11 Hidden Instagram Tips, Hacks and Features (1/2)

Last Updated on October 1st, 2020 at 3:08 pm

hidden Instagram tips

Instagram has become the favorite social platform of many — and, because of its popularity, it is one of the most major platforms for marketing opportunities.

For example, consider the fact that 80% of Instagram users have made an order based on something they found on the platform.

Moreover, folks do not just use Instagram casually, as 60% of the site’s active users visit Instagram every day.

However, for those who have never used the platform before or those who just want to take their usage to the next level, Instagram has some hidden Instagram tips, settings, hacks, search options, and comment features you need to know about.

That is why we set out to find them and list them all in one place here.

11 Hidden Instagram Tips, Hacks, and Features

1. Get notifications when your favorite people update.

You don’t want to miss an Instagram post from your favorite influencers again? You could choose to get a notification every time a particular user updates new posts. All you need to do is turn on notifications for them individually.

To turn on these functions, go to a user’s profile, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the post, click “Notifications” from the menu, and finally toggle on notifications for either posts or stories from the menu that appears.

Hidden Instagram Tipssomeone's instagram account to get notifications when influencers postHidden Instagram Tips

Instagram Account: Jen Reed @thesisterstudioig

Want to turn the functions off? Just do the same steps. It is necessary to note that you have to enable notifications from the Instagram app in your phone’s settings — here is how.

  • To turn on notifications on iPhone/iPad: Go to “Settings,” then “Notifications.” Select “Instagram” and then turn on the setting to “Allow Notifications.”
  • To turn on notifications on Android: Go to “Settings,” then select “Apps,” then “Instagram.” Choose the option to show notifications.

2. Add special fonts to your bio.

This is one of the best Instagram hidden tips that may completely make your profile stand out. You could already add emojis to the bio beneath your profile image, however, your keyboard limits your creativity right there.

Utilizing a few basic third-party sites, you could copy over some more particular fonts not often found in the Instagram community. Here is how.

To Add a Special Font by Mobile:

Add a new font to your Instagram bio through your mobile by LingoJam. Open the site on your phone, type your desired bio text in the lefthand text box, and you will see the same bio text in different fonts appear on the right.

Hidden Instagram Tips

Carry your desired font over to your bio by tapping it and choosing “Copy.” Then, open your Instagram app, navigate to your profile, choose “Edit Profile,” tap the “Bio” part, and paste your desired font into the empty area.

To Add a Special Font to on Desktop:

When you are editing your Instagram profile on your computer or desktop, Font Space has a library of fonts you could download and copy into your bio in seconds. To do so, pick a font you like and choose “Download” beneath the font’s sample picture, as shown below.

cursive font of someone's name

Downloading this font will open a folder on your desktop where you could pull a “.ttf” file that carries the assorted variations of this font. The file will look something just like the screenshot below.

copying special font to paste it into instagram

After getting this font copied to your PC’s clipboard, open your internet browser, and log onto Instagram.com. Choose “Edit Profile” and paste the font into your biofield. You could then edit the sample text that came with your font to write your new bio as you see fit.

3. See all the posts you have liked.

Ever wanted to see the posts you have given heart, all in one place? All you must do is go to your profile and choose the “Settings” button in the high right — a gear icon on iPhone/iPad, and three dots on Android — next, select “Account”, and you got it “Posts You’ve Liked” here.

someone's instagram settings to click account to find out posts you've likedsomeone's instagram settings to click account to find out posts you've liked

To un-like any of the posts you’ve given heart, simply go to the post and deselect the “heart” icon. Don’t worry — the user will not be notified that you’ve done that.

4. Optimize your Instagram bio to appear in the Explore tab.

Your friends, family, and coworkers may be your first group of Instagram followers, however, rising your audience takes more than the people who already know you. One great way to do that is to get your profile to appear in Instagram’s Explore page.

Hidden Instagram Tips

The Explore page, accessible utilizing the magnifying glass icon shown above, is a browsing page that sorts the entire Instagram community by topic and keyword. These include “Fitness,” “Style,” “Science,”…

Hashtagging your posts with these words could expose your content to the people browsing these topics, however, you could also use them in your Instagram name and bio to promote your profile.

If Jane Doe is a marketing consultant, for instance, she may need to make her Instagram name “Jane Doe Marketing,” rather than simply “Jane Doe.” Then, in her bio, she could add all of her specialties, like “SEO,” “blogging,” “email marketing,” and more.

5. Use ‘Type Mode’ to enhance your Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories is a function of Instagram that lets you post ephemeral images/videos that show up separately from your profile and only last 24 hours. It is a great feature for helping like-minded users uncover your profile on Instagram’s homepage.

However, since its starting, Stories have become quite creative, and it takes more than a pretty filter so it might be hard for you to stand out if you don’t know these hidden Instagram tips for your stories. Enter “Type Mode,” an option just like Snapchat that offers you the power to caption Stories that need extra context to resonate with someone. Follow these steps to experience it:

1. Open Instagram Stories by swiping right from your Instagram feed. It will launch your smartphone camera. Next, take a photo or video and tap the “Aa” icon in the top right corner, as shown below:

the text button on an instagram story to add text

This “Aa” icon will open Type Mode, where you have 5 fonts to select from ModernNeonTypewriterStrong, and Classic. Here is what a sample Story looks like with Modern font:

Hidden Instagram Tips

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