25 of the Best Facebook Page Apps to Give Your Business a Boost (2/2)

Last Updated on August 2nd, 2019 at 9:58 am

Facebook page apps for email integration

You could add a sign-up button to your page, however, it’ll redirect to a web page, which is great for visits, however, not essentially for conversions.

Consider these apps that add pre-populated forms to a tab in your Fb web page as a substitute.

13. MailChimp

MailChimp Facebook sign up form

If your company deploys email newsletters, be sure that there is a sign-up tab on your Fb page. When you integrate MailChimp with your page, you could create a sign-up form for new subscribers, and then promote it with adverts when you’d like to increase reach and awareness.

14. AWeber Web Form

AWeber is another option for including a newsletter sign-up tab to your Fb page. The registration form is prefilled with public Fb information, making it simpler for new fans to subscribe. Like MailChimp, AWeber permits you to add a custom tab picture and custom tab name.

Fb page apps for tabs

Create custom tabs with this Fb pages app.

15. Woobox

Why create new tabs for your Fb page? Maybe you would like to promote a new product, post community guidelines, or make a branded game.

This app gives free reign over the look and feels of the tab, without including any of its own brandings.

If growing page likes is a purpose, try the Fangate feature. It requires followers like your page to unlock the tab.

Woobox will also assist you to add Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube page tabs so you could promote your other social channels.

Facebook page apps for e-commerce

In case your Fb page doubles as a retail platform, you might want to consider these apps.

16. Shopify

Shopify Facebook page app

Developed by the online retail exerts at Shopify, this app permits you to share collections and sell products directly from your Fb page. Post galleries and shoppable images so customers could shop and purchase without having to leave Fb.

17. BigCommerce

Big Commerce Facebook page app

Same as Shopify, BigCommerce is a Fb-approved e-commerce platform that helps you run a shop from your Fb page. Through BigCommerce, brands could connect their website catalog, run targeted adverts, and discover the right customers.

Fb web page apps for promoting

Facebook’s ad capabilities could be daunting. Use these Facebook apps to make things simpler.

18. Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is technically an analytics tool, however, it’s needed to be sure you could track and goal your adverts.

With Pixel, you could set up automatic bidding, connect with particular kinds of customers, and better understand the customer buying path. When you are running adverts without Pixel, you are missing out on the platform’s full capabilities.

19. Adview

Streamline the tracking of comments on your adverts with Adview (integrated with Hootsuite). In case your adverts run on both Instagram and Fb, this advert helps you view and reply to all of your comments in one place.

It also gives analytics to allow you to see where you are getting the most comments.

Fb page apps for tracking and analytics

Facebook has its own analytics platform, however, these apps help to streamline tracking and survey the competitive landscape, while providing you with additional information and insights.

20. Hootsuite Insights

Hootsuite Insights app

We are obviously biased, however, Hootsuite Insights gives comprehensive tracking tools for your Fb page and broader efforts.

It’s simple to get tunnel vision with social media platforms, however, Hootsuite Insights helps you to zoom out and analyze social sentiment and trends across all platforms. Real-time reporting, automatic reports, and an intuitive interface help social managers save time while staying on top of social conversation.

21. Pageview

Paigeview app within the Hootsuite dashboard

This comprehensive app helps Fb Page admin monitor visitor posts, comments, and reviews. Pageview’s workflow tools make it simple for multi-person teams to divvy up tasks and handle multiple pages. Team members could be assigned items and messages could be marked and filtered by reading/not read, replied/not replied, and assigned/resolved.

Another cool feature is that Streamnotes is built-in, so posts could simply be saved to Evernote, OneNote, Google Sheets, CSV/PDF, or another method of choice. And, it integrates seamlessly with Hootsuite.

22. Likealyzer

Likealyzer uses data factors to offer a grade and detailed report card on your Fb Page performance. After copying your page link, Likealyzer will breakdown where your page excels, and where things could be improved. It’ll automatically identify competitors for you to benchmark against, however, you could also manually add them as well.

23. Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite analytics results

Like Hootsuite Insights, Hootsuite Analytics presents a complete strategy to social information monitoring, however for small companies. Use Hootsuite Analytics to trace your Fb Web page engagement and evaluate it towards Twitter, Instagram, and different channels which might be essential to your model.

Fb Messenger Apps

All Fb Web page admins obtain questions, feedback, and suggestions by way of Fb Messenger. These apps will aid you develop a very good response technique.

24. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is a multi-purpose app for Fb Messenger. It helps you construct chatbots, create Messenger advertisements, ship chat blasts, and even presents instruments for rising Messenger contact lists. If your organization makes use of Hootsuite, you’ll be able to combine it together with your dashboard so you’ll be able to streamline Messenger response and advertising duties.

25. Chatkit

Chatkit Draper James and Taft examples

Designed for e-commerce, Chatkit is a bot that helps save time by auto-responding to widespread buyer inquiries. Important messages are flagged so reside agent can step in and reply extra shortly.
Fast response time is crucial in case your model makes use of Fb as a degree of sale.

Like MobileMonkey, Chatkit will be built-in with Hootsuite to streamline operations. Manufacturers that use Chatkit embody Rebecca Minkoff, Taft, and Draper James.

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