6 Successful Facebook Lead Ads Examples from Brands

Last Updated on May 7th, 2019 at 4:45 pm

Facebook lead ads

Facebook lead ads are essentially promoted forms. These types allow marketers to capture details from customers while providing chances to connect, such as newsletter subscriptions, demo requests, or contest registration.

When somebody clicks on a lead advert, they presented with a form that’s pre-populated with info from their Facebook profile. The rest could be completed in a couple of simple taps.

Here are some Facebook lead ads examples to inspire your next marketing campaign.

LA Auto Show: Fueling ticket sales

The LA Auto Show ran multiple Facebook advert campaigns to advertise its marquee event, however, lead adverts were critical for revving up interests. To find auto enthusiasts and improve ticket sales, LA Auto Show made a lead advert campaign focused on lookalike viewers similar to those who had already bought tickets online.

The lead adverts offered a ticket discount incentive for those who submitted the form. And critically, LA Auto Show representatives followed up to complete the sales, contributing to a 37 % improve in online ticket sales compared with the previous year.

facebook lead ad examples

Hubble Contacts: Clear market insights

To assess market interest in affordable disposable contact lenses, Hubble Contacts leveraged lead adverts to create an easy sign-up form. All the firm asked for was for people to submit their pre-populated email address when they were excited about learning more.

While the firm had not launched yet, these insights played an essential role in raising funding. “The data from this marketing campaign was key to raising a USD 3.7 million seed bridge before release, which gave us the capital to lean heavily into marketing from day one,” mentioned Co-CEO Jesse Horowitz.

When Hubble released was able to use its email list to create adverts optimized for conversions.

facebook lead ad examples

Revel Systems: Optimizing pays off

With the purpose of generating more buyer leads for its point-of-sales system, Revel Systems tested lead ads against link adverts that directed people to a marketing campaign landing page.

Early outcomes showed that the in-app Facebook lead ads format led to 619 times the amount of leads and a 74 % lower cost per lead. The company additionally tested different photos, discovering that photos that concentrated on the product performed better.

facebook lead ad examples facebook lead ad examples facebook lead ad examples facebook lead ad examples

Generali Thailand: Ensuring better responses

To enhance its response time to new buyer queries, personal insurance firm Generali Thailand ran a lead ad campaign that integrated leads with its CRM management system.

The pre-populated forms and automated collection of buyer info helped take the burden off of sales group agents, helping them identify and reply to new quétions faster. By acting on Fb leads within 24 hours, Generali Thailand saw a 2.5x improve in sales conversions.

facebook lead ad examples

Myra: Slimming down sampling costs

The UL Skin Sciences brand Myra is a giant brand in the Philippines and was capable of developing its national buyer base by providing samples offline. To grow its business online and reduce prices, Myra turned to Facebook lead ads.

Utilizing lookalike and custom audiences, the beauty brand targeted an existing buyer base and a new qualified customer segment. The campaign was capable of secure 110,000 sign-ups at a 71 % lower price per sign-up rate.

facebook lead ad examples

Real Madrid: Scoring leads in new markets

Champions League soccer team Real Madrid has a loyal fan base on Fb and an even stronger one offline. To bridge the gap and grow its base in nations with low engagement, the club released a series of Facebook lead ads.

Optimization played a giant role in the three-month marketing campaign through a series of A/B tests that compared audiences, creative, and formats. At the end of the allotted period, the club generated a whopping 2.4 million leads and was capable of achieving a 70 % decrease in price per lead.

facebook lead ad examples

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