5 Dos to get more SoundCloud Plays!

SoundCloud is probably the most exciting opportunity for musicians to enhance their exposure, discover new fans, and even get found. Getting more SoundCloud plays will not be, however, so simple as uploading some tracks and letting the magic occur. You must work for them, and you must have a great plan to get more SoundCloud plays.

This article will start off by looking at the things you are able to do to begin getting more SoundCloud plays. They’ll be apparent after getting them finished, however you possibly can’t skip them! We’ll then take a look at what you shouldnt do if getting more SoundCloud plays is your aim!

1. Getting your SoundCloud profile looking right

Step one in getting more SoundCloud plays doesn’t have something to do with the music – it has to do along with your look. Your SoundCloud profile must have an amazing looking profile that immediately says to people “Hey, this is our band and we’re able to melt your hearts/faces off/preconceived ideas of modern living.”


Listed here are the ‘looks’ that you simply’ll wish to look into to start getting more SoundCloud plays:

  • An ideally sized profile image shall be 300 x 300 pixels – SoundCloud will scale it all the way down to 200 x 200. Resize your greatest picture so it matches this without being stretched. Attempt to make the image something that people will recognize immediately – faces of band members, or the current album cover – so that you begin building recognition.
  • Upgrade to a Pro or Unlimited plan in an effort to add a header picture. You can be a bit more playful with this picture if in case you have a great profile picture already, artists often use this to talk more about their current album, and this links to the iTunes. Maintain the text close to the center as this picture adjusts to display size and might cut off the appropriate edges of the picture on small screens.
  • Your username and URL is another ‘look’ that must be right. If people take a look at your username or URL and suppose you’re another person, you’re not looking right at all. These two may be changed individually later on from the settings web page, however you should plan to get them proper from the beginning. Attempt to match your username from Twitter or different social platforms in order that things look like they lining up.

Take the time to set all three of those up before you even begin uploading tracks. Your look is important whenever you need to start getting more SoundCloud plays!

2. Links, Links, LINKS

Go into the Advanced Settings tab and begin adding links to your:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr


This helps you in your objective of getting more SoundCloud plays by capturing potential new followers in as some ways as possible. Perhaps they don’t need to follow you on SoundCloud, but when they dig your tracks they may comply with you on one of the above social platforms and they’ll come again and take heed to you once more.

Don’t neglect a link to your label and private website as nicely. These don’t accomplish that a lot for getting more SoundCloud plays as they assist improve people’s understanding of where you fit into the music world.

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3. Use Highlight to shine a spotlight on your new track


You followed my recommendation above and upgraded your account, right? Good, I like being listened to as much as your band loves being listened too. *Insert canned laughter*

When you have got a Professional or Limitless account with SoundCloud you’re in a position to get more SoundCloud plays as a result of how your newest tracks seem at the top of your profile. Nobody desires to come by and see the identical old stale tracks again and again – particularly once they know you’ve had something new cooking!

4. Start getting social

No, I’m not speaking about being the obnoxious guy who goes onto different people’s tracks and says half-hearted “this track is great, it seems like ours so follow us!” because nobody likes that guy.

You’ll begin getting more SoundCloud plays whenever you follow different artists, genuinely have interaction with them (collabo time, anyone?), follow your label and chime in after they point out your band a tour you’re involved with, and join along with your fans.

This final point, about talking together with your fans, is a vital once you first begin on SoundCloud. Once you get BIG, they’ll understand if you happen to don’t write back to each comment. However they’ll always remember once you wrote to them back when you were still struggling.

5. Start your account off quickly with a SoundCloud plays service

It might be a controversial subject, however buying a few SoundCloud plays from us to start out your account is a more frequent practice then chances are you’ll know. Don’t think of it as shopping for followers, think of it as a method to get over the awkward hump of your brand new account having no plays, and this massive fat ZERO scaring people away.


The reality is, the most important labels are doing this in a HUGE way on music video channels, that is your small step to level the taking part in field slightly. The key labels are paying for plays on MTV, however there’s nothing illegal at all about buying a couple of plays to get your account moving. Give it a try!

Read more: How to get SoundCloud Plays Quickly, Cheaply and Easily

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