IGTV (Instagram TV) is a long-form vertical video channel that’s accessible from Instagram and as a standalone app. It releases in June 2018.

IGTV videos are designed to be longer than Instagram Stories. Regular users could create videos up to 10 minutes long and verified users could create videos up to an hour long.

Brands have been relatively slow to adopt IGTV for a number of causes, chief among them the high prices and time investment required to produce long-form social videos.

However, in early 2019, Instagram announced that content creators may share one-minute previews of their channels in their Instagram feeds. This greatly improved discoverability. Now, brands have an opportunity to catch their followers’ attention without requiring them to leave the Instagram app. And many have the views and engagement to show for it. Continue reading →

Instagram algorithm changes affect everybody who uses this platform: brands, Kardashians, you, and yes, your mother.

However ever since Instagram nixed the reverse-chronological feed in 2016, rumors have flown about what the Instagram algorithm is, does, and cares about. It’s a mysterious beast, and misinformation abounds.

So how could your brand make sure you are fine-tuning your Instagram marketing strategy so that you are working with the flow of the feed, and not against it?

Here, we have gathered the most up-to-date info (and debunked the newest conspiracy theories) about the all-powerful algorithm. Continue reading →

Instagram Stories might be ephemeral, however, that does not make measuring them any less necessary. More than 500 million accounts interact with Stories daily, and Instagram Stories analytics provide brands with the tools to know how followers are engaging with them.

There are lots of brands utilizing Instagram Stories to great effect. Actually, one-third of the most-viewed Stories are from companies. However, the best brands on Instagram Stories are not just pointing and shooting; they are monitoring efficiency and replicating their successes.

Be sure to perceive easy methods to measure Instagram Tales, and which metrics matter the most when building a method for this increasingly popular channel. Continue reading →

Ever had that sinking feeling that nobody is going to show up to your dinner party? Then you understand how it feels when nobody is swiping up on your Instagram Story.

You could see that they are getting loads of views, however, those just are not translating into clicks. Where is everybody?

They are still on Instagram, however, I am sorry to say that they are swiping up on other people’s Stories instead of yours. Do not take it personally. It isn’t you— it’s your Stories. And luckily, there are a lot of methods to improve them!

Here’s how to get your followers swiping up instead of swiping through. Continue reading →

Does it feel like meme accounts are taking over your social media feeds? The format is everywhere these days, including Instagram, where accounts like Daquan and Kale Salad have amassed lots of followers and become brand names.

While those accounts appear silly and aimless, like that goofy stoner from your high school, many are literally strategic and successful—like when that stoner grows up to be Steve Jobs.

Listed below are some marketing lessons you could learn from the dankest meme accounts on Instagram. Continue reading →

When you are looking to develop your career as an influencer, an Instagram husband could be a large asset. However, do not assume you need an actual partner who’s good with a camera—or any partner at all.

Not all popular influencers have husbands who like picking up the camera. That’s why lots of them work with dedicated pro photographers. For instance, Arielle Charnas of Something Navy collaborates with photographer Alexandra Wolf. Continue reading →

When you have ever wondered how your favorite influencer always has a photographer ready to capture her newest outfit or vacation, the answer is easy: she’s got an Instagram husband.

When you were to draw a Venn diagram, the circles of “Actual husband” and “Instagram husband” would overlap for many successful influencers. However, a marriage license is hardly required to meet the definition. An Instagram husband is just the person behind the camera, ready to snap a photo (or 50) when the right moment arises all the time.

So who’re these Instagram husbands, and how do you know when you need one? Read on to find out. Continue reading →

With more than 400 million people watching Instagram Stories every day, brands are more and more taking advantage of the format to engage followers and share content.

However, not all Stories are created equal! Some brands are actually killing it with creative, fascinating, or unexpected content.

In this post, we will share six of the best brands on Instagram Stories and what you could learn from them to inform your own Instagram stories strategy Continue reading →

Instagram influencer rates are one of the social media’s best-kept secrets.

Sure, there are rumors and whispers such as Kendall Jenner’s reported $250,000 haul for her Frye Festival endorsement on Instagram. However, what exactly are the calculations that go into making influencer marketing a $6.5 billion industry?

For most Instagram influencers, a sponsored post includes a lot more work than posting an orange square. (For those not in the know, Fyre Festival promoters made buzz by paying macro-influencers to publish an orange jpeg.)

Creating branded content material includes time, labor, skill, and production prices. And those things are not paid for with products and freebies.

And paying the suitable price pays off. However, what’s the right price?

Read on to find the perfect method for calculating rates, the benefits of different sponsorship plans, and other factors which may affect Instagram influencer rates. Continue reading →