AutoTune for Garageband: 4 Vocal Tuners for Apple’s Free DAW

AutoTune for Garageband

Undoubtedly, AutoTune for Garageband is a straightforward yet robust music production app included with every Mac OS edition.

Nevertheless, some Garageband users observe a key tool absent from its core capabilities.

I’m referring to pitch correction software, commonly recognized as AutoTune.

So, how can you integrate AutoTune for Garageband?

This article will demystify the basics of AutoTune-style pitch correction and present four methods to seamlessly infuse it into your creative process.

What is pitch correction? Is it AutoTune?

Pitch correction involves the use of a plugin capable of adjusting both the pitch and timing of a vocal performance, all while preserving its original tonal quality.

Its primary function lies in refining vocal takes during the mixing process, particularly in instances where the vocalist’s performance may not be flawless. Yet, it’s also recognized for the distinctive robotic vocal effect popular in genres like hip-hop and electronic music.

Referred to as ‘hard tuning,’ this effect is achieved by maximizing the plugin’s settings.

Irrespective of its application, pitch correction software generally functions as a third-party plugin, which can be separately added to your digital audio workstation (DAW).


One of the most widely recognized names in music production—AutoTune—stands out as a prevalent pitch correction plugin. However, it’s important to note that AutoTune is just one among several options available for refining vocal performances. Nonetheless, its name often serves as a shorthand term encompassing similar technologies.

This phenomenon is akin to using “Kleenex” to denote facial tissues or “Jacuzzi” to describe tubs with water jets.

Does Garageband have AutoTune?

First off, let’s be clear—Garageband does not include the Antares AutoTune product.

Let’s be clear—Garageband does not include the Antares AutoTune product.

While we’re discussing this, it’s worth noting that no major DAW includes the official AutoTune as a standard feature.

If you’re aiming to acquire the authentic Antares version, it necessitates a separate purchase, just like any other third-party plugin.

Garageband, however, does incorporate a basic version of pitch correction. This version is based on the FlexPitch functionality present in Logic Pro, albeit with a simplified control set.

In essence, Garageband’s built-in pitch correction presents itself as a singular slider situated on the track tab, accompanied by a checkbox that allows you to confine note correction within a particular key.

This approach aligns with Garageband’s ethos of providing a straightforward application that doesn’t inundate your creative process with an excess of controls.

Still, you might discover that Garageband’s pitch correction slider falls short in delivering the quality or outcomes you seek for your mix.

If that’s the scenario, it’s the opportune moment to explore alternative options!

Alternatives to AutoTune for Garageband

If you’re after the genuine hard-tuning effect, it remains an exceptional selection. However, if you seek subtle, natural pitch correction to enhance your vocal recordings, here are several Garageband-compatible choices to explore.

1. SynchroArts RePitch Elements

SynchroArts RePitch Elements

Introducing RePitch Elements: an accessible and budget-friendly pitch correction plugin designed for authentic, natural results.

Crafted to provide swift and transparent vocal tuning, allowing you to swiftly return to your creative endeavors.

Experience enhanced performance and pitch correction with the latest 1.3 release of RePitch Elements, all at an appealing price point.

2. Melodyne essential

Melodyne essential

Melodyne holds a prominent position in the realm of pitch correction.

The advanced versions of Melodyne software are widely acknowledged as the industry standard among top-tier studios.

Yet, Melodyne Essential serves as an accessible gateway to the core technology of the company.

Featuring a streamlined feature set centered around the Main Tool, it provides an introduction to the Melodyne workflow and sonic attributes, eliminating the need to invest in a professional-grade version.

3. Graillon 2

Graillon 2

For those with tight budgets seeking a cost-free alternative to AutoTune within Garageband, various options are available. These alternatives, though somewhat more constrained than other free online VSTs, offer distinctive benefits.

Auburn’s Graillon 2 plugin, in its free version, stands out as one of the top no-cost solutions. Particularly effective for real-time hard-tuning effects, Graillon 2 adds value to your toolkit.

4. Waves Tune

Waves Tune

Waves Tune presents itself as an alternative for pitch correction in Garageband or other DAWs.

Although the plugin has been around since 2005, it continues to be a viable choice for vocal tuning tasks.

Featuring a recognizable interface and delivering high-quality outcomes, this plugin frequently appears on substantial discounts alongside other offerings within the Waves collection.

Pitch Correction Plugins for Every Scenario

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