Animal Influencers: The Stories Behind 11 Famous Pets on Instagram (2/2)

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6) Bodhi: @mensweardog

Number of Instagram followers: 289k

Clothes brands like Coach, American Apparel, and Brooks Brothers have a new muse: a gentlemanly Shiba Inu named Bodhi. Due to his affinity for perfectly tailored fits and brooding stare, this photogenic pooch has made a big splash in the fashion world, starring in main campaigns and even posing for exclusive fashion spread in the New York Times.

Bodhi’s fame was no accident. His owner and full-time handler, Yena Kim, quit her job at Ralph Lauren to concentrate on building her dog’s brand online. What seemed like a gamble at first has actually paid off for Kim and her husband, graphic designer David Fung.

Bodhi’s huge break came in the type of a viral Tumblr post, and soon brands were reaching out to Kim and Fung as if they were like any other human fashion blogger searching for promotions. Today, Bodhi is sponsored by brands like Rockport Shoes and Gentleman’s Box on Instagram and has his own style book.

“He is the dog version of the Dos Equis guy,” Fung said to Business Insider, “the most fascinating dog all over the world.”


7) Tuna: @tunameltsmyheart

Number of Instagram followers: 1.8m

Similar to many human social media influencers, Tuna, a Chihuahua Dachsund combine with an undeniably endearing overbite, strives to project an authentic picture across his many social platforms. And that means being very selective about the brands he selects to work with.

“It is enticing if you’re offered large posting deals,” Tuna’s owner, Courtney Dasher, told Vice. “But when I am not at peace with the idea or think it is not a great fit with Tuna and the brand of Tuna, then I politely decline.”

The pint-sized pup mainly partners with animal rescue organizations and charities, however, he additionally has an online store that sells mugs, shirts, and other items emblazoned with his toothy visage. When you are really feeling that Tuna fever, you could even buy an oxidized bronze ring shaped like his entire head. Because why not.

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8) Toast: @toastmeetsworld

Number of Instagram followers: 370k

Toast, who’s a dog, reportedly wore a custom Marchesa gown and $139,000 diamond necklace to her wedding, which was covered by Newsweek, People, and Town & Country. Toast (who, again, is a dog) married Finn Hearst (also a dog) after the 2 met at a charity gala and actually hit it off, apparently.

The wedding was a charity fundraiser and promotional stunt for Zola, a wedding registry website, and it was hardly Toast’s first foray into the realm of brand promotions. Toast, who’s represented by DBA (Digital Brand Architects), is an eyewear spokesmodel for Karen Walker and has promoted large brands such as Febreeze and Swiffer. She’s additionally currently the face of The Shelter Pet Project’s newest campaign, appearing in print adverts and billboards around the country.

The toothless Cavalier King Charles Spaniel — who was rescued from a puppy mill — gained popularity on Instagram for her iconic floppy tongue and apparent tolerance of being dressed up.

Toast’s owner, Katie Sturino, told Newsweek she’s aware some people may discover her profession a bit unusual, however, she’s managed to use her dog’s fame for good, raising awareness for the deplorable conditions at puppy mills.

 animal influencers
animal influencers 

8) Hamlet: @hamlet_the_piggy

Number of Instagram followers: 305k

While the vast majority of animal influencers are dogs and cats, some pigs are getting in on the action too. Hamlet, a charismatic mini pig who enjoys wearing wigs and having maple syrup poured directly into her mouth, has discovered unexpected fame on Instagram and Snapchat.

Hamlet’s owner, Melanie Gomez, adopted the weird pet as a support companion after her epilepsy became hard to handle on her own (her husband is extremely allergic to dogs, so a pig was the next best option). She started posting Hamlet’s pictures online as a method to make others happy and never expected that the petite piglet would become an internet superstar.

Now some years into her social media career, Hamlet has been spotted showing off a handful of products on Instagram, including Tostito’s snacks, Bose’s line of NFL headphones, and the Ollo Clip iPhone lens.

animal influencers 
 animal influencers

9) Lil Bub: @iamlilbub

Number of followers on Instagram: 1.4m

It would be an understatement to name Lil Bub a viral social media celeb. The toothless tabby cat — born with a short lower jaw which exposes her tongue — was arguably one of the first large animal influencers on the scene, right up there with the ubiquitous Grumpy Cat.

Just a quick scan of Lil Bub’s extensive Wikipedia page reveals just how weirdly well-known the quirky, stubby-legged cat has become. Listed below are a few highlights:

  • In 2015, a group of scientists crowdfunded $8,225 to sequence Lil Bub’s genome. The project was known as LilBubnome.
  • Lil Bub is credited with the 2015 electronic album Science & Magic as a vocalist.
  • Vice produced a feature-length documentary on Lil Bub in 2013 known as Lil Bub & Friendz. It premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and Lil Bub got to meet Robert De Nero.

Name any object, and it is probably sold with Lil Bub’s face on it. The cat has a series of downloadable ringtones, a weather app, and a line of watches. Way to go, Lil Bub — you are more successful than most startups.

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10) Doug the Pug: @itsdougthepug

Number of followers on Instagram: 2.2m

Doug the Pug, the self-declared “King of Pop Culture”, is just like us. He likes to unwind after a long day with a hot bubble bath and a glass of pinot noir.

Not like us, Doug the Pug has millions of followers on social media, a book deal, and a close friendship with Chrissy Teigen.

Doug’s owner, Leslie Mosier, got her to begin in the music industry before becoming a full-time “momager” for her dog. She utilized her PR background to Doug’s career, and the pug was rapidly featured on Mashable and BuzzFeed. One Facebook video in particular — a 16-second clip of Doug playing with a pug balloon — went viral overnight, skyrocketing Doug to 2.2 million followers on Instagram and over5 million Facebook likes.

When Doug is not promoting his book, calendar, or collection of stuffed animals, he could be found promoting brands such as Febreeze and repping Dentastix at the Country Music Awards.

animal influencers 
 animal influencers

11) Lionel: @lionelthehog

Number of Instagram followers: 95.9k

Instagram doesn’t discriminate by species. If you’re a cute animal and you want to wear little hats or to hold little umbrellas, the followers will come.

Say hello to Lionel, an adventurous hedgehog with a style for the finer issues in life. Lionel’s owner, Anna Mathias, works full-time in PR, and started Lionel’s Instagram account as a side project to show off her social media chops. In a few short weeks, he was featured on BuzzFeed, and the rest is history.

On Instagram, Lionel represents brands like The Book of the Month Club, Daniel Wellington watches, and Style&co, a (human) clothing retailer. This year, he even collaborated with West Elm and the ASPCA to launch a custom holiday ornament and tea towel.

 animal influencers
animal influencers 

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