In April 2016, Facebook launched Facebook Live, a live video streaming service that allows everybody to broadcast from their mobile devices straight to their Facebook News Feed. Since its launch, live streaming video has exploded in popularity — particularly on Facebook Live, where based on the research of Vimeo, 78% of online audiences are watching video on Facebook Live as of 2018. It’s no mystery why Facebook Live is so popular: Videos see 3X the engagement of traditional videos shared on Facebook, and millions of users go live on Facebook all over the world. Here we will explore this complete Facebook Live guide!

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About a year ago Instagram shocked its users by changing how people see their feed. No longer could they see Instagram posts on a chronological basis. Instagram now showcases posts in an order that it feels best meets a user’s browsing patterns. Like its parent company Facebook, Instagram now has a new special algorithm where it favors some posts over others.

In many ways, the change of Instagram is a result of its own popularity. With 700 million people now using Instagram, most people are fed considerably more posts than they have time to look at. In fact, the average user misses about 70% of the posts in their Instagram feed. It should be no surprise, therefore, that the Instagram boffins have tried to ensure that 30% of the posts you actually see is the 30% you most want to see.

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Getting your first synth is always a big and quite hard step. To help you know what you’re really getting, we’ve compiled our top 5 best synths for beginners.

Sure free synth VSTs open infinite possibilities but the DAW screen and keyboard is a big limitation that sometimes kills creativity.

Hardware synths are so inspiring—hearing an analog sound change as you play with real knobs is fun and also helpful for learning how electronic sound works.

Plus, hardware synths are much easier to use in collaborative contexts, especially if they’re portable.

But finding the perfect synth, to begin with, isn’t always easy.

Hardware synths can get expensive quickly—plus there are all kinds of confusing synth terms to wrap your head around.

Now, let’s explore the top 5 synths for you.

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Synth pads are the washy ambient textures that help construct the atmosphere of a music track.

You might not clearly hear them in a dense mix, but pads often provide the sonic backdrop that glues a song together.

Creating great synth pads isn’t simple in case you’ve never tried them before. With so many parameters to keep track of, many synth plugins make it difficult to program the best sound.

Even so, beginners can begin with ambient synth textures with some key techniques.

In this article, we will explain the way to create enormous atmospheric synth pads in just 5 simple steps.

Let’s get started.

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2020. I mean where to begin? But also, can it just be over already?

The world threw so many bad things at us the previous year, from a global pandemic and a worldwide racial reckoning to a fight for social justice and so on.

While our social lives changed to video chats and live-streams in our living rooms, there is one thing that brought us closer even if we couldn’t be together physically…memes.

Over 1 million posts mentioning “memes” are shared on Instagram each day. From memes that made us laugh out loud and shared straight into the group DM to the memes that made us feel seen and let us know we were all in this situation together. The previous year, 2020, more than ever before, memes kept us sane and helped us cope when we were six feet apart or more.

So this new year, we will take a look back at some of the most favorite memes of 2020.

Here’s to 2021…well, maybe?

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