will be promoted through our media partners. We own a big community all around the world and all members will be impressed by your content. That’s why all followers you will receive are real & active.

Will my followers be permanent?

The number of followers will be changed a little bit in the next few days, but after that it will be stable and increased as your natural growth. With Our Retention Guarantee, if you lose followers for any reasons – they will be replaced immediately.

What are the requirements?

  1. Please turn off the Private Mode on your Instagram account.
  2. Please do not change your username when the order is processing.

Is buying followers safe?

Absolutely! At Build My Plays, keeping your account safe is our priority. We only use promotion techniques that are Instagram approved so your account is never at risk of getting suspended or penalized.

When will I get my followers?

90% of orders are processed within 12 hours after payment has been confirmed. In most circumstances, you’ll begin to receive results within 1-2 days after placing an order.

Will others know I bought followers?

Of course, not . Our followers look like any other followers and are always delivered naturally. The only way anyone will know is if you tell them… and even then they may have trouble believing you.

How to turn off the Private Mode?

You can change the settings with the steps below.

1. Access the Settings page on Instagram

2. Click on the button next “Private Account” to turn off the Private mode.

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