Business Instagram Verification Badge is a function for people to find that the notable accounts they are following or searching for are exactly who they say they are. If we find a few accounts with the same name, the Instagram badge is the way for us to determine which profile is authentic.

Every brand wants to get it to avoid ruining its audience’s trust because of fake accounts.

In this guide, let’s explore why an Instagram verification badge is vital, when you should seek verification, and how you could go about getting your Business Instagram Verification Badge. Continue reading →

TikTok which let users make short, looping videos with special effects and musical overlays, is booming with more than 1 billion users.

While Gen-Z uses this platform to show their creative side, some brands on TikTok use it to grow brand awareness, reach new younger audiences, and reveal a lighter side of themselves via funny videos and challenges that drive social media trends across different platforms.

Here, we’ll look at eight brands that nail TikTok marketing strategies with creative content that draws attention. Continue reading →

If you’re trying to your Instagram followers, you use Explore and hashtag pages to broaden your audience and reach. So it could feel more than a little disheartening when it suddenly seems like your content is not showing up anywhere.

When you feel like your posts are getting less engagement suddenly, or aren’t appearing for certain hashtags or on the Explore page, you might be shadowbanned. Here we will show you how to check Instagram shadowbanned! Continue reading →

You might wonder what is the difference between Likes and Followers and which is more important for your development. In this post, we will figure it out.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that recently has over 2.8 billion monthly active users. With this statistic, anyone who runs a business on social media needs to pay special attention to Facebook.

From the beginning of 2021, Facebook introduced the New Page experience that makes it easier for public figures and creators to grow a community and reach their business objectives.

The big change when you move to this feature is that your page will show Followers count instead of only Likes as before. Many users are still not sure about these two factors.

Before answering your questions, let’s find out about the New Page experience. Continue reading →

Can we gain 500 FB followers in a day? Absolutely yes! Just follow the guide here to know how.

Facebook is known as the most popular social network globally. The platform now is a massive community with nearly 3B daily active users. The more followers you have, the more your awareness can be improved, and the easier it is to make a living on this potential platform. Continue reading →

In 2021, Instagram said that there are over 500 million users who viewed Stories.

Since 2016, the Stories function alone has made Instagram more popular than other Story platforms including Snapchat, TikTok, and its owner’s platform: Facebook Stories.

Even when you’ve already utilized a handful of branded Stories, you probably need to up your game by creating them even more engaging. After all, Stories could bring great benefits related to engagement, brand awareness, and even conversions.

Here, we will highlight what users mentioned about their favorite Instagram Story formats to inspire your next strategies. Continue reading →