YouTube has 1.9 billion monthly active users and is the world’s second-biggest search engine. Day by day, more and more brands add content to the platform hoping to generate buzz around their services and products.

Entering this market could be intimidating. In case your YouTube presence does not concentrate on providing value with engaging content, viewers could spot it immediately.

Luckily, there are lots of brands on YouTube that you could look to for inspiration—many of them in niches that do not immediately scream “entertainment.” Here are 5 unexpectedly awesome YouTube channels from brands. Continue reading →

Albums do not get almost as much mileage as they used to.

They are still essential, however, artists are having to make more music than ever before to keep up and connect with their listeners in a meaningful method.

Writing songs takes time—particularly if you want to make something really great. Strong songwriting cannot be rushed.

Unfortunately, you probably do not have the time to write and launch a constant stream of great original songs.

So what’s an ambitious songwriter to do?

The easy answer is Cover Songs. A thoughtfully recorded cover can enhance your craft in so many ways. Here are just a few of the reasons cover songs make sense for every songwriter. Continue reading →

Continue with something about Instagram pods…

What were the outcomes?

The outcomes have been a mixed bag. I attempted a variety of different Instagram pods—the mass ones as I mentioned in the previous part, smaller pods with around 100 members, and finally a couple of small pods that I found via Reddit.

On average I got between 40 and 60 likes on content that I posted. I used hashtags and did a small amount of outreach once I posted to help increase the content’s engagement. Continue reading →

Honestly, if there was a trick to instantly grow your Instagram engagement overnight, most of us would be first in line. As such, you’ve probably heard a lot about Instagram engagement pods recently—everybody seems to be in one or talking about one. Normally, they’re either raving that pods are the best thing ever, or they’re writing pods off as an ineffective trend.

So in the name of science, I attempted a few Instagram pods myself to see if they actually work. Continue reading →

Continue with some Youtube analytics: What to measure to increase video performance


Devices reveal what percentage of your viewers watch your content material on a desktop, mobile, tablet, smart TV, or games console.

Devices affect the kinds of content people watch on YouTube, as well as how they interact online generally.

Mobile viewers tend to watch on-the-go, so they gravitate towards bite-sized tracks. Desktop viewers are more likely to actually buy things online. So if conversions are your purpose, you may want to cater to that market instead.

Ultimately, it is good to discover a balance, as people watch YouTube on every device. Smart TV viewers, for instance, are YouTube’s fastest-growing market. Their numbers double year-over-year. Continue reading →

Getting to know YouTube analytics is essential if you want to take advantage of your YouTube channel. By quantifying the successes and failures of your videos, you could zero in on opportunities to give value to your subscribers and keep them engaged.

You could also increase your brand’s reach on the web’s second largest search engine.

In this article, we will show you:

  • Which metrics you need to prioritize in your YouTube channel analytics, and why
  • The difference between vanity metrics and actionable data
  • How to select the suitable insights to inform your channel’s development strategy

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Music theory should not be confined to classrooms.

It is a strong tool that any creator should use—whether you are an experimental composer or a death metal bassist.

By practicing some music theory basics, you will be capable to bring something new and highly effective to your songwriting practice.

The theory is not always something you learn in a textbook or practice over and over bored out of your mind.

If you look at music theory as a production device, it could open up new methods to create and spark ideas for your songwriting.

In fact, specific music theory methods are incredibly useful for inspiring new track ideas.

In this article, you will learn 7 of the simplest and most useful methods to turn music theory into songwriting inspiration.

Let’s jump in! Continue reading →

Now that you are familiar with some of Instagram’s most essential metrics, it’s time to take a look at some of the best Instagram analytics tools that will help you take advantage of your data.

To help you get began, I have provided a quick list of Instagram analytics tools and their unique selling points. I have tried to choose a range of examples to show what it is possible to find out about your customers with the right data. Continue reading →