Loudness and dynamics are 2 of the most important concepts in mastering levels.

Mastering levels ensure your track is loud enough to compete in the marketplace of commercial tracks. And the largest impact of the mastering process is loudness.

It seems like there are endless arguments about loudness going on in the professional audio community. So why is loudness such a big deal?

Some say loudness is killing music, however, there is plenty of pros out there still chasing the loudest master they could get.

In this article, I’ll go through everything you should understand loudness in mastering levels. Continue reading →

Social media is a strong tool to connect your business or brand with your audience. However, posting without knowing who your audience is or what kind of content they want is like driving in the dark without headlights—unnecessary and downright dangerous.

Fortunately, Facebook has a strong and free analytics tool—Facebook Insights—that permits you to easily measure the performance of your business’s page. Insights tracks likes, page views, reach, and more. It doesn’t matter what your purposes are on Facebook— building brand awareness, communicating with clients, or gaining followers to take an action—Facebook insights will help you understand who your most engaged audience is and the way they are interacting with your page. Continue reading →

Want to get more views on YouTube?

There is no doubt the chance is there. In fact, Generation X alone watches 1.5 billion videos on YouTube ay by day. And the average audience watches more than an hour of video daily just on their mobile tool.

With numbers like that, it could be frustrating to see your own YouTube view counts remain painfully low. That is why we have made this simple guide to help you get more views on Youtube. Let’s get began. Continue reading →

Chords are the pillars that make your great songwriting. Along with rhythm and melody, harmony is one of the most basic elements of a musical composition.

The sound of your chords shows a lot about your music identity. Simple harmonic structures work just fine, however, rich chords could make a track stand out.

Including extended chords is how you bring that richness into your tracks.

In this article, I’ll teach you to build chords with extensions and show you the way to use them to take your songs beyond the triad. Continue reading →

It’s simple to get confused with Facebook advertising. From behavioral focusing on pixel tracking, Facebook provides a bewildering number of targeting options, advertising greatest practices, and advert formats.

In this article, you will learn the 5 elements of the perfect Facebook ad. I will walk you through each step. These lessons are based on things we have learned at Hootsuite running paid social advertising campaigns. Continue reading →

Soon after you make your first sale, you’re guaranteed to have a buyer with a question or an issue they need help solving. The tricky part is deciding where you’ll meet your clients and the way you’ll support them if you get there. When beginning out, some support channels for your business are manageable without the need for additional tools or process. Arrange an email address. Reserve an enterprise phone number. Create social media accounts. Now, you can now accept incoming messages through email, phone, and social without including any tools to your repertoire.

But your incoming customer support workload will eventually develop, and your team could develop with it. At that point, you’ll need a deliberate strategy, and a more potent set of tools, to make sure you maintain your support standards high and your response times reasonably low. Let’s run via the most common support channels for your business, tips for getting began on them, and the tools to consider using to make it simpler to handle along the way. Continue reading →

More than 25 million firms worldwide are already utilizing Instagram for business, and more than 200 million users visit at least one business profile day by day.

As Facebook refocuses on connecting people with content from friends family, Instagram has become “the new home for brands,” where engagement is high, followers are brand-loyal, and real enterprise objectives could be achieved.

Here’s everything you know about how you can use Instagram for business—whether you are just getting began or you simply need to refine your existing strategy. Continue reading →