Instagram stories highlights icons are your Instagram business profile’s secret weapon.

With more than 200 million users visiting at least one brand profile every day, Instagram is more than just a social platform—it’s your brand’s digital storefront.

But similar to a messy store does not give the best first impression to your audience, a disorganized Instagram profile seems unprofessional and lazy.

In this post, we’ll discover how you could use icons for your Instagram stories highlights to make your Instagram profile look professional and showcase the best of your brand. As a thank you to our dedicated audience, we’ll additionally provide you with a designer pack of Instagram story highlight icons that will grow the look of your profile right away.

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In July 2018, Instagram launched another entertaining and interactive function for users to play with. “Questions” is a function that could be added to your Stories to permit your followers to submit questions. Each question you receive could be answered publicly in an additional Story.

Users love Instagram partly because it is such a conversational platform. There are a lot of ways to connect with accounts and brands, whether by commenting on their posts, sharing their Stories, messaging privately, or responding to fun function like Questions.

The Instagram’s Questions function is pretty easy to use and elevates your Instagram Stories with added creativity and engagement. In this post, we’ll show you everything about Instagram’s Questions function. Continue reading →

Instagram advert is an effective way to share your content with the platform’s one billion users. They’re invaluable for rising your followers, constructing your brand, and driving sales.

The important thing to a successful Instagram ad strategy is experimenting and refining. Rapidly generating and testing adverts will help you learn quickly what works greatest for your brand and your target audience. You don’t need to spend a ton of time on each one—you just need to know the most important elements of an awesome advert.

In this post, we’ll guide you through creating an ideal Instagram advert in only 10 minutes. We also have a step-by-step breakdown of the art of Instagram ads, when you need a more detailed primer.

Note: To run Instagram advert, you’ll need to set up an Instagram business account and then link to your company’s Facebook Page.

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There are more photos taken every a minute now than were taken during the entire span of the 1800s. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that social media managers are searching for methods to make their images stand out from the crowd.

During a time when using #NoFilter is a rarity, it’s essential to know exactly how you should be editing your photos for the best outcomes. Thanks to Instagram presets, this process has become simpler than ever.

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  • What Instagram presets are
  • Why Instagram presets can be the secret to your image success
  • How to use Instagram presets for greatest outcomes

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Instagram marketing is competitive.

More than 25 million companies use the platform to capture attention, incite interest, create desire, and compel action.

With so many competitors, a thoughtful, proven strategy is important for success.

The following tips will allow you to shape that strategy.

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Influencer marketing is when an enterprise collaborates with an influential person on social media to advertise a product, service, or campaign. These people, known as “social media influencers,” have dedicated and engaged followings.

Celebrity endorsements were the original type of influencer marketing. However, in today’s digital world, regular content material creators with niche audiences can usually provide more value to brands.

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If you handle multiple Instagram accounts as a part of your social media marketing strategy, then we have great news: it’s simple to add and switch between Instagram accounts.

And when you’re not utilizing Instagram for your enterprise yet, you may want to think about it. Instagram provides you access to 1 billion potential customers Plus, 71 % of U.S. companies already use the platform.

With Instagram, you could handle up to 5 accounts from the same app. It’s simple to toggle between your work account, personal account, and the Instagram handle you made for your favorite cactus. Just be sure to double-check which account you’re posting to before you post! Continue reading →

Continue with the Instagram Algorithm strategy for your Instagram business

Use community-driven hashtags to reach active users

Hashtags on Instagram may help you improve your reach by helping you show up in relevant searches.

For this tactic to be effective, however, you should select the hashtags that your target audience actually searches through to find content material and other users.

Community hashtags are particularly active—these niche hashtags could not have as many posts as the more popular hashtags, however, are already being circulated and searched through by teams on Instagram looking to connect with others who’re excited about that topic, movement, or community.

This is where you’ll actually get views that may lead to clicks via to your profile, engagement, and potentially new followers. Continue reading →

From SEO to social media, algorithms including Instagram algorithm are sometimes what determine who really sees the content material you publish and who does not.

As these algorithms change, yesterday’s marketing tactics may change into less effective tomorrow. That is why your strategy on each platform must constantly evolve too.

On Instagram, in particular, simply posting on a regular basis with the suitable hashtags will not necessarily guarantee that your content material will always reach its intended viewers.

Instead, you will need to think about how you can work with the Instagram algorithm to shake up your method to Instagram marketing. Continue reading →

An Instagram contest is an effective way to attract attention to your brand on the platform that has more than one billion users. Contests and giveaways will help increase engagement and get your content material noticed by the Instagram algorithm.

You should think about what kind of contest makes the most sense for your brand, and your targets for this specific Instagram promotion. Listed below are 7 winning Instagram contest ideas for you. Continue reading →