7 Exciting Instagram Functions to Try in 2019 (2/2)

Last Updated on March 4th, 2019 at 3:35 pm

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Continue with some exciting Instagram functions to try in 2019…

5. Create an Instagram-friendly business offline

When it comes to rising your business, it’s necessary to search for methods to incorporate offline tactics alongside your digital strategy.

When you have a bricks-and-mortar location, add a feature wall, backdrop, or other fascinating interior design elements into your business. Be sure you have a recognizable and related hashtag and encourage clients to take pictures and share them on Instagram for a simple method to collect user-generated content that includes your space.

One business that has finished this perfectly is Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in San Francisco. While planning a trip to town last year, I kept seeing the same pink neon sign pop up on Instagram.


The bakery made the perfect Insta-worthy backdrop for their clients to share—something you could see with a quick glance at their tagged photos. Numerous travel blogs mention the bakery as a must-visit because of the sign, and one even calls it an “Instagram classic.”

How could you make an Instagram-worthy business?

  • Add a function wall or backdrop. Take a look at popular companies in your area and see their tagged posts to see the sorts of things customers are focusing on, or search Pinterest for great ideas that do not cost lots of money.
  • Use aesthetically pleasing packaging. When you are a cafe or restaurant, ensure your napkins, cups, and to-go containers are branded with your business’ logo or another appealing, instantly-recognized symbol. Mr.Holmes’ Bakehouse also does this well. Their to-go bags are labeled “Health Food” in the business’ iconic pink font, and their pastry boxes donning the same “I got baked in San Francisco” message as their famous sign.
  • Spruce up the exterior of your business. The outside of your business provides customers with their first impression, so ensure it’s photo-worthy.


6. Use alternative text descriptions

Accessibility should be a given—not a bonus. As Instagram explains, “With more than 285 million people  all over the world who have visual impairments, we know there are many people who can benefit from a more accessible Instagram.”

At the end of 2018, Instagram launched two new improvements for the visually impaired.

First, Instagram launched automatic alternative text so users could hear picture descriptions via their screen reader. As described, “This function uses object recognition technology to generate a description of images for screen readers so you could hear a list of items that pictures might contain as you browse the app.”

The second new function is custom alternative text so users could add a more detailed description of posts if you add an image.

composing alternate text in Instagram

In addition to functions visually impaired paired, many users are now captioning their Instagram Stories and video content for those who are exhausting of listening to and deaf.

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced attention to this with her November 2018 Twitter post. She reveals that members of the deaf neighborhood reached out to her, and now she makes use of instruments akin to Clipomatic to caption all of her video content material.

How could your business make your Instagram content more accessible in 2019?

  • Be sure you are including alternative text descriptions to your Instagram posts. When posting a photo, click on ‘Advanced Settings’ and type in a description that will permit all your followers to experience your content.
  • Add captions to your video content when possible. Captions do not only increase accessibility, however, could improve viewership. Fb found that more than 85 % of Facebook video is watched without sound, regardless of the audience’s listening to abilities. Making content more accessible benefits everybody.

7. Create Close Friends lists

Sometimes you do not need your in-laws viewing your newest Instagram Story. Or, when you are a business, you have content that you understand would be good for sure customers, however, will not engage others. That is where your Instagram close friends list is useful.

The Close Friends list permits you to share Instagram Stories with a particular group of people. You could add and remove users from this list whenever you want, and customize it relying on what you are utilizing it for.

Don’t worry—users will not be notified once they are added or removed from your close friends’ checklist.

To create your Close Friends list on Instagram, go to the menu bar on your profile. Tap “Close Friends” and then tap “Add” next to the usernames of the people you should add to the list. Click on “Done” once you’ve completed adding users.

How could your business use a Close Friends list on Instagram?

  • Unique content. Make a list of VIP members who you only show particular content to. For instance, you can provide early access to new products or functions of your product tochosenose group of customers.
  • Influencers. Make a close friends list consisting of influencers you work with (or want to work with) and share info they could use to help develop your brand. Instead of having to email each influencer separately, having a close friends list will save you a lot of time here.
  • Localization. When you have multiple offices or store locations, you could create a close friends list for a specific geographic area. For instance, in case your store in New York is having a sale or event you could make a list of users or influencers you know from that location and share a Story with them—without bothering those who are not close-by.

While it’s simple to get stuck in a rut when it comes to your Instagram content, these new Instagram functions and capabilities could give your 2019 strategy a total refresh. Let us know what new things you are looking most forward to trying on Instagram this year!

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