We had a great experience with Build My Plays. This is a great service for brand new companies to build their first network because the followers are genuine, and they interact often. Thanks for helping us get off the ground!

I’ve used this service to support my Soundcloud page and the product is delivered as described and quickly. I’ve used this service a handful of times and have only had one issue – potentially due to my own error – but customer service resolved my issue immediately and at no charge. So, the service is good and so is the assistance. I highly recommend.

I’m usually sketchy with these types of services but thought I’d try it out for a first time and I was beyond satisfied! Delivery was on schedule and I did not expect the followers to come in that fast! Will definitely only buy from here and recommend you do as well!

The happiest day ever in my music career was when I first encountered Build My Plays. This social company brought my music career from nothing to something and they elevated me from zero to hero. Now I have so much confidence making full time music because Build My Plays is always available to push my music to a large audience worldwide.

I have used this service several times and never had an issue. The views were always high retention for the YouTube service. While I never buy followers or subscribers, views can be used to launch a small channel into the YouTube algorithm and that is exactly what I did. Simply buying views does not take the hard work away! Keep that in mind.

Use it sparingly, but overall I have no complaints about this company!

I was skeptical at first because there’s so many websites out there that offer the same services. But I gave BMP a shot, and I am impressed with their customer service and the quality of their service. Yes their a bit pricey and that’s because for a reason. Ever since then I always use there service and nobody else. Hopefully this review clears out people’s hesitation.