8 Methods To Truly Get Heard On SoundCloud

Last Updated on January 3rd, 2019 at 10:44 am

get heard on Soundcloud

SoundCloud is the biggest and most necessary online music community. They’ve disrupted the way in which we know online music distribution. They provide independent artists the area they need for DIY music promotion.

Which is why we’re so excited to offer the Connect with SoundCloud software to the whole SoundCloud community.

However, they provide tons of other helpful instruments as well. Utilizing them successfully will amplify your project and get SoundCloud plays from the SoundCloud followers that matter.

There are lots of them. This easy guide will get you educated on probably the most helpful ones for rising your following.

Listed below are 8 professional ideas to get heard on Soundcloud.

Tagging for success

How can new followers discover your music? Well, among the best methods to get heard on Soundcloud is to tag your music.

Tagging helps you discoverable when a listener is looking for SoundCloud.

The better your tags, the simpler you’re to search out.

One of the best ways to tag is, to be trustworthy. If you made a drum & bass track, then set the primary style to Drum & Bass. Add moods and a location to your tags as nicely. All of it helps.

SoundCloud promotion tags

Stick to one most important genre to maintain things clear. Including a bunch of genres won’t make your song any extra findable.

The extra concise and correct your tags are, the more simply your music will get found by the listeners that wanna hear it most.

Hot Tip: Tag and hyperlink to your collaborators SoundCloud within the track description. Use an ‘@’ before their SoundCloud identify to hyperlink their profile. It’s nice for cross-promotion and telling the story of your process.

Add a ‘Purchase’ Hyperlink

Getting listens and likes is good to get heard on Soundcloud. However, likes and listens won’t purchase you that new mic you’ve been eyeing.

Fortunately, SoundCloud permits you to add a ‘Purchase’ hyperlink to your track upload. Simply click on the ‘Metadata’ tab if you’re importing.

Add the suitable hyperlinks: Purchase on iTunes, Beatport, Juno, Bandcamp or no matter else you utilize to sell your music online.

Hot Tip: If in case you have a professional account you possibly can change the button text to something you need.

Change it to Stream on Spotify and hyperlink to get some further streaming juice. Or write ‘Donate’ and hyperlink to a Patreon or a PayPal. You’ll be surprised what number of super-fans out there will help your music.

Tell A Story With Your Waveform

SoundCloud permits followers to comment in your waveform. However, you realize who else needs to be commenting on the waveform? YOU!

Use the waveform comments to inform your followers and community about your process to get heard on Soundcloud. Be transparent about the way you made your song. Ask for suggestions and mention particular sections.


Such as When you’re unsure a few sections of your track, comment on the waveform the place the part starts.

Something like: “Unsure concerning the bass right here. Let me know what you suppose” is the proper play for getting feedback from your community.

You don’t must be utterly achieved a observe to publish it both. Publish drafts, get suggestions, and make your music higher.

Artwork Is Important

Album artwork is important. Particularly on SoundCloud.

In case your track will get embedded on a blog your artwork can be there. In case you share your track to Fb your album artwork goes there too.

Your album artwork or track artwork represents your music regardless of where it goes. So it’s mega necessary.

Before anybody hits to play the artwork hooked up to your track has to stand out. So make it rely on and select one thing that represents your music and you.

Your album artwork or track artwork represents your music regardless of the place it goes.

For greatest outcomes, always use a JPG or a PNG that’s not less than 800 x 800 pixels to get heard on Soundcloud.

Hot Tip: Album artwork is an ideal purpose to speculate a bit of cash into your project. When you can’t make the picture you need yourself, then rent a designer or photographer that matches your finances.

Private Means Professional

SoundCloud permits you to share personal hyperlinks to your tracks so let exploit to get heard on Soundcloud.

It’s nice for sharing unfinished tracks with collaborators, sending demos to labels or blogs, or contacting different retailers like radio stations with exclusives.

Sharing a personal hyperlink provides your music the private contact and a sense of exclusivity that’s nice for reaching out to tastemakers.

It’s tremendous simple to do. Just upload a song and set it to personal. Save it and go to your profile. Click on the song you wish to share privately and hit the ‘share’ button under the waveform.

you’ll see a personal share URL that’s distinctive to your track! You’ll be able to even make a complete playlist personal when you wanna share your whole new album.

Plus, you possibly can reset the private hyperlink at any time to make your personal hyperlinks time sensitive.

Publishing is just the beginning

Your track is lastly completed. You labored long and exhausting on it. You’re lastly pleased with the way it sounds and also you think it’s prepared for the world.

So you click on share and sit back ready for these plays. It’s a successful track! The track will get some good buzz and people appear to be liking it!


However, a pair of days later you understand that your music wants a minor tweak…

Perhaps somebody you admire commented and told you a hot tip on finding out how to increase the bass.

Or maybe you mastered it and also you need the higher version in your SoundCloud. However in the event, you take it down, you’ll lose all these plays, likes and necessary feedback… Please pay attention to get heard on Soundcloud.

Change the Audio without losing Feedback, likes, and plays

Don’t fret. With a Professional subscription on SoundCloud, you possibly can swap out the audio on any SoundCloud add at any time.

And the most effective part? You don’t lose all these plays, likes and comments from your followers.

It’s excellent for sharing unfinished songs to get feedback. Tweak your song based mostly on the critiques and re-upload any time.

Hitting share don’t be last. Swap the audio and make sharing a part of your manufacturing process.

Sharing means Caring

Don’t simply publish your personal music. Re-post artists that you just are excited about or songs and mixes that you just can’t cease listening to.

Sharing other artists and serving to your viewers uncover new music builds trust and authority and is an extremely humble move. In case you hear one thing, say one thing!

Your SoundCloud is a community. So help it by sharing other artists in your feed. When you share other artist’s music there is a greater opportunity they’ll share yours!

Reposting another artist’s music is a superb first step to beginning a relationship as well. Relationships that result in gigs, collaborations, and useful partnerships. All that good community stuff. So construct the community you wish to be part of.

Across the Universe

Sharing your new tracks to your SoundCloud community is nice. However, why stop there? Put your songs out into the whole world!

Share them with all of your promotion platforms like Fb and Twitter.

When you add a song share it to all of your platforms under the ‘Share’ tab.

You can even auto-post your tracks to all of your social platforms automatically by linking your accounts. Simply head over to your Account Settings to handle your Connections.

Tumblr, Twitter, Fb, and Google+ are all connectable for auto-posting. Join your accounts and get your tracks into all these ears!

Keep Your Motion

SoundCloud is a software. It’s important to use it properly to make it work.

The following tips will enable you to get probably the most out of your SoundCloud and make it give you the results you want wherever you’re sharing your music.

So share lots, share typically and share well.

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