You’ve missed something?! 5 Donts to get more SoundCloud Plays!

The previous article started off by looking at the things you are able to do to begin getting more SoundCloud plays. They’ll be apparent after getting them finished, however you possibly can’t skip them! And now we’ll then take a look at what you should NOT do if getting more SoundCloud plays is your aim!

1. Don’t: Forget the music!

Seem obvious? It isn’t. Too many bands upload their scratch tracks, B-sides, and lazy demos to SoundCloud and assume that they’ve done enough to get plays on SoundCloud. Wrong. Your followers can discover your actual music in any variety of methods, wouldn’t you rather control that by having some, however not all, of your best music getting you more SoundCloud plays?


2. Don’t: Forget to add a bio and make contact with details

In case your bio is blank you’re leaving out the people who wish to know more about you. Keep in mind sitting round reading the tales of how your favourite bands met and formed? Nothing has changed, fans still want that info, but they search for it in your SoundCloud profile now – not on the album sleeve.


3. Don’t: Neglect including relevant genres

Many followers enter general key phrases of their searches to search out bands. They’ll enter “Hop Hop” and browse till something catches their ear/eye. This also relates to the ‘Explore’ section of SoundCloud. You’ll start getting more SoundCloud play once you show up in the appropriate genre section. People are going right here to find music they wish to LOVE – allow them to discover you by giving your band the right genre labels.


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4. Don’t: Neglect these URLs

Your fans can discover you on many alternative channels, neglecting to include them on SoundCloud, and people different social channels, can critically hamper your objective of getting more SoundCloud plays. Embody linking URLs to your SoundCloud from your website, blogs, in your artist bio for interviews, and anyplace else a link matches.


5. Don’t: Set it up and walk away

SoundCloud isn’t a radio station, it’s a social media platform with music. A page that’s regularly engaged with attracts more attention, and creates a community. Fans not need to really feel connected to you through your lyrics, they’ll now actually connect with you!

There are over 250 million SoundCloud users, don’t ignore them by establishing an important account that you just don’t pay attention to. You don’t have to log in each single day, once a week needs to be sufficient.

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