The rising significance of Facebook Messenger for business becomes even clearer if you look at messaging in the context of overall social network usage trends. The user base of messaging apps has now outgrown that of social networks. According to Business Insider, the top 4 messaging apps have a mixed 500 million more monthly active users than the top 4 social networks.

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Would you ignore a channel with 1 billion active users every month? In case your brand isn’t currently utilizing Facebook Messenger for business, that’s exactly what you are doing.

When you consider messaging apps are just for personal communications, think about this: Nielsen’s Facebook Messaging Survey showed that messaging ranked second out of 9 potential modes of communication with business and that 53 % of people are more likely to shop with a business they could message directly.

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When somebody visits your Facebook page, the first thing they see is a big splash picture taking up nearly a quarter of the screen: your Facebook cover photo. That is your profile’s headline, an enormous, bold banner picture that introduces your brand to potential Fb followers.

You could feature a lot in your Facebook cover photo: photos of your product or team, adverts, and promotions, or even something as simple as a graphic that sets the right mood. A great cover photo could lead to increased engagement, whether that’s more page likes or boosted traffic to your site or other social channels.

So, how do you make Facebook cover photos—and get the most out of them?

This post will go over everything you should know about Facebook cover photos, from the ideal Facebook cover photo size to choosing attention-grabbing photos—or videos!—that set the right tone and convince people to interact with your page.

Let’s begin with the basics: ensuring your picture fits the Facebook cover photo size guidelines (and their other guidelines, too). Continue reading →

Facebook lead ads are essentially promoted forms. These types allow marketers to capture details from customers while providing chances to connect, such as newsletter subscriptions, demo requests, or contest registration.

When somebody clicks on a lead advert, they presented with a form that’s pre-populated with info from their Facebook profile. The rest could be completed in a couple of simple taps.

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Facebook lead adverts could accomplish a variety of advertising and marketing objectives, however, they are greatest at helping with one of marketing’s golden rules: Know thy audience.

Many marketers suppose they know their audience, however, often confuse buyer data with customer analytics. In a mostly online ecosystem, it’s simple to forget that sometimes the best way to learn about customers is to just ask questions. That is exactly what Facebook lead adverts (sometimes known as Facebook lead forms) do.

In case your objectives embody market research, customer feedback, or even growing conversions, Facebook lead adverts could be the right solution. This guide will answer all your questions about the advert format, including how to create a campaign and how to optimize for success. Continue reading →

The Facebook Relevance score is no more. In March 2019, the social media firm announced plans to abandon the single-score method and replace it with 3 new and improved metrics.

Those “more granular relevance diagnostics” are already being phased in, and will be firmly in place by April 30, 2019.

Is this change applies to you? When you advertise on Facebook, the answer is yes. Moreover, it’s in every advertiser’s greatest interest to reach their target market.

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Facebook Marketplace is an online shopping channel. It’s a place for Facebook users to buy and sell from each other locally.

As of May 2018, Marketplace is used in more than 70 different countries by more than 800 million people each month.

So, how to use Facebook Marketplace for your business?

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Facebook Marketplace was introduced in 2016 as a place for people to purchase and sell within their communities. Think Craigslist, but with Messenger.

However, plans to incorporate more brands into the platform mean that huge changes are underway. In June 2018, Facebook announced the option for companies to place adverts in Marketplace. And soon Facebook will add more B2C options to the C2C platform.

In other words, think Amazon with a hyper-targeting algorithm.

So, how does Facebook Marketplace work exactly? And what could companies do to prepare? Read on to learn which functions are available at present. Continue reading →

Getting verified on Facebook is an effective way to establish brand credibility online. Both big brands and local companies could be verified on the platform. The blue or gray verified badge lets your audience know you are authentic and helps your page show up higher in search outcomes so potential customers could simply find your business.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Which Facebook verification badge is right for your enterprise
  • Greatest practices that will make sure your enterprise gets verified
  • How to apply for a verified badge

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