17 Expert Tips to Get Instagram Famous (2/2)

Last Updated on October 15th, 2019 at 10:12 am

Get Instagram Famous

Continue with some professional ideas to get Instagram famous…

10. Plan ahead

Staying organized and planning content in advance could get Instagram famous significantly more manageable.

“Planning my future posts and subjects is also a great way to put things in order and see more clearly when crisis strikes,” mentions Rivet on her blog. “It’s all about organization!”

Begin with a calendar. Understanding what’s coming up permits you to be prepared to make the most out of moments and events. It also helps you spot any gaps that might need filling and ensures that you will have enough content to post consistently (at the right time).

With posts prepared, you could benefit from time-saving tools like Hootsuite’s Instagram scheduling feature and spend more time offline.

To maintain a certain feed rhythm and aesthetic, Rivet uses UNUM, a tool that permits her to visualize posts on her profile before publishing them.

“When I have empty spots, I normally test with a few inspirations I have saved on Pinterest to see if a certain composition would fit great,” she explains.

11. Choose brand partnerships that fit

Brand partnerships are a significant source of income for Instagram influencers. And for those aspiring to get Instagram famous, they could be a source of exposure, too.

As both an influencer and a businesswoman who is worked with influencers, @ohjoy’s Joy Cho gives sharp insight into partnerships. For companies, she mentions: “Ensure you could really imagine that person using what it is you’re gonna send them.”

If an influencer passes, don’t take it personally.

The same advice holds for influencers deciding which brands to partner with. “When considering brand partnerships, you have to consider your audience and how the partnership will add or take away from your brand,” mentions Laura Izumikawa.

Don’t be afraid to say no if it isn’t a great fit. “I usually turn down brand partnerships because I don’t like the product, or it does not fit with my brand,” Izumikawa adds.

Additionally, don’t always wait for the right brand to come to you. When you see a brand that you love and you think your audience would love too, reach out to them with an expert brand pitch.

12. Don’t overdo it with sponsored content

Even when you have found the right partners, there is a limit to the amount of sponsored content an audience is willing to put up with.

“Personally, I try to keep my brand partnerships and sponsored content well spread out,” explains @LeeVosburgh, influencer and founder of Style Bee.

Too much sponsored content does not just test your audience’s patience, it can also decrease your influencer stock with brands. “When an influencer has sponsored posts back to back to back there’s a great chance they aren’t terribly discerning in terms of the brands they work with and their audience will notice too,” Vosburgh says.

13. It’s okay to define boundaries

Audiences might crave the raw, uncensored, and unfiltered side of you, however, that does not mean you must share it. Particularly if doing so makes you don’t feel comfortable. Or maybe you feel like your most authentic self when dressing to the nines, and that is ok, too.

Take it from travel and lifestyle influencer Sarah Babineau. “Just a friendly reminder that all your angles are a beautiful and valid version of you. However, you have the right to decide which ones make you feel prettier and show these ones to the world,” she mentions. “And it does not make you less of a body positivity advocate or less of a feminist to do so.”

Chest dresser-upper Rainier Jonn (@thedressedchest) makes a point to never show his face in his pictures. He even keeps the boundary clear in his Instagram story AMAs (ask me anything), offering: “Ask me anything not related to my face.”

There is no social obligation that requires you to bare your body, soul, or secrets when you aren’t up for it. The same goes for defining boundaries for personal relationships.

“My family life is private to me and I do limit what I share,” mentions Laura Izumikawa.

14. Don’t let haters get you down

Haters are always going to hate. However, that does not make it less challenging to handle bad vibes and harassment on Instagram when it occurs.

Emily Schumann, influencer and businesswoman behind the blog-turned-brand Cupcakes and Cashmere, has some words of wisdom in terms of dealing with negative people.

“Once they are constructive and from actual accounts (and not just trolls), I try to listen to what they are saying and be open-minded,” she shares in an Instagram story.

“For these comments which are simply said to be mean, I remind myself that the person is most likely projecting their own insecurities and it isn’t about me actually. Plus compassion helps,” she adds. “ Anybody who takes the time to try and hurt strangers on the Internet is probably not in a secure, content, place in their life.”

Instagram influencer and entrepreneur Myleik Teele shares a similar sentiment: “If people are checking for you they do not HATE you, they are upset with themselves since you succeeded in spite of the excuses they made for themselves,” she shares on her Instagram story.

15. Remember to disconnect sometimes

Forget “pics or it didn’t occur.” Even when you are Instagram famous, there’s life outside of Instagram. Spending some time offline could help you recharge, stay grounded, and healthy.

“I think the most vital thing is to be able to disconnect from time to time. To not be online or connected all the time. To have moments where you just enjoy and relax,” shares @parisinfourmonth’s Carin Olsson onn an Instagram story. “For me, it’s all about balance.”

16. Keep mental health top of mind

While the Instagram famous life looks glamorous, it could often be lonely. That is especially true for those who work from home or travel often.

“I know many nomads that appear to ‘have it all’ who suffer from depression and anxiety due to this lifestyle,” shares Tameika Gentles, influencer and cofounder of The Whole Experience Retreat. “I actively concentrate on my mental health while on the road, which is one of the reasons why I prioritize my health so much.”

Find time for whatever helps you stay healthy, whether it is meditation, therapy, or spending time with your family. Some of these mental health tips for social marketers may help too.

17. Don’t take yourself too seriously

So now you are ready to get Instagram famous.

But keep in mind, don’t let all of your social clout go to your head. As Sarah Jane Adams mentions, “The day you begin to believe your own bullshit is the beginning of the end.”

Becoming an influencer on Instagram is a legitimate career path and/or income generator, however, it’s necessary to keep in mind that your offline relationships and goals are necessary too.

Plus, the more you keep one foot in “real life”, the simpler it’ll be to make relatable, engaging content, and connect with your audience—who also live most of their lives offline, and do not receive instant feedback on their actions from thousands of devoted fans.

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