As Instagram becomes one of the most wonderful platforms, many social media managers are working to find good things to post on Instagram. While people typically joke about coffee art and food photos, the truth is that with a little creativity you could get many more ideas about what to publish.

Your content on Instagram, like any other social media platform, will partly rely on who your audience is, and what your services or products are. Instagram is a gold chance to show your audience your creative side. Continue reading →

According to AdEspresso, there are nearly 1 billion active users on Instagram as of January 2020 and nearly 500 million active users day by day. The stats demonstrate the popularity of this photo-sharing platform, right?

Instagram is marvelous, we have to assume that. However, sometimes we wish Instagram allows us to schedule posts like Facebook, deeply analyze our own Instagram stats like Google Analytics or more. We used to want that either but not anymore. We found intelligent “partners” to give us a hand to manage our accounts wisely.

Ok, we won’t waste your time anymore. Let’s cover them all to get a profound effect on your Instagram! Continue reading →

Instagram engagement rate is a quantitative measure of how users engage with your content. It base on your number of followers, likes, comments, and shares. Engagement rates are typically calculated by dividing an account’s likes and comments by follower count.

Hence, Instagram engagement rates are important for Instagram brands, influencers,… the higher your engagement rate is, the more effective your content is. Right here we will show you how to increase the Instagram engagement rate. Continue reading →

Instagram now has nearly 1 billion active users as of Jan 2020. But your account has just a dozen followers. Have you ever wonder why people don’t follow you even though you try to stay up-to-date and using high-quality photos,…? I bet the answer is Yes.

Here we will show you 5 Reasons People Don’t Want to Follow You on Instagram. Keep reading and understand why you can’t gain more followers. Continue reading →

On April 10th, 2020 Instagram launched Instagram Messaging on desktop (referred to in this post simply as “Messaging”) for personal computers. We believe that this feature will enhance everyday experiences and allow new use cases for all of our desktop web users. In this post, we will find out some of its overall learnings from desktop users and dive into the engineering and experimentation that enabled Instagram to ship this product. We believe that these learnings could be applied to other services to enhance your experiences across all of your interfaces. Keep reading to deeply understand this very new feature.

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Instagram has become the favorite social platform of many — and, because of its popularity, it is one of the most major platforms for marketing opportunities.

For example, consider the fact that 80% of Instagram users have made an order based on something they found on the platform.

Moreover, folks do not just use Instagram casually, as 60% of the site’s active users visit Instagram every day.

However, for those who have never used the platform before or those who just want to take their usage to the next level, Instagram has some hidden Instagram tips, settings, hacks, search options, and comment features you need to know about.

That is why we set out to find them and list them all in one place here. Continue reading →

Instagram is the top platform for photographers, bloggers, brands,… sharing their photos recently. On the competitive platform, we all know that the travel niche is one of the toughest in terms of competition. So, what is the chance for you to stand out?

Hashtag is the gold tool to help your posts get users’ attention. The tool allows your photos to be seen by additional people not following you. If someone taps on a hashtag on a post and your posts will be shown off if they contain the hashtag. Sounds amazing, right?

Below, we’ve collected the list of the best travel Instagram hashtags to help you get more likes for your travel posts. Let’s go! Continue reading →