Learn To Improve Your Music Roll-out Strategy

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Nobody like feeling unprepared for a significant task, let’s face it. The secret to a successful release plan, or roll-out, is to achieve a balance between thoughtfulness and adaptability. A strategy is necessary for success, but positive initial outcomes may require you to decide between sticking with your plan and changing it in response to new information. When things aren’t going according to plan, it could be tempting to leave. So how can you improve your music roll-out strategy? Following the instructions of your fans is always to your best benefit, according to industry professionals. In other words, let your audience define your strategy.

A Roll-out

A roll-out is a strategy for your music release that describes how to engage with your current audience while also expanding to new ones.

It is a thorough planning document that lists all the progress related to the artist’s release along with due dates for each step.

Why is a release strategy important?

Your release will be in the best possible position to get the required results if you have a solid roll-out strategy. You have the chance to set specific goals for your release in advance with your roll-out strategy. It should include both long-term and short-term objectives that fit your budget and phase of artist development. The ultimate goal of your plan should be to show continued growth as you improve with each release. This involves picturing what success can or should look like and planning ahead appropriately.

Tips to plan your release strategy


Music Roll-out Strategy

1. Test content to see what fans think

Social media is important in early push planning. Play teasers and snippets for upcoming or recently released content. Discover what your fans are drawn to, and give them the chance to drive your campaign.

2. Introduce your story to your audience

Being transparent and vulnerable online is difficult. Aspired lifestyles can draw followers, but it’s challenging to develop a loyal fan base without being relatable.

Artists are utilizing their music in many ways as their own social media platforms. It’s how they keep their followers informed about their stage and goings-on.

3. Fans are also A&Rs.

Fans also influence the music’s direction in addition to the content.

The musicians who are expanding the fastest nowadays are establishing their community while also improving their sound.

Play around with your production strategy and respond to the feedback your expanding fan base gives. Your goal is to make more of the types of music that they prefer.

4. Use a “Waterfall Strategy” as Actionable Advice

The ‘Waterfall’ music release method is a hybrid between the release of singles and the release of the entire project.

It enables musicians to take advantage of the single-release cadence while increasing stream counts for a traditional album or EP.

While overall stream numbers are carried over to the newest release page, the most recent releases feed streams into the series’ earlier releases.

The preceding song in your catalog automatically streams when a user attempts to listen to your most recent release.

On streaming platforms, it appears as an ever-updating playlist.


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