While giving gift cards is not a new idea for retailers, it’s an increasingly essential tool to use to develop your retail business. Gift cards are broadly given and appreciated; 74% of consumers say they like receiving gift cards as a holiday gift, according to a 2017 holiday shopping survey by Socratic Technologies and Vantiv. Holiday consumers also planned to buy an average of 4 last year, according to the National Retail Federation.

Whether you already have a gift card program or are thinking about including the choice, here are seven methods they can grow your retail business and your followers. Continue reading →

Social media—nearly like water (or air) for digital marketing.

It’s required, yes. However, let’s be real and responsible and reasonable and clever about all of it.

Many aren’t (Ok, me too at times).

However, for the audience’s sake… please replace bad practices with good ones. So you could turn readers on, not off.

Here are things that you need to stop doing on social, with things to begin (or keep) doing. Continue reading →

Everyone knows the brands. They re cool and fun—and they never seem to run out of ideas for creative Instagram content.

The truth is that not every brand has services or products that are as simply “gram-able” as a company like Airbnb, with their endless supply of gorgeous user-generated travel images. However, that does not mean a security firm or a bank cannot also make engaging content that their customers love.

Let find out six Instagram accounts you would not expect to be awesome but totally are.

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Have you ever built a loyal following around your merchandise? Have you ever been gaining followers steadily on social media? Already consistently putting out good content on your blog?

Then maybe it is time to move on to video marketing (Youtube strategy).

Video provides a whole new dimension to your marketing combine. Done properly, you could use video to add depth to your product’s options and stories, tell the history of how your firm has come to be, or explain how your product could be used in methods that can’t be captured in web copy or in print. And that translates to more sales. According to MultiVisionDigital, a video production firm, customers are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching a product video.

When your product is just too cool, otherwise you want to ensure that people really get the best use out of it, it is time to grab a camera.

Before we get too deep into the specifics of video and YouTube strategy, it’s necessary to know that you don’t need a viral hit to see outcomes. You’re telling a story about yourself or your merchandise, not producing a viral hit for personal fame. Concentrate on engagement, not on simply getting a huge number of views.

In the meantime, here is YouTube strategy that gets views. Continue reading →

In terms of beginning new music, most of us reach for the instrument we are most familiar with first.

However, only interacting with one instrument could leave you stuck in a creative rut…

One of the best methods to break out is to pick up a totally new instrument.

Whether your primary instrument has keys, pads, strings, or sticks, attempting something different has a lot to offer.

Listed below are the top 6 reasons you should learn a new instrument. Continue reading →

Now that we all know what a hashtag is and why brands need to be using them, let’s break down how you could find the right hashtags.

Because while they are a strong method to enhance engagement, build your brand, and discover your audience, it isn’t going to matter when you are leveraging the incorrect hashtags for your social media posts.

To help you out, listed below are 5 great methods you could find the right hashtags to use for your brand. Continue reading →

Gear Acquisition Syndrome is a serious disorder that impacts lots of musicians worldwide. In fact, one in six musicians is obsessively refreshing online classifieds right now searching for deals on used gear.

However, sometimes your gear has to get out of the way to allow you to create.

Buying something new may not be the answer in case your gear collection is getting overwhelming

Before you give in to G.A.S. and add a new piece to your collection, find out if there’s something you can retire to reduce the clutter.

Right here are 10 gear questions to help you know when it’s time to let go.

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Continue with some exciting Instagram functions to try in 2019…

5. Create an Instagram-friendly business offline

When it comes to rising your business, it’s necessary to search for methods to incorporate offline tactics alongside your digital strategy.

When you have a bricks-and-mortar location, add a feature wall, backdrop, or other fascinating interior design elements into your business. Be sure you have a recognizable and related hashtag and encourage clients to take pictures and share them on Instagram for a simple method to collect user-generated content that includes your space.

One business that has finished this perfectly is Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in San Francisco. While planning a trip to town last year, I kept seeing the same pink neon sign pop up on Instagram. Continue reading →

Trying new things does not always pay off (hello, bangs), however, Instagram has made it simpler than ever to get outcomes from their shiny new offerings. With new Instagram functions and updates introduced so frequently, the possibilities on Instagram seem endless.

However, this could get tricky for social media marketers who want to ensure they are spending time and budget on functions that actually drive outcomes.

In this post, we will outline 7 Instagram functions which are worth trying in 2019. Continue reading →