7 Most Effective Ways To Get More Listeners on SoundCloud

Last Updated on March 27th, 2016 at 10:55 pm

For an artist, an effective platform to improve  your exposure and get more followers is SoundCloud . Having grown up to over 175 million users, this platform is used by many artists, as an excellent marketing tool. The importance factor that made SoundCloud success is attracting a continuing number of listeners, because more listeners will lead to more exposure and better visibility. Attracting a large community of SoundCloud users, certainly, is simplier said than done. To get more plays on SoundCloud and increase your odds at success among rebust competitiors in music industry, make sure to follow seven tips below:

1. Use SoundCloud Ads

You may advertise your music with SoundCloud to enlarge your exposure. SoundCloud Ads, which is also called Promoted Tracks, can be bought by artists and contain a mixture of services such as display advertising on mobile, a radio-style audio ads, and native advertising. Millions of artist have succeed by using this way.

However, ads is not cheap. Very expensive. A SoundCloud advertised track campaign can cost you even tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore, this way is sometimes unaffordable for most new and upcoming artist.


2. Post On Music Forums

In order to get more plays on SoundCloud, you must spread the word about your SoundCloud profile. The simpliest method to do this is uploading links to your profile on related forums. There are bunches of forums dedicated only to music, and music fans usually use them to seek for new artists. Spend time researching to explore the most relevant forums in your niche, then begin posting!

3. Buy SoundCloud Plays

soundcloud-plays-300x300Noone can deny that: In a hyper-competitive music industry, your music meets many difficulties to be heard. To increase your exposure on SoundCloud, it is important that people are playing your songs frequently. The more plays you get, the more popular you are. If you don’t know how to attract listeners, Buy SoundCloud plays is an useful method. There is a wide range of services which provide SoundCloud plays, and before deciding which ones to choose, you need to do your research before making a purchase. 

With BuildMyPlays, you just need to pay $8 for 1K plays on your track.


4. Use Sponsored Tweets / Mentions

To get more plays on SoundCloud, tweeting links to your SoundCloud tracks brings certain advantages.  However, it sometimes limits you to your current fans. Using sponsored mentions even can help you to gain even more visibility for your music. By using sponsored mentions, you can be recommend by popular influencers to their massive following.

This gets a large amount of targeted audience organically and fast. Sponsored mention campaign can cost you from $40 to several thousand, up to the size and scale.

5. Make A Music Video

Songs are good, but it is even better to make music videos. Customers’ want for video content is increasing quickly. To share your music videos on social media platforms with a link to your SoundCloud profile seems to be a smart promotion strategy.Analysis acknowledges that video content gets better interaction than any other content on the Internet. Creating a music video can bring your fans visuals s so that they will remember your music better.

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6. Use Facebook Ads

Spreading songs on Facebook is a good way to get more followers on SoundCloud. Like promoting your SoundCloud content by promoted tweets, Facebook Ads is also an effective tool you can consider. That helps you increase the exposure of your Facebook posts, which may lead to more followers.

7. Leave Comments On Relevant SoundCloud Tracks

It’s good for you to find and create a relationship with other artists within your niche. The simplest way you can do is commenting on their SoundCloud tracks. you will not only have new relationships but also improve your popularity  within the SoundCloud community, strengthening your exposure to future followers. However, the most important thing here is that just high-quality comments drive results. You should express genuine interest and leave comments which are constructive and useful.


The bottom line? In order to get more listeners on SoundCloud, using a multifaced approach is the best thing you can do. Utilize marketing tactics, such as Facebook ads, purchasing plays, and sponsored tweets, along with other tactics, such as be active in related music forums and commenting on related SoundCloud tracks. Spending both a lot of time and a bit of money on SoundCloud, you will certainly get more followers on SoundCloud!


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