Complete Guide to Build a Successful Tiktok Account (2/2)

Last Updated on April 11th, 2020 at 4:47 pm

a Successful Tiktok Account

We already have a Tiktok account after keep reading part one. Now, continue some other steps to build a successful TikTok account…

How to Post on TikTok

7. Set up your shot and pick out particular effects.

Tap the middle tab to enter the camera mode. To face the camera in the right direction, tap the Flip icon at the upper right corner. On the right side of the screen, you will also see icons for the following:

  • Speed: Permits you to record your video in slow motion or sped up.
  • Beauty: An AR filter that could hide blemishes and smooth out your skin.
  • Filters: Allows you to change the color filter of the camera.
  • Timer: Permits you to set an auto-record countdown if you want to film hands-free.
  • Flash
a Successful Tiktok Account

Music and Effects

At the top middle of the camera screen, you will also see music notes with “Add a Sound” next to them. Tap this to select the musical overlay or sound impact that you want to work with.

Selecting a sound on TikTok

On the bottom of the camera, you will also see an Effects icon to the right and an add button to the left — in case you want to record your videos outside of the app.

Once you tap the Effects button, you will see a big lineup of AR filters and other particular effects that could augment your face or your surroundings. You could also pick out a video overlay-styled filter here.

Previewing AR bunny face filter on TikTok

In the black bar under the camera, you could set the time limit for your video or tap Photo Template to make a photo slideshow instead of a video.

Using time bar under camera screen to set video length on TikTok

8. Record the video.

When you’re ready, press and hold the red record button. You could either record your video all at once or in pieces.

Recording a video with a face and color filter on TikTok

If you wanna fit different images in each video or record it in pieces, just need to hold the record button for each segment, let go, press and hold it again then once you are ready for your next shot.

If you feel holding your record button the whole time is boring, you could also use the timer to provide yourself enough time before you enter record mode, to prop up your phone and pose in front of it before it begins automatically recording.

a Successful Tiktok Account

9. Make final edits and include a video caption.

Once you’re finished recording the video, you will still be able to include a musical overlay, filters, and other basic particular effects. You could also add stickers and text overlays on top of the video.

a Successful Tiktok Account

Once you’re finished, press Next. You will be directed to a page just like Instagram’s post page where you could add a caption, related hashtags, and account handles of others. You could also set the privacy of the video, turn comments on or off, permit duets or reactions, and tap “Save to Album” to download it to your smartphone’s images.

Adjusting post settings and adding a caption on TikTok

When you are not ready to publish yet, just press the Drafts button at the bottom left corner to save it for later.

10. Duet with other users.

See a musical post that you love? Want to join in with the person who made it? TikTok permits you to reply with a Duet video. To use this former function, pick a video you want to duet with, press the Share button to see sharing options, then press the “Duet” option on the bottom row in the middle.

a Successful Tiktok Account

Your camera screen will appear next to the video. From there, you could press record and sing along, dance, or do whatever you want to the music.

Recording a duet on TikTok

To show you what a completed product looks like, this is one great example:

When you make a post and don’t want anybody to duet with you, you could tap the “Duet/React Off” button on your Post page before publishing.

11. Participate in a challenge.

Similar to other social media platforms, you might see videos with “challenges” hashtags. A challenge is when a video post, firm, or person encourages users to film themselves doing something oddly particular — like flipping the lid of a Chipotle to-go bowl with no hands. Then, Participants may film themselves doing the action and hashtag the challenge name in their captions.

There usually aren’t any winners in a TikTok challenge, however, hashtagging it may assist you to get more followers or views as people discover you when searching the hashtag.

To give you a quick idea of what participating in challenge entails, this is a video of somebody doing the above-mentioned #ChipotleLidFlip challenge:

A Few TikTok Takeaways

Sure, TikTok might seem like a fairly odd platform right now, however, it may be an ideal tool for engaging and spreading awareness to your younger audiences later. Because it is only three years old, it’s also a terrific place for early video experimentation.

As you are brainstorming or filming your first videos, here are just a few ideas to help you make unique and fascinating posts:

  • Have fun with the special results. There are lots of ways to zest up your video, and audiences on TikTok expect it. So play around and experiment with them.
  • Embrace the music. Most videos on TikTok have some kind of song or sound effect in the background.
  • Film a few videos with multiple pictures. That will make it feel more fascinating and active.
  • Don’t be afraid to show a lighter side or a sense of humor. People come to this platform to be entertained.
  • Use trendy hashtags and try out a challenge video. Then, add related hashtags in your post caption so your video shows up when people search it.
  • Take a look at what other brands are doing. While your firm may not need to jump on TikTok just yet, videos posted by other brands can encourage some ideas for your own strategy.

We hope you have an awesome TikTok already with our steps above!

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