How To Hide Your Instagram Online Status (2024 Guide)

How To Hide Your Instagram Online Status

Welcome to the 2024 Guide on How to Hide Your Instagram Online Status!

Today, privacy is important when using Instagram. This guide will show you how to hide when you’re online or active on the app. You’ll learn how to control who sees your activity.

By the end of this guide, you’ll know how to use Instagram privately and decide when you want people to know if you’re online. Let’s get started on managing your Instagram privacy!

How to hide your Instagram activity or online status

Hiding your online status on Instagram is easy, but it has some downsides. Don’t worry, though; you can turn it back on by following these steps if you change your mind.

When you hide your online status, you can’t see if your friends are online either. So, if you’ve hidden your status but want to check if your friends are online, you won’t be able to; their little green dots will disappear from your screen. If you were planning to secretly look at someone’s profile, you won’t be able to do that without letting others know you’re online.

If you want to hide your online status, here’s how to do it:

How to change the visibility of your activity status:

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