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5. How to Style a Blazer 3 Ways

In this short, sweet Instagram video, verified style influencer @PreviewPH shows off 3 ways to style a blazer from ForMe. This video is good for those who are excited about trying out new fashions however do not exactly know how to wear items or accessories. In this video, she demonstrates 3 ways of wearing a blazer, which can accommodate the fashion styles of three different folks. Continue reading →

Videos are a particularly compelling method to learn how to do something online because, well, the video shows you exactly the way to do it. I am not alone here, either — Almost customers would prefer to watch a marketing video rather than seeing an advert.

So when you are among the 45% of marketers who’re including video content to their strategy this year, there can be lots of value in making videos particularly for those in your audience who’re trying to learn how to do something, too.

In this post, we will discover just how prevalent these searches are on YouTube and other platforms, and what you could learn from 10 how-to videos about how to make great teaching videos of your own. Continue reading →

Reading the symbols in a chord progression is not simple—particularly if it consists of Roman numerals. However, understanding how to read chord inversion symbols is necessary. It is the key to understanding the function of the chords in a song.

Simple Roman numerals are simple enough, however, you might have gotten stuck on an unfamiliar chord with a strange subscript number stacked up like a fraction.

If that’s the case, you will need to learn your chord inversions and figured bass symbols to keep progressing.

In this article, I will go through everything you should know to understand and read chord inversion symbols and figured bass. Continue reading →

Learning the way to improvise better on your instrument could be a bit terrifying when you stop to think about it.

As musicians, we are taught to stick within a certain set of boundaries to function.

A finger placed a centimeter off makes a buzz instead of a note on the guitar’s fretboard. Sing one note too flat or sharp and it can spoil an otherwise good musical performance. Continue reading →

Looking for a listicle to show you the way to get Instagram famous in 10 simple steps? You will not find that here.

While the life of an Instagram influencer might look simple, there is a lot more to it than latte art and filtered sunsets.

And if there is one thing to learn from the burning trash fire that was Fyre Fest, Caroline Calloway’s ghostwriter takedown, or even Millie Bobby Brown’s skincare tutorial snafu, it’s that the social currency of faking-it-until-you-make-it is just about spent.

In other words, social scams, fake followers, Instagram pods, and other hacks are not going to fly—particularly with recent changes to Instagram’s algorithm. Instead, think real talk, representation, relatability, transparency, and good old-fashioned dedication.

So what does this mean in terms of attaining Instagram fame for you or your business? We analyzed methods and rounded up advice from several top Instagram influencers to give you 17 professional ideas. Continue reading →

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5. Lena Axelsson

Bio Platform: Industry Website

When all of it comes down to it, your professional bio is no different than any other piece of persuasive copy — no matter where it lives. The common mistake that people usually make is thinking of it as its own beast, separate from other pieces of writing. If you think about it that manner, you are way more more likely to write one thing painfully uninteresting. Continue reading →

The bio is the tool that you could leverage most once you are networking.

Bottom line? People will read your professional bio. Whether they remember it, and whether it makes them really care about you, is a matter of how well you present yourself to your intended audience.

So, what do the best professional bios look like?

Below, we have curated a few of the best real professional bio examples we have ever seen on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the various sites where you may describe yourself.

Check them out, and utilize them as inspiration when crafting your own. Continue reading →

Is your professional bio as great as it could be?

Writing a bio that is readable — even conversational — is actually a really great factor. This means dropping that traditional format of listing your accomplishments like a robot and cramming as much professional-sounding jargon in there as you could. Here are some steps to help you write a professional bio. Continue reading →