5 Strategies for Handling Multiple Social Media Accounts

Embark on a comprehensive guide dedicated to mastering the art of handling multiple social media accounts. In today’s digital landscape, managing various platforms efficiently is paramount for a successful online presence. Whether you’re a brand, influencer, or individual, navigating the complexities of multiple accounts requires strategic approaches.

This guide unveils effective strategies to streamline your management process and ensure a consistent and engaging experience across all your social media endeavors. Ready to enhance your online impact and conquer the world of multiple accounts? Let’s dive into the strategies for handling multiple social media accounts.

5 Tips for Managing Multiple Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, or Twitter Accounts 

Tip #1: Create a Social Media Content Calendar

A content calendar for social media is indispensable for those engaged in social media work or brand development.

Through it, you can literally gain a comprehensive view. This simplifies the task of managing campaigns, meeting deadlines, and ensuring diverse content is shared across various platforms.

handling multiple social media account - made in Google Sheets.

Whether utilizing a Google Sheets calendar template, a project management tool like Asana, or a social media management tool such as Buildmyplays, a content calendar facilitates organization and efficiency.

For those starting from scratch, here are some fundamentals to incorporate:

  • All platforms intended for posting
  • Publication dates and times (remember time zones!)
  • Captions for posts
  • Visual formats
  • Links to resources (essential for content scheduling)
  • Tracked links (if applicable)

Keep in mind, there’s no singular method for structuring a content calendar; the key is to arrange it in a manner that resonates with your needs.

Tip #2: Prioritize the Right Channels

While the desire might exist to establish a presence on every platform, constraints on resources and capacity could impose limitations on this choice.

Effectively managing multiple social media accounts demands a strategic approach to determine where to allocate your presence. This ensures optimal impact and the attainment of overarching objectives.

For instance, here at Buildmyplays, our regular content dissemination encompasses Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, X (also known as Twitter), YouTube, and Pinterest.

However, our efforts have extended to include the publication of more shareable content on LinkedIn. This shift has led to heightened engagement and an expansion in our follower base.

Given the success of this new approach, and considering the available team capacity, we’ve opted to scale back our Twitter posting frequency. This decision provides us with the room to amplify our presence on LinkedIn, with twice-daily posts.

Tip #3: Repurpose and Cross-promote Content

Cross-Promote Social Media

Crafting content can consume a significant amount of time, making it prudent to maximize the utility of each piece you generate.

Take, for instance, the concept of sharing a TikTok creation not only on TikTok itself but also on platforms like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Pinterest.

Employing cross-promotion strategies empowers you to expand your follower base across multiple platforms, enhancing your potential for engagement and even ad revenue.

Ultimately, the principle is rooted in working more intelligently, not necessarily harder. 💡

Tip #4: Automate Your Tasks

Repeat after us: automation is your ally.

This holds particularly true for tasks that recur frequently.

Whether you’re arranging automatic responses to Instagram DMs or capitalizing on tools like Zapier for your weekly duties, remain alert to chances for time-saving within your routine.

Through automation, you can effortlessly forge on-brand captions with just a few clicks, bypassing the need for brainstorming.

By simply inputting text (ranging from 3 to 80 characters) that encapsulates your post’s essence, you’ll swiftly have fresh captions at your disposal:

handling multiple social media account-instagram

Harnessing an AI-driven caption writer tool allows you to economize on time and optimize your workflow — a mutually beneficial approach!

Tip #5: Schedule Your Social Media Posts With Buildmyplays

Regularly posting on all of your social channels requires time and effort.

That’s where a free social media scheduler like Later comes in handy.

With Buildmyplays, you can plan and schedule your Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter content from one centralized dashboard.

In other words: you can spend less time manually posting, and more energy on your brand and online community:

handling multiple social media account- GOLDLEAF, Playfitt, Sarah Fennel

And with a suite of features, including a Visual Planner, in-depth Analytics, and countless more, Later also lets you optimize your posts for peak performance.



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