In a world of sharing constant information, the line between social media PR and marketing is often blurred. It’s no doubt that they are two different types of consumer engagement. However, there is also a fine line between an engaging social media marketing campaign and a successful PR campaign. In another word, these activities collaboratively complement each other, but cannot be considered the same thing.

In this guide, we will go through what social media PR is, and how it’s different from social media marketing. Then you will know how it can help your Instagram marketing. Let’s dive in!

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Instagram has launched a new, full-screen home feed that includes more suggested Reels. Its design is to make it easier for users to discover and watch Reels, the short-form video format that has become increasingly popular on the platform. The new home feed will be rolling out to all users in the coming weeks.

The full-screen home feed will replace the current grid layout. The new layout puts Reels front and center, with a suggested Reel appearing at the top of the feed when users open the app. Users can also swipe left or right to browse through other suggested Reels.

Instagram has been working to boost the visibility of Reels in recent months. In September, the company launched a dedicated space for Reels on Explore, and earlier this month, it began testing a feature that would allow users to watch Reels without leaving their feed. The new home feed is another step in Instagram’s efforts to make Reels more discoverable and easy to watch.

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With Instagram Shop, brands can curate a list of shoppable products that are straight accessible via their Instagram profile. This makes it simpler to sell on the app and be discovered by potential customers too. Do you want to set up an Instagram Shop and start driving sales? Here’s everything you should know.

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Instagram has always been a great platform for sharing photos and videos. In recent years, Instagram has made several updates to its video capabilities. If you want to get the most out of Instagram in 2022, you need to know about all the different ways you can share videos on the platform. This post will cover everything you need to know about Instagram videos in 2022. We’ll discuss the different types of Instagram videos, video sizes, and video lengths. We’ll also provide tips on making your videos stand out from the crowd.

In this first part of the complete guide, let’s go through all the types of Instagram videos that you should know in 2022.

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Every June, queer people all around the world commemorate and celebrate Pride Month, a time for the LGBTQIA+ community to be proud of who they are, celebrate their achievements, and reflect on their past and present hardships; and it’s also the time when many brands use social media to celebrate Pride Month.

Pride Month is also a time for allies — both corporate and individual — to come out in support of the LGBT community, and one method to do so is through the use of social media.

It allows companies and small businesses to promote awareness about the value of Pride. It also helps assist the community and nurture lasting change.

Continue reading if you’re seeking practical methods to show up and celebrate Pride on social media.

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