Phase problems can ruin your mix’s clarity and impact. They often occur when you record with multiple microphones. Correcting severe issues is crucial if they harm your mix. But even if your sounds aren’t way out of phase, improving track alignment can help a lot. Want to adjust your tracks’ phase relationships? Consider using phase alignment plugins. In this guide, I’ll introduce the top 7 phase alignment plugins, covering various budget options.

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It is obvious that when producing any type of sample-based music, having access to thousands of royalty-free recordings of synths, drumming, sound effects, vocals, and whatever else you need is crucial. However, not every sample library is made equally. The fact is, the type of library that best matches your needs depends on what kind of producer you are. Then, we’ll look at a few different types of sample libraries in this article and explain how to use them.

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Music producers enjoy working in motivating environments. For this reason, it’s crucial to make an effort to decorate your home studio with cool furniture, lighting, and artwork. If you use Serum, you can quickly alter the synth’s appearance with a custom skin that fits your preferences, aesthetic, and workflow. In this article, you’ll find out how to customize your DAW look with Serum custom skins, and we’ll also reveal some good sources for getting free ones.

We’ll also quickly go over what you’ll need to create your own Serum skins.

Let’s get going!

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Whether you’re a musician, music lover, or just looking for something to listen to, Soundcloud has been one of the most popular options for streaming music online. However, as with all things, nothing lasts forever. And in this case, it seems that Soundcloud may be on its way out. The company has been experiencing financial trouble and has been forced to lay off staff and make other cuts to stay afloat. So what does this mean for users? Well, Soundcloud may soon shut down completely. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are 10+ Soundcloud alternatives 2022 that you can use instead!

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Do you love making music?

Do you want to learn how to have a musical conversation with someone else?

If so, this is the blog post for you! In today’s post, we will teach you all about call and response.

This is a fundamental concept in music that allows two or more people to communicate musically with each other.

We will give you some tips on getting started and show you examples of call and response in action. Let’s get started!

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In music theory, it’s critical to understand the tritone musical theory.

Although it appears in some of the most basic chords and scales, some musicians want to steer clear of its tense, grating tone.

But what exactly is a tritone? Where do artists most frequently use it, and what does it sound like?

In this piece, we’ll outline the fundamentals of tritone intervals and explain why they’re contentious.

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Although the phrase “transposition” may seem arcane in music theory, it is a fundamental ability that every musician should be familiar with and know how to transpose a song in music.

In truth, samples and cover songs are just two musical contexts where the idea of transposition is present.

But if you’re just starting started, transposing a tune or melody can be tricky.

We’ll explain the meaning of the phrase in detail and demonstrate the simplest methods for transposing any musical fragment in this article.

Let’s start now.

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Simon Cowell, the music mogul, recently parted ways with Little Mix, the girl group he supported and signed after they won the X Factor in 2011. The stated reason? He had a falling out with their management company, Modest Management, over the songwriting splits on their single “Woman Like Me.”

Some may think it’s a drastic move over a minor issue, but such fallouts are more common than ever before, especially given the exponential growth in the number of credited songwriters on today’s big hits.

Splits are the concept that leads to songwriting crediting headaches like these.

And every songwriter and musician who distributes their music should understand what they are and why they are important. It will save you a lot of trouble later on.

However, splits are not always straightforward. So, to help you understand splits better, here’s everything you need to know.

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