Instagram DMs are a strong tool for any brand or business. It helps to generate new leads, build customer relationships, and drive sales. However, with 200 million Instagram users messaging businesses monthly, keeping up with your inbox in a time-efficient method can feel overwhelming.

Enter automated Instagram DMs. They might help you streamline your conversations and make sure you never miss out on user interactions with these interested in your services or products – even when you’re off the clock.

Ready to drive sales via automated Instagram DMs? Here are all the things you should know.

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Every creator wants to be on trend so we will give you some predictions about Instagram reels in 2022 right here.

Short-form videos have boomed in 2022, especially Instagram Reels. Instagram announced to release the Instagram reel on August 5, 2020. It now become one of the hottest features on the platform. A reel is easier to go viral than a normal post because Reels are pushed to all Instagram users even they don’t follow you.

With the success in 2021, we believe that Reels will grow bigger and better next year. Now, let’s see which can be new for Instagram reels in 2022.

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Instagram is the best place for people to share their daily images, influencers endorse rands and earn revenue, and businesses engage with their customers and gain conversion rates. So, how to get an inactive Instagram username which is no longer used on the platform?

Here is a complete guide on how to get an inactive Instagram username. You can also use these tips in this guide to request Instagram to delete an inactive account and fix the issue of an Instagram username that is taken but does not exist.

Let’s dive in!

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