How to Use the Top Five Royalty-Free Sample Libraries

It is obvious that when producing any type of sample-based music, having access to thousands of royalty-free recordings of synths, drumming, sound effects, vocals, and whatever else you need is crucial. However, not every sample library is made equally. The fact is, the type of library that best matches your needs depends on what kind of producer you are. Then, we’ll look at a few different types of sample libraries in this article and explain how to use them.

A Sample Library

At its core, a sample library is a collection of recorded sounds—instruments, vocals, synths, sound effects, and field recordings. They are for use in the creation of music and videos. Since these sampled sounds are frequently free of royalties, producers and artists are free to utilize them anyway they see suitable.

5 Best Sample Libraries out there

1. IK Multimedia SampleTank

The most outstanding sample library plugin at the moment may be IK Multimedia SampleTank. You may add any instrumentation you want to your music because it comes with hundreds of instruments. The amount of choices this plugin offers is amazing. From the most unusual percussion instruments to a flawlessly recorded grand piano and beyond, you’ll discover everything you need.

2. Native Instruments Kontakt

Without the legendary plugin from Native Instruments, Kontakt, no list of sample libraries is complete. IK Multimedia Sample Tank is comparable to Kontakt, but Kontakt is distinct because it works as a loader for Kontakt sample libraries. The main Kontakt library, NI Komplete, offers a wide variety of sample-based instruments as well as several customizability options. Additionally, there is an option to load unique samples created by third-party developers. If you’re looking for a professional option, Kontakt is the original sample-based instrument library, so give it a try.

3. LANDR Samples

One of the largest online sample marketplaces, LANDR Samples, has a library of more than two million unique samples. Everything is available on LANDR Samples, including vocals, loops, drums, 808s, guitar, SFX, and more. In addition, it also include a free companion plugin. You can purchase LANDR Samples through a number of plans, or get some free samples to check out for yourself.

4. LANDR Chromatic

Chromatic is one of the most recent loop-based plugins to enter the sample library market. By putting together loops that are simple to play and modify, Chromatic puts an emphasis on curation and simplicity. The professionally produced loops are made to stack up and encourage quick bursts of creativity. It does not require users to be familiar with music theory and play the sample-based instrument like a real instrument. It’s a totally new and enjoyable approach to quickly finding inspiration while producing in the studio.

5. Spitfire LABS

Spitfire LABS is a must-have if you’re seeking a powerful and entirely free sample-based plugin. This amazing collection of sample libraries includes some really intriguing instruments and is absolutely free. Spitfire is continually adding new libraries to LABS. Download the Spitfire app and return frequently to find fresh, creative, and inspiring sample libraries.

The choice is yours

It’s amazing how much inspiration and material are available to producers. What you decide on instead will depend on your requirements and preferred way of composing tracks. Choose a sample library, then begin writing your next masterpiece!

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