7 Creative Ways to Hype a New Product on Social Media

Last Updated on April 16th, 2019 at 10:34 am

It is approaching your new product’s release date. You have been working your butt off and wish people to get as interested in it as you’re.

How could you ensure your pre-launch hype makes more than a ripple on social media?

We have got seven creative tips on use social to make sure your product makes a splash.

7 methods to build excitement about a new product on social media

1. Create a hashtag

Coinciding with the announcement of her new album, Cuz I Love You, pop (bop) star Lizzo created the hashtag #CuzILoveYou.

Not only is the hashtag a good way for Lizzo’s fans to follow everything going on with the album drop and the way her followers are reacting to it, but she was also capable of getting creative with its promotion. On Valentine’s Day Lizzo herself inspired fans to tweet utilizing the #CuzILoveYou hashtag, retweeting those that did.

This intelligent strategy gets the audience interested in their involvement and more engaged in the launch.

2. Get creative with your promotional deals

It’s one factor to have a limited-time deal to advertise your new product, however, what about also selling the people who make that product what it is?

Proper Footwear, a brand new player in the skateboarding shoe world, concentrated heavily on supporting independent skateboard shops and skaters directly. To that end, they publish regular deals on Instagram coinciding with the launch of new product or videos where the offer codes are named after their team riders, encouraging you to avoid wasting dough and follow their group. These skaters whose codes are used even getting the commission on each sale!

This ingenious technique does not just ingratiate the brand as one who totally helps its riders but also gets its audience to follow them, which is further promotion all year long.

3. Tell a story

Compelling narrative is a strong method to get people engaged with your product before it hits the shelves.

No6 Coffee Co. uses social to tell stories about the methods everyday people and businesses use their product. This isn’t only an interesting, innovative method to showcase their new blends, however, it also highlights the positive relationship existing purchasers have with their coffee. That’s something that could pay dividends when selling to new ones.

Plus, you then get the attention of the followers of the people and businesses you are showcasing, essentially appealing to two audiences at once. Not bad.

4. Give a sneak-peak

Everlane is a digital-first apparel brand that excelled on Snapchat long before the advent of Instagram Stories, getting a strong head to begin in the “ephemeral content” format.

They use Stories to provide authentic, behind-the-scenes looks into the inner workings of the company. Not only on a day-to-day basis however with detailed sneak-peeks of future products. From concept to production, those glimpses into their process build hype while talking to their core value: transparency.

Everlane goes deep into the origins of each new product, these insights making trust with their customers that reinforce their brand.

Everlane Instagram Story

5. Team up with local artists or businesses

A brand’s willingness to collaborate with its community is an endearing quality, helping it establish authenticity on a brand level and a product level.

Emerging literary publisher Metatron Press hosts regular Instagram Takeovers by writers who have books coming out or who are concerned about their events. Those people control the content material of Metatron’s page for a few days at a time.

This provides the artists with a substantial platform to advertise their upcoming work, gets their followers excited about Metatron, and shows that the publisher is supportive of the community it serves. Bonus: this genuine strategy goes long methods for building brand trust.

6. Have a giveaway

Speaking of books (we like books), Strange Light, a fresh new imprint from Penguin House Canada, hosted a product giveaway—before they would even launch any titles.

It might sound like they put the cart before the horse, however, really that is an ingenious method to build hype.

To enter, all followers had to do was follow Strange Light and Penguin Random House Canada’s Instagram accounts and like the contest post. Once a winner was chosen (at random) they received Strange Light buttons and tote bags. In addition, they obtained two advance copies of the upstart press’ first books.

For diehard followers in any realm, whether it’s NASCAR, video games or books—people love an exclusive. And there is nothing more exclusive than somebody getting your product before it’s even on the shelves. That’s why online giveaways are so effective at building hype and rising your following on social media.

7. Video teasers

There is still nothing like a sharp, shareable video to get your followers buzzing on social media.

Strathcona Brewery does just that. Each new brew they launch gets the “Dancing Canman” treatment—fun Instagram length clips that show the different “personalities” of the beer through music and dance moves.

It is a good method to establish the vision for a new product while still staying within the overall theme of your brand.

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