Is Buying YouTube Subscribers Legit? Top Provider

Last Updated on August 21st, 2023 at 4:18 pm

Is Buying YouTube Subscribers Legit? Top Provider

Within the ever-evolving landscape of YouTube channel growth, a recurring query surfaces: Is it legal to buy YouTube subscribers?

This query prompts us to delve into the validity of this strategy and introduces us to prominent providers in this field.

Let’s journey together as we navigate the subtleties of acquiring subscribers, uncovering reliable sources that offer authentic and impactful solutions for enhancing your channel’s reach.

The Basics of Growing a YouTube Channel

Established in 2005, YouTube functions as a platform for sharing videos. Within its inaugural year, more than 25 million videos were uploaded to the platform. In 2006, the platform was acquired by Google.

On YouTube, content creators showcase their videos on dedicated profiles known as channels. All YouTube users can both subscribe to these channels and find videos using the platform’s search bar.

While YouTube’s search and recommendations make videos widely accessible, having a substantial subscriber base brings multiple benefits.

Accounts with a large number of subscribers not only experience higher video views but also gain the potential to earn revenue through advertisements. Additionally, businesses and influencers can effectively turn subscribers into potential leads by strategically using calls-to-action.

Thus, for those looking to expand their presence on YouTube, focusing on subscriber growth becomes a vital endeavor. And when considering the question “Is it legal to buy YouTube subscribers?”, it’s crucial to opt for reputable methods that align with ethical practices and YouTube’s guidelines.

Advantages of Buying YouTube Subscribers

Similar to Google, YouTube functions as a search engine. It’s advisable to center your efforts on achieving natural, organic growth within search engines. In simpler terms, the key lies in crafting exceptional content and fine-tuning it for optimal placement in search engine outcomes.

Nevertheless, it’s important to recognize that organic expansion is a gradual process. This is precisely why certain content creators choose to accelerate their growth by purchasing subscribers.

Below are a few rationales you may contemplate for procuring YouTube subscribers.

Is Buying YouTube Subscribers Legit?

To Boost Your Channel’s SEO Rank and Organic Growth

Multiple avenues within YouTube serve as avenues for viewers to come across your videos:

  • Your channel page
  • Search results
  • The browse section
  • Suggested videos

In the initial stages of growing a small channel, substantial reliance is placed upon the last three sources for expansion.

Now, the question arises: How can your content secure visibility in the search, browse, or suggested segments?

The answer lies in the hands of YouTube’s algorithm.

Much like Google, YouTube employs an algorithm to determine the display and positioning of videos. This algorithm takes into account various factors, including:

  • Keywords
  • Click-through rate
  • Watch time

Accumulating a larger subscriber base communicates to the algorithm that your content consistently draws viewers back to YouTube. Consequently, the acquisition of genuine and engaged subscribers can not only enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking but also catalyze the initiation of organic growth.

To Provide Social Proof

Were you aware that YouTube creators contribute 500 hours of video content every minute?

This staggering volume of content presents a substantial challenge for viewers to navigate. Not all content holds equal value; amidst the exceptional videos on YouTube, there’s a considerable amount of subpar uploads.

Given this reality, viewers must develop strategies to effectively sift through and locate the videos they desire.

Your count of subscribers serves as a key indicator that viewers use to assess content quality. Channels boasting substantial subscriber bases provide tangible social validation that their videos hold merit.

Is it legal to buy YouTube subscribers? Once more, the choice to obtain subscribers to enhance your channel’s metrics can act as a motivation for a greater number of people to view your videos and naturally become subscribers.

Disadvantages of Buying YouTube Subscribers

As previously noted, fostering organic growth remains the optimal approach for cultivating your YouTube following. While procuring subscribers for your channel can expedite growth, it also entails inherent risks.

The Legality of Buying YouTube Subscriber

Opinions vary regarding whether the act of buying new subscribers contradicts YouTube’s Terms of Service. While procuring promotional services is within the bounds of legality, YouTube takes exception to the notion of fabricated engagement.

Outlined within its Fake Engagement Policy, YouTube explicitly prohibits the manipulation of engagement figures and metrics through artificial means.

YouTube classifies the following practices as unauthorized:

  • Artificial engagement
  • Accruing views through deceptive methods
  • Engagement that is purchased

Should you acquire YouTube views and engagement through a third-party source that employs fake bots to artificially inflate your view count, you would find yourself in violation of YouTube’s Fake Engagement Policy.

Hence, prior to considering the acquisition of subscribers, it’s imperative to ascertain that these subscribers are genuine and active users.

Paid Subscribers Don’t Equal Potential Customers

If you consider YouTube as a channel for funneling your business, it’s vital to approach the idea of buying subscribers with caution.

The subscribers you gain organically hold the potential to evolve into potential customers, given their genuine interest in your brand and video content.

