NI Kontakt is one of the most popular sampling VSTs available out there. It’s so regular that many users and third-party companies have customized thousands of sounds for it. These Kontakt libraries are one of the largest draws on the platform.

However, with so many third-party instruments out there, which Kontakt libraries are worth using? How do they work and what should you do to use them?

In this article, we’ll explain the basics and give you the top 7 great Kontakt libraries to create new and thrilling sounds.

Let’s get started.

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Producers the world over have to choose between two powerful digital audio workstations (DAWs) in Logic Pro X and Ableton Live when they’re ready to upgrade their software, but how do you know which one will be right for you? The choice might not be so clear-cut after all! If you’re still not sure which DAW to go with, check out this comparison of Logic vs Ableton.

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Musical burnout is actual.

For a lot of musicians, it may be a career killer if not managed in the right way.

It could damage on a personal level to unexpectedly lose all ardor for something that you were so beforehand enveloped in.

Burnout is among the greatest explanation why artists do not get to the place they want to be.

So, what is musical burnout, and how to deal with it? Let’s find out the answer to this question in this guide.

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If you’re new to songwriting, it may seem like there’s no method to know how to write great song lyrics.

Writing lyrics is the most difficult part of the process for a lot of songwriters, but you don’t have to be a skilled lyricist to write down song lyrics that work for your music.

Actually, with a couple of basic lyrics writing ideas and an open mind, you will get started without any prior knowledge or experience.

Here is how to write song lyrics in 5 steps.

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In the studio, and especially in hip-hop circles, it’s not uncommon to see many producers working behind the scenes to support an artist to make the perfect sound yet. This behind-the-scenes talent is famous for the ghost producer — not quite invisible. However, acting as a phantom, pulling strings to let an entire music production come together.

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