10 Ways to Make Your Business Instagram Friendly

Last Updated on May 29th, 2019 at 10:20 am

Make Your Business Instagram Friendly

Wondering how to attract more clients to your brick-and-mortar business? Try adding design details that can increase its Instagrammability.

When people publish images of your space on Instagram, you benefit from the free advertising and positive word of mouth. Plus, having an Instagrammable area is an asset in terms of attracting clients, particularly those who are willing to make a trek for the perfect image backdrop.

We know not every enterprise could emulate Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, which has literal giraffes hanging out with the visitors— perhaps the most Instagram-worthy concept I have ever seen.

However, there are many attainable (and affordable!) methods to make your business Instagram friendly. Here are some tried-and-true ideas from some of the platform’s most-tagged spaces.

10 methods to make your business Instagram friendly

1. Go green with followers and plants

Churchill Arms is a classic British pub in London— in that sense, there are one million other pubs similar to it. However, it is become a photo landmark because of its floral exterior:

If that’s a bit ambitious for your taste, Vancouver restaurant Botanist pulls the greenery inside in a more attainable method:

Flowers and Plants will brighten up your space and include cheerful, colorful accents for photographers looking for the perfect shot.

Worried your Instagram investment may wither and die? Fake plants look nearly as good online to make your business Instagram friendly.

2. Provide an accent wall

Often, Instagrammers are searching for a perfect backdrop for their selfie. Or the popular “holding up my food for the camera” photo:

Give them what they want with an accent wall. Select a well-lit location in your area, and add some visual excitement with a mural or bright wallpaper. Planta Toronto’s leafy wallpaper is a popular selection:

You will want to go with bright colors or patterns, as Instagrammers are searching for something that may stand out on the feed.

Neon signs are additionally prevalent on Instagram when you aren’t inspired by paint or wallpaper. Little Bean in Portland, which makes vegan non-dairy desserts, has a cheeky sign celebrating their surprise ingredient. It makes many appearances on Instagram:

3. Add a patterned floor

Instagram is really into floors. For proof, just take a look at the 800,000+ posts tagged #IHaveThisThingWithFloors.

They are ideal for a selfeet (that is a selfie of your feet), and they are also good for people who feel a bit self-conscious taking images in public. After all, nobody could tell when you re taking a photo of the floor or just looking down at your phone.

Patterned tiles are particularly popular choices if you want to improve your entire floor.

If you want more of a spot-upgrade, writing on the floor is also very Instagram-friendly. Some coffee shops have figured this out, like Reunion Island Coffee. Their apt floor message has been Instagrammed lots of instances:

So has the friendly welcome at Safehouse Coffee.

For the budget-conscious business owner, you can even try a graphic area rug or bright carpet. Be sure your floor has breathing room (do not put your greatest rug under a table) so photographers could find the best angle.

And when you are installing an accent piece, like a tiled message, ensure it gets good light to make your business Instagram friendly.

4. Don’t forget about products and packaging

The packaging is another chance to shine. To-go containers, cups, and bottles need to have an appealing and distinct look to build brand recognition.

Glossier is one brand that does packaging extremely well. The pink pouches that they use for shipping (a Millennial-hued twist on bubble wrap) have become status symbols, because of Instagram:


You could also think about particular touches for the objects you serve or merchandise you sell. La Glace serves their ice cream in slim chocolate cones that look dreamy on Instagram:


These details set your enterprise apart from opponents, online and offline.

5. Light up the room

If your enterprise has good windows or wonderful natural light, benefit from it! Ensure your most well-lit spaces are also carefully curated. Don’t crowd them with too many products or boxes that may throw shadows around and make it hard to see (and ) details.


Natural light is good, however, when you do not have it, fake it with warm and gentle lighting. No matter how beautiful your products are, if the lighting resembles a department store changing room (too harsh, too dim, or too fluorescent), nobody will want to take an Instagram Story there.

Beyond bulbs, add reflective surfaces like metal and glass to diffuse light and illuminate your enterprise from all angles. Designer Craig Stanghetta points out that lighting from below is more flattering than shadowy overhead lights. That’s a part of why Kissa Tanto, a restaurant he designed, is so Instagram photo-friendly:

6. Go all-in on a theme

This one requires a bit more commitment, however, it could really pay off. Going hard on a theme that is a signature color, temper or concept pays off with a big “wow” factor when executed well.

NYC restaurant Pietro Nolita is a perfect example. Everything in their space, from the napkins to the exterior walls, is bright pink. Their restaurant motto isn’t “Pink as F***” for nothing!

Similarly, The Standard hotel in LA boasts a buttercup yellow restaurant. It’s irresistible Instagram bait:

7. Selfie-friendly mirrors

Are you selling apparel, jewelry, or anything else people placed on their bodies? Ensure you have added mirrors for selfies to make your business Instagram friendly. Your clients will need to attempt on your products, and flattering reflections could help increase sales.

Position them to maximize natural lighting, or add warm lighting around the frame. Be sure they are massive enough for a group or full-body pictures, and ensure there is nothing unsightly in the background.

Take a tip from apparel retailer Outdoor Voices, who provides their signature hashtag #DoingThings to every store mirror. This detail offers new clients with hashtagging hints and makes it simple to identify an OV selfie.


Likewise, cosmetics firm Glossier provides a recognizable firm motto (“You Look Good”) to their store mirrors. Which means that even selfies that are not tagged with the location or account help to build brand recognition.

8. Create a lounge area

Give your products or tables breathing room by making a photogenic lounge area for your clients. It offers a place to break from shopping, or an inviting spot for patrons to take a seat (and !) their meals and drinks.

It’s additionally an alternative to conventional table-and-chair seating that provides more versatility in pictures.

Aritzia is a pro at offering thoughtful seating areas, complete with stylish furniture and reading materials. It is like being in a very hip living room where you could also spend lots of money.

Lovenote Bride in Calgary combines on-theme wall art with a chill seating space, which appears nice in pictures with or without customers.



9. Add some charm to your bathroom

Why is there always a line for the women’ room? Because if it is cute in there, people are taking selfies.

A bathroom is a really attainable space to beautify, partly because it is typically small. A bit of wallpaper, a nice mirror, and good lighting are all you want!

Grey Gardens in Toronto doesn’t even have Instagram, however, is well-represented on the platform because of many, many selfies in its gorgeous bathroom:


Bao Bei is another shining instance! There’s something about a floral wall and around, antique mirror.

10. Dress up the outside, too

So far everything I have mentioned has referred to something inside your business… however, your exterior is vital too! Draw in customers and visitors with your building’s walls or storefront display.

Not only will customers wish to step inside, but they will also want to publish an image of their visit!

There are lots of pictures on Instagram of the famous mural at Jo’s Coffee in Austin. It is even a stop on the Austin Selfie Tour (yes, that is a real tour!).

And the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs gives visitors with a mural wall that changes every year, renewing interest from returning visitors.

If a mural seems a bit ambitious (or when you do not have that much space to work with), brightening up your front door is another option. The pink doors of the June Motel provide a lovely backdrop to many pictures on Instagram.

Try one or more of the ideas above to see how your enterprise could profit from a few photogenic touches! Never underestimate the appeal of a perfect picture for drawing new and returning clients to your door.

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