In contrast, subscribers acquired through financial means may not be as likely to convert. When a mix of paid and organic subscribers coexist, accurately assessing the genuine impact of your YouTube funnel becomes complex. As you ponder the question “Is it legal to buy YouTube subscribers?”, remember to weigh your options carefully and prioritize strategies that align with ethical practices and YouTube’s guidelines.

Buying Youtube subcribes

4 Best Places To Buy YouTube Subscribers

1. Buildmyplays

Buildmyplays provides YouTube content creators the chance to acquire genuine engagement and subscribers from real individuals. Primary focus is on delivering exceptional services while adhering closely to YouTube’s Terms of Service.
Prominent features of Buildmyplays include:

  • Assured authenticity of 100% high-retention subscribers
  • 90 days retention guarantee
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Instant delivery of services
  • The choice to purchase subscribers, views, and likes
  • Ideal for: Cost-effective YouTube growth

Pricing Details: Subscriber packages start at $17.99 for 100 subscribers ($29.99 for 200 subscribers).

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2. Stormviews

Stormviews offers YouTube content creators the opportunity to purchase authentic engagement and subscribers from real individuals. Our primary emphasis lies in furnishing top-notch services while strictly adhering to YouTube’s Terms of Service.

Highlighted attributes of Stormviews include:

  • A guarantee of 100% genuine subscribers
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • The option to acquire subscribers, views, and likes

Pricing Information: Our subscriber packages commence at $4.95 for 50 subscribers ($9.95 for 100 subscribers).

3. presents comprehensive user engagement bundles designed for both YouTube and Instagram platforms. With a track record of delivering millions of subscribers to over 20,000 satisfied customers, stands out.

Primary attributes of comprise:

  • Verified safety for YouTube usage
  • Swift and instant delivery of services
  • Options for purchasing subscribers, views, and likes

Pricing Information: Commencing at $21, our subscriber packages encompass 100 subscribers.

4. UseViral

UseViral, founded by digital marketers, facilitates channel growth via an influencer network across diverse platforms.

Prominent UseViral features encompass:

  • Collaborative network of promotional web partners
  • Availability for purchasing subscribers, likes, views, and shares
  • Optimal for: Expanding across multiple channels

Pricing Information: Starting at $29, our subscriber packages include 100 subscribers.


Why Should I Buy YouTube Subscriber?

Considering purchasing YouTube subscribers can bring valuable benefits to your channel’s growth and visibility. Here’s why it’s worth exploring:

By buying subscribers, you can give your channel an instant boost, attracting more viewers and establishing credibility. This higher subscriber count serves as social proof, enticing others to subscribe to your content.

YouTube’s algorithm rewards engagement, and a larger subscriber count can improve your videos’ visibility, potentially leading to more views and interactions. Moreover, if you’re aiming to monetize your channel, reaching the 1,000-subscriber threshold becomes more attainable with purchased subscribers.

Notably, a boosted subscriber count can attract genuine viewers who are likely to join an active community. This approach also saves time compared to building a base from scratch, allowing you to focus on content creation.

In a competitive YouTube landscape, a substantial subscriber count sets you apart and appeals to potential viewers and collaborators. It’s vital to select reputable services to ensure you’re acquiring engaged, real subscribers who interact with your content. Ultimately, the decision should align with your channel’s objectives and long-term growth strategy.

Is buying subscribers safe?

Certainly, purchasing YouTube subscribers is considered safe, provided you acquire them from reputable sources.

As highlighted in the text, platforms like Buildmyplays is recognized for providing genuine, high-quality subscribers.

These platforms utilize sophisticated targeting strategies and organic approaches to connect your channel with authentic users who have a genuine interest in your content.

They prioritize quality over sheer numbers and strictly adhere to YouTube’s terms of service, guaranteeing the security and compliance of your channel.

Are Youtube subscribers from real people?  

Absolutely, rest assured, the YouTube subscribers you gain from reputable sources like Build My Plays are indeed from real people. These individuals are genuinely interested in your content and actively engage with your videos.
Authenticity is key – these are not just numbers, but real viewers who contribute to your channel by watching, commenting, and being part of your community.
Remember, quality engagement matters more than quantity for sustained success on YouTube.

Final Thoughts

As the popularity of video searches continues to surge, YouTube’s growth remains steadfast. This platform serves as a potent marketing avenue for creators, influencers, and enterprises.

Amidst the daily deluge of millions of uploads, competition can be intense. The option to purchase subscribers can aid your pursuit of organic growth and give your channel a strong start.

However, it’s vital to recognize the significant distinctions between purchased and naturally acquired subscribers.

For a successful YouTube channel in 2023, a comprehensive strategy hinges on producing high-quality, engaging videos.

To delve into acquiring genuine subscribers for your YouTube channel, explore the subscriber packages available through BuildMyPlays. And when considering the question, “Is it legal to buy YouTube subscribers?”, remember to prioritize reputable and ethical methods that align with YouTube’s guidelines.


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