Essential TikTok Updates for Every Marketer to Success

Have you overlooked the most recent updates to TikTok? Curious about the noteworthy alterations for marketers?

In this article, we will take a closer look at the TikTok updates that hold significance for marketers.

#1: TikTok Algorithm

In accordance with the Digital Services Act (DSA) of the European Union, TikTok has revealed its plans to introduce a feature for users within the EU. This feature will allow them to deactivate the platform’s recommendation algorithm. Those who choose to opt out of the personalized For You Page and LIVE feed will be presented with “videos from both local and global sources,” as opposed to content tailored to their individual interests. This modification is set to be implemented by August 28, 2023.


TikTok has announced its intention to display popular content from the viewer’s region or in their preferred language. Although no additional details are currently provided, the emphasis on regional content suggests that local businesses might experience heightened exposure within their communities.

#2: TikTok Ad Targeting

TikTok aligns with DSA, serving business users. It’s developing Privacy Go—a tool for confidentially linking CRM and audience data, prioritizing privacy.

Similar to Meta’s approach when uploading customer lists to generate custom audiences, Privacy Go on TikTok utilizes data hashing. This process involves matching your list with user data, all while ensuring that neither TikTok nor your end retains access to distinct identifiable information related to the user accounts. As a result, this practice aims to enhance consumer privacy safeguards and refine the accuracy of TikTok’s ad targeting for marketers.

#3: TikTok Account Security

Starting from July 17th, TikTok unveiled passkeys, which enable users to utilize fingerprint or facial ID for logging into their accounts on iOS devices. This fresh login alternative presents a swifter, simpler, and more secure approach for users to access their TikTok accounts across multiple devices via Face or Touch ID.

Initially launched to iOS users in Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America in July, Passkeys will gradually extend to additional regions and various operating systems.

#4: Content on TikTok

As more people turn to TikTok for searching, the platform has upgraded its search features. Marketers crafting detailed captions hint at TikTok’s shift towards a search-engine role with recent improvements.

Length of Caption

Recently, TikTok captions were restricted to a mere 100 characters. However, this restriction was subsequently extended to 2200 characters and has now been further expanded to encompass 4000 characters.

Text Posts

TikTok introduced text posts on July 24, 2023, featuring a variety of elements such as stickers, tags, hashtags, background colors, sound, and the option to create and discard posts in draft form.


When it comes to TikTok text posts, don’t expect them to resemble X or Threads. These posts are focused on text but share a similarity with text-based Instagram Stories content. Unlike Threads, TikTok’s text posts make use of hashtags and the search functionality that accompanies them.

#5: TikTok Test Features

Here are a few more TikTok features to keep an eye out for:

  • Certain TikTok users who have under 1,000 followers are now able to initiate live streams.
  • Additionally, TikTok has introduced a Shop tab for specific users to enhance their experience.
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