What? Improve your social media profiles — in one hour. Really?


I get it—you are busy. Or maybe lazy (no judgment).

Either method, you have got posts to review, schedule, and post. Campaigns to declare, release, and handle. Emails to write and reply to. Countless deadlines for this and that.

And… a boss to please so they will feel at ease because ‘you got this’. So your brand shows up just right, for all of your social media profiles.

This guide is for you.

Each tip should take only a few minutes. Altogether, about an hour. Schedule it for this week. You could improve your social media profiles, right?

The clock’s a ticking… what are we waiting for? Continue reading →

Each new year signals a new starting—particularly in terms of your social media strategy. When you try new things on social this year that other brands are not doing, you have a greater chance of surprising your viewers and engaging them.

We have outlined all the major updates and new options for each of the major networks so you could incorporate them into your social marketing strategy for 2019. Continue reading →

A social media marketing strategy is a summary of everything you propose to do and hope to achieve on social media. It guides your actions and lets you know whether you re succeeding or failing. Every post, reply, like, and comment needs to serve a goal.

The more particular your social media marketing strategy is, the more effective the execution can be. Keep it concise. Do not make your plan so lofty and broad that it’s unattainable or unimaginable to measure.

In this post, we’ll stroll you thru an eight-step plan to create a successful social media advertising and marketing plan of your personal. Continue reading →

Tons of people, post hundreds of millions of social media photos. Every. Day.

However, only a few (relatively) inspire you enough to stop and notice rather than scroll on or leave entirely.


Because too many social media photos are low-quality, unappealing, booooring or just not worth sharing.

But hey, good for you. As a result of there’s no need for any of this.

Not with so many awesome tools available to you.

Building a library of high-res, eye-catching, notable, shareable, and beautiful photos is simple. And low-cost (or free).

Let’s have a look at 16 great ones. Continue reading →

While giving gift cards is not a new idea for retailers, it’s an increasingly essential tool to use to develop your retail business. Gift cards are broadly given and appreciated; 74% of consumers say they like receiving gift cards as a holiday gift, according to a 2017 holiday shopping survey by Socratic Technologies and Vantiv. Holiday consumers also planned to buy an average of 4 last year, according to the National Retail Federation.

Whether you already have a gift card program or are thinking about including the choice, here are seven methods they can grow your retail business and your followers. Continue reading →

Social media—nearly like water (or air) for digital marketing.

It’s required, yes. However, let’s be real and responsible and reasonable and clever about all of it.

Many aren’t (Ok, me too at times).

However, for the audience’s sake… please replace bad practices with good ones. So you could turn readers on, not off.

Here are things that you need to stop doing on social, with things to begin (or keep) doing. Continue reading →

Natural social attain continues to decline, due to a rising variety of companies becoming a member of the social media fray, and algorithm updates that favor mates over companies. So, many corporations — realizing that a publisher might solely attain 1 percent of their entire audience — make use of a method to repost outdated but vital content material to succeed in extra individuals. Get essentially the most bang for his or her buck, so to talk.

However, even if you do keep in mind to recycle content material to your social media accounts (it is okay, forgetfulness is unquestionably a factor in entrepreneurship), it takes up loads of time. It’s important to schedule these posts to completely different accounts, hold these posts in a spreadsheet someplace which you could entry later, after which reopen that file to reschedule them as soon as once more — again and again.

Fortunately, there are tools that automate social media posts, in order that necessary, evergreen content material items get printed on a recurring schedule without extra work from you or your group. You’ll be able to publish the same article as soon as each month, or a graphic about a recurring low cost particular as soon as every two months, and you’ll solely schedule it as soon as with an automation software.

Right here’s a take a look at just a few Tools for Automating and Recycling Social Media Posts to think about: Continue reading →

Soon after you make your first sale, you’re guaranteed to have a buyer with a question or an issue they need help solving. The tricky part is deciding where you’ll meet your clients and the way you’ll support them if you get there. When beginning out, some support channels for your business are manageable without the need for additional tools or process. Arrange an email address. Reserve an enterprise phone number. Create social media accounts. Now, you can now accept incoming messages through email, phone, and social without including any tools to your repertoire.

But your incoming customer support workload will eventually develop, and your team could develop with it. At that point, you’ll need a deliberate strategy, and a more potent set of tools, to make sure you maintain your support standards high and your response times reasonably low. Let’s run via the most common support channels for your business, tips for getting began on them, and the tools to consider using to make it simpler to handle along the way. Continue reading →