Releasing an album is an important and special moment. However, promoting a release can be a bit more complicated—especially because promotion campaigns are completely different from the practice of creating music. Luckily, streaming services provide some useful tools to get your audience excited about your new release. Right now, one of the best strategies to promote an upcoming release is with a pre-save campaign. If you haven’t heard of this type of promotion tactic, we’ll unpack everything you need to know about running a Spotify pre-save campaign.

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House music brings the dance floor to life, it makes any room feel like there’s a party happening—even if you’re completely alone.

It’s a special genre to enjoy and it’s even more fun to create!

House is a sample-based genre in some ways, so it’s no surprise that there are lots of great house samples out there to use royalty-free.

Here are the ten greatest house sample packs we think are worth your attention.

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The music industry has been in a state of speedy change for the past few decades.

What began as a move from analog to digital media has to turn out to be a total paradigm shift in how listeners interact with music.

However, the systems that assist artists and industry pros and help them get credit for their work have been slow to catch up.

That’s the reason why the US government has implemented new legislation called the Music Modernization Act (MMA) to help the industry.

It sounds promising, however, what is the MMA? Why was it essential and how does it affect your music?

In this article, we’ll break down everything you should know in regards to the Music Modernization Act.

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Once you think of spending your advertising and marketing dollars, Spotify probably doesn’t come foremost in your mind. And yet, you may need considered radio, a very traditional marketing medium. You might even think about spending a few of your online marketing dollars on YouTube. Here in this post, we show you a complete guide to advertise on Spotify.

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A while ago an article about a website promising a free money scheme popped into my inbox.

The point of the scheme was to get an AI to make an album with royalty-free samples that you could upload to Spotify in your name.

The website pointed out that you may distribute your album to Spotify and play it in the background 24/7 to collect streaming payments.

Sounds great, right?

Questionable makes use of Spotify like this take away from the already small pool of money available to artists that distribute their music on Spotify.

Now, using an AI to write an album for you with royalty-free samples so you’ll be able to distribute it and personally stream it to earn money is definitely a grey area—and it’s pretty silly.

But similar schemes that promise to improve your stream counts on Spotify are much more dangerous—and they hurt developing artists more than you might think.

To keep your tracks safe on Spotify and other streaming websites, here’s how you can protect yourself from fake streams.

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Free plugins are one of the greatest things about being a music producer in 2021. High-quality music production tools have never been more accessible for the average musician. However, with more freeware plugins showing up on the scene daily, understanding which ones work for your music production isn’t easy. That’s why we’re introducing you to the most useful and creative free music plugins in this article.

Creative developers will never stop releasing amazing tools for music production.

Plugins like EQcompressionreverb, and synths have been around forever, however, there’s always a fresh new take on the core concepts to discover.

This month we take a look at some extraordinary approaches to plugin design that you’ll need to download right away.

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