Booking a day in a pro studio is thrilling. Access to high-end gear and someone else to care for engineering could push your tracks to the next level.

Even when you are just taking the tracks back to your own home studio to mix your own music, it could still be an enormous step up.

However, paying for studio time could be stressful. It’s hard to feel creative when the clock is ticking on an expensive session.

Do not worry, it does not have to be scary. Plan properly and you will never need to feel anxious about working in a pro studio.

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When you are serious about making music, then you have definitely got your work cut out for you in 2019.

Between writing songsmixing your music, and music promotion, it takes an incredible amount of work to make your mark in today’s competitive music world.

It may be simple to focus purely on your work and not on taking care of yourself.

Musicians are spending more time working in front of screens than ever before. You may think your work as a musician is radically different than that of somebody who works in an office, however, you both actually face lots of the same physical and mental challenges.

Spending countless hours in front of a computer is the truth for a growing number of musicians working today. It could result in negative health impacts when you aren’t careful!

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There is nothing worse than pulling out a piece of gear for the first time in a while and discovering that it does not work anymore.

Digital music tools such as your DAW or VST plugins won’t ever need repair, however, the physical parts of your setup are all at risk.

Not taking proper care of your equipment could shorten its lifespan and cause it to need to repair more often.

However, when you learn the basics of keeping gear in good shape you will be capable of keeping your equipment out of the repair shop and ready to use in your home studio.

Listed here are 7 tips that will help you keep on top of your gear maintenance. Continue reading →

Find out some last Youtube tips and features…

20 YouTube Tips and Features You Will Want to Know About

14. You could upload and watch 360-degree videos (live and pre-recorded) — and in VR.

YouTube first introduced its support for 360-degree videos that is one of great Youtube tips and features back in March 2015, and it was a total novelty — not to point out a game-changer. Since then, brands, athletes, and other users have made some awesome 360-degree content, similar to this video from Samsung: Continue reading →

continue with some YouTube Tips and Features to support your Youtube channel

20 YouTube Tips and Features You Will Want to Know About

7. You could save videos to watch later.

Ever seen YouTube videos you wished you can bookmark for later? Maybe you are not capable of turn the sound on at the moment, or maybe you just do not have time to watch it. Well, YouTube took a page out of Facebook’s … book … by including something similar to Fb’s “Save for Later” feature. On YouTube, you could save videos to a “Watch Later” playlist which is one of the Youtube tips and features to access whenever you want. Continue reading →

When people talk about today’s most prevalent social sharing sites, YouTube usually gets left out of the conversation in favor of websites like Fb and Twitter. However, do not be fooled: YouTube has a lot of Youtube tips and features for it. Though Fb may be the biggest social networking website, YouTube has the second greatest reach after Fb when it comes to general usage. It’s also the second biggest search engine behind its parent firm, Google.

And there are a lot of cool issues you could do with YouTube. You may not know about, whether you utilize YouTube to watch videos, post them, or each. For instance, did you know YouTube has its own virtual reality (VR) setting to view any video in 360 degrees? Or that you could create a YouTube time link that brings viewers to a particular moment in the video? 

Mind-blowing stuff, people. To help you make the most out of the still very prevalent platform, we have put together a list of 20 of the lesser-known Youtube tips and features YouTube has to offer. Continue reading →

You may be wondering how your brand could possibly benefit from making a free resource for your followers. Nonetheless, there are lots of advantages to sharing mobile wallpapers with your fans.

Right here, we have three examples to make you more understand about the advantages of mobile wallpapers for your Instagram brand… Continue reading →