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5. How to Style a Blazer 3 Ways

In this short, sweet Instagram video, verified style influencer @PreviewPH shows off 3 ways to style a blazer from ForMe. This video is good for those who are excited about trying out new fashions however do not exactly know how to wear items or accessories. In this video, she demonstrates 3 ways of wearing a blazer, which can accommodate the fashion styles of three different folks.

Takeaway for entrepreneurs: How-to movies will be an effective way to show off how a product works and how it may be used. This kind of video is clearly promoting one particular blazer and brand, however, it’s more useful than a standard advert because it shows potential buyers how they could wear it. If people who are hesitant about a new fashion style see this how-to video, they may feel more confident in their purchase.

6. How to Asana: Planning with Asana calendar

Asana cleverly brands its how-to video series as “How to Asana,” and all the videos in the series feature a consistent theme. All the videos in this series are under two minutes in length, are hosted by the same person, and feature an eye-popping yellow background. The meat of the video consists of a screencast of somebody utilizing the Asana calendar tool, however, these branding details bring life to what would otherwise be a rather boring video.

Takeaway for marketers: When you are excited about making a how-to video series, take more time to make it memorable and recognizable. These efforts will make videos look more skilled and will make viewers want to keep tuning in for more useful videos if they know they could expect more.

7. How to Create an Animated GIF in Photoshop

Who else here love GIFs? That is right — everybody loves GIFs.

However, before I watched the video above, I had no idea how simple it was to make my own. That is the ideal reaction to a how-to video, by the way — “that was really easy.”

Adobe’s how-to video is a good example of a software demonstration video because it zooms in on only the necessary info. Instead of confusing the viewer by showing the entire Photoshop interface, the video features magnified animations of only the buttons and tools they should accomplish the task at hand.

Takeaway for marketers: When you are making a technology demonstration how-to video, think about the way it will appear to any first-time product users watching. Try to decrease any confusion by only filming elements of the technology needed for your video so viewers could follow along on their devices.

8. How to Increase Your Facebook Reach and Outsmart the Algorithm

You may be hesitant to make videos to clarify a complicated subject matter, however, that can actually be the most effective medium to help your audience know something.

In this video, Megan Conley breaks down the many nuances of Fb’s News Feed algorithm in a clear and concise manner. Then, graphics, animations, and screencasts supplement what she talks about with data visualizations to make the stats and figures more memorable for the viewer. Lastly, the video ends with useful next steps viewers can take to solve the issue outlined in the video. The video is not about the way to use HubSpot software at all — it is only in the business of helping people get greater outcomes.

Takeaway for marketers: The most compelling how-to video may be one that does not mention your product at all. Think about what questions your audience may be asking and establish your brand as a thought leader with useful videos that do not finish with a sales pitch.

9. How to Fix a Chair with Noodles


This fascinating Instagram video from @Crafty.Life.Hacks shows viewers how to fix a wooden chair by replacing missing wood with instant noodles. While this video is short and easy-to-follow it’s fascinating because it teaches viewers about an alternative use for an every-day household food item.

Takeaways for marketers: This instance shows how a product could have multiple goals. While marketers will wish to make how-to videos that show the primary goal of their product, sometimes, it could still be useful to think outside of the box and show off other methods your product can be used.

For instance, when you are selling a food product, you may want to craft a recipe video that shows how it could be used as an ingredient or a DIY that shows how it could be used as a tool — like the video above.

10. How to Make Momofuku’s King Crab Noodle

In this Fb video, shared by Vice’s food blog Munchies, Chef Max Ng shows viewers how you can cook his grandmother’s King Crab Noodle recipe — which he serves at the Momofuku Ssam Bar in New York City. Though this video is on the longer side, he shows audiences an easy step-by-step cooking process that they could easily follow.

This kind of video may be a useful how-to instance for local restaurants or food publications that want to show off their favorite recipes. Promotionally, this video additionally offers some good brand awareness to Munchies and the Momofuko restaurant.

Takeaways for marketers: You could get away with videos on the longer side if they clearly describe a step-by-step process like cooking. How-to videos could also be a good source for cross-promotional content. In the instance above, Max Ng, Momofuko, and Munchies are all highlighted in an entertaining and informative method.

How to Make How-To Videos

Now that you have inspiration from real-life B2B and B2C brand videos, begin excited about how you can make useful content for your audience.

